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  1. This is where I see Nunez wavering a bit. Sara is a more natural 8, Nacho is more suited as a 10.
  2. Too late for that. We already have a Christos..
  3. Still waiting for Nunez to turn into prime Vrancic... that would be awesome.
  4. Is this a confirmed deal or just talks?
  5. For a second I was thinking Dion Dublin 😂
  6. Fame in particular and all the things associated is something most famous people struggle with.
  7. That's harsh. I do get your point though. It's really poor decision making from the club to invest much money in both these guys then at the same time stall their development. Idah needed a good loan move quite a while ago, even before the 5 year deal.. while Tzolis maybe shouldn't have been discarded so brazenly by Farke. Interesting to see which of them gets the most minutes this coming season.
  8. To be fair, there are also women, feminists at that, that want to get women to men's standard in all respects, as fast as possible. When it comes to football, and judging by the incidence of certain injuries like ACL ligaments, I'm not sure it is always a good idea. IMO Women's sports should be encouraged yes, but not looking at men's as the standard, rather, develop it organically at its own pace and in its own right/terms, also paying heed to the input of the players. One guy I used to work with is a girl's coach of a team in Horsford, he's very pragmatic and direct on the football side but also has the necessary empathy/patience to go with it. That last bit is sorely lacking in most discussions about sports, because of the assumptions / prejudices that sportspeople in general are privileged, need to be worked like some beasts of burden to achieve results - and if they don't achieve them, then it's par for the course when they get abuse. I for one keep away from these assumptions.
  9. What sportswomen have you been asking this question to? I'm not sure that equality means the same to you that it does to them. May be a good starting point..
  10. I don't run competitively at present, and yes, there are running competitions all over the place. Competition exists in life, but as I see it, life is not a competition in which we need to endlessly categorise people. Unless one has a case of severe antisocial + OCD disorder.
  11. I still don't get why people get so caught up in these discussions. Men's football and women's football are as different as male sumo wrestling and male gymnastics. Why compare the two instead of appreciating what each has to offer? Should Messi be compared to Maldini, even though it's the same sport? Comparisons are crude and demeaning to both sexes. If all the credit sportsmen can hope to attain and boast about is that they can beat women in their sport 99 times out of 100, they are very poor showings of men. Personally, I run regularly with a mixed group of people, young and old, men and women, novices and veterans. Some are faster, some are slower, some go the distance. I don't compare myself to any of them - the one comparison that matters to me is that I do better than my last personal best.
  12. Definitely one of my favourite places to snack out when I lived in city, just a little out of the ordinary.
  13. I'd rather have "old Burnley-like" players that want to be at the club and play their guts out for the team, than CR7 and Messi with the "I can't be arsed to play for this ****ty club" attitude. YMMV.
  14. Rashica must be sold at as little loss as possible, considering he was one of the best players for his team during his loan. If in Turkey they can't afford him, urgently need another club anywhere that can. All the other players at least have a desire to be at NCFC, but Milot does not want to be with us.
  15. I was referring to the relative abundance of left wingers (as signed) in the squad, not to Sainz specifically.
  16. I think it's more common to find left footed players that are ambidextrous (therefore can play on the right) than vice versa. On a tangent, who has been the last out-and-out RW for City, as opposed to the various #8 / £9 / #10 that have been put there to "do a job" for the team?
  17. Onel, his attitude is great but simply lacks end product consistently. Giani is good in attack but poor defense. I'll also add Nunez to the overrated list even though he's still adapting. Underrated, Kenny.
  18. When it comes to SW he should've known better than to say such things on an official interview while being a representative for the club. It is barely relevant to compare women's football with men's football, whether it's true or not that there is a gulf in quality is beside the point (considering the ****show of the NCFC senior men's team last season, maybe the women would do better with the same resources...). It's very true that women's football lags men's, only natural considering that for decades they were not allowed to play. What they need is encouragement and constructive criticism, same as you'd give to the under-15 boys (hell, any ages and any players m/f tbh) who do their best to represent the club well. But no one is obliged to do that. *Speaking of which, well done Adam Idah for scoring his 1st international goal after a really difficult season with lots of criticism, sometimes unfair, sometimes noxious, aimed at him.* Now there will always be fans who feel they need to, for G-d knows what reason, voice their disapproval of a women's team they don't follow. They can comment on the "divorcees in the snake pit" if they so choose. But the Sporting Director is not such a person, he is constrained by his role. IMO those comments reflect far more on themselves than on women's football. Freedom of speech, but sometimes silence is golden. Me personally if I can't find anything encouraging to say, or if I don't follow their football, prefer to stay in my lane. Tl;Dr- no time or space for hate in my mind. Better to focus on the things I enjoy.
  19. Is this the "Norwich City" on PES?
  20. Maybe he jumped before being pushed. Don't think the board was too happy with how he conducted the recent interviews. Obviously Leeds was a factor in Stew resigning but I think the writing was on the wall to some extent since he replaced Farke for Dean Smith.
  21. Good news IF the club have lined up a suitable replacement. His Stew was stinking the place up.
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