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  1. Have to agree I don't see the creativity to make chances, I suspect Pukki will cut a rather lonely figure today trying to feed off scraps
  2. Liverpool should win this comfortably, especially with the injuries we've got, 3-1 I think At least put in a good show for the fans travelling and you never know, football is a funny game.
  3. Both are certainly good championship players and have the ability to change a match but honestly they are both far too inconsistent and have struggled with the demands of the PL, it's a no IMO. There's also clearly some attitude problems, I think our money is better spent elsewhere.
  4. While I think Rhodes could potentially want a move here, can we offer him wages that will tempt him? Wednesday will want about £5 million for him, can't see it happening, especially at 29 years old he's just not really the sort of purchase I can imagine us making.
  5. This could have implications if we lost both our games and Leeds won both. Leeds beat Bolton 2-1 and 0-1, we beat Bolton 3-2 and 0-4, so if results are void then Leeds would be +3 goals on us That would then require an 8 goal swing e.g. -4 GD to us and +4GD to Leeds, not completely impossible.
  6. Okay so this isn't necessarily true, while yes to a degree the odds will reflect the situation they more importantly reflect the fact that a lot of people have bet on us, odds reflect a bookies desire to make money, though you could argue that there must be a lot of people out there that think we are a pretty safe bet.
  7. Wigan's away form is horrendous but they've only lost 4 at home, Reading are improved, so are Sheffield, Villa doubly so. Feeling confident for wins v Stoke and Blackburn but is 90 points enough? who knows... Sense the gap is going to close over the next few games, really hope we can seal the deal before Villa.
  8. I hope the club will help fund stuff like this going forwards, we may not have the financial clout to compete short term but if we invest in community projects, the academy and other facilities I'm sure they will pay out in the long term.
  9. I wonder how you've managed to support the club and football in general this long and not realised that this has been the case for years. It's £35? just buy it at the start of the season. I've always got a membership regardless of whether I think I will make it to any of the games.
  10. Should have bought a membership earlier in the season then, not exactly expensive.
  11. He had an ankle knock going to Preston but had already been on the bench for Leeds and Ipswich, I think due to a drop in form but was that down to fitness? possibly it was a busy xmas period for the young lad.
  12. I thought he lost his place when Stiepermann and Buendia both came back from injury, he's always made the bench since suggests he's wasn't injured?
  13. Godfrey was fairly unknown when he came in so I can understand why people were suggesting Hanley. Todd is a bit more of known entity now, has filled in for Buendia on occasion but one of the few who lost his place because we had better coming back, all depends on whether Farke values a simpler change or better players IMO. Based on that I suspect Todd will start but I hope Vrancic does. Farke has shown he knows his player better than any of us, I respect his choice and I hope Todd proves me wrong.
  14. My personal preference. I think McLean prefers a more attacking position anyway so should be comfortable playing AML. Hernandez is clearly comfortable playing both wings and is a more natural replacement for Buendia. Vrancic then slots into his natural position with Trybull.
  15. He's an attention seeker at the end of the day, firmly believe he chooses the response that will get him the most replies!
  16. My only concern is the loss of Buendia for three games, it shakes up the midfield and asks a player who has barely played in the last couple of months to suddenly come in for a full game, get the result and performance against Reading and I'll be happy to hold my hands up and say it's going to happen.
  17. It's a bit amusing watch LDC preach about how the job isn't done while two seasons ago he was trying to convince us we could still win the league whilst 10 points outside the playoffs where's your optimism now?! Though I am somewhat inclined to agree a little bit as it really isn't job done just yet, plenty can happen in the next three games!
  18. Nobody is turning on the club, just questioning it, you don't have to blindly agree with everything they do.
  19. So long as hes's nothing more than a bench warmer, coach or team spirit lifter, next season has to be Krul plus one min We ask a lot of our keepers now and McGovern just doesn't fit the system, it all falls apart when he plays, emergency use only.
  20. To say I am confused by this decision would be an understatement.
  21. I'll be making every game I can between here and the end of season, already got tickets for Boro, QPR, Reading, Wigan. Also found a good deal on a Travel lodge not far from the Riverside to ease the pain of a 3 hours journey.
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