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  1. The app is good on match days imo, whether it is value for money is a matter of preference.
  2. Yes there is a money differential, but the structure is the critical factor, just look at ManU and see how they blow themselves up... It's a franchise.
  3. Not perfect but a lot better than the conga line of parked cars all the way from Thorpe St Andrew on game days..
  4. If only there was a dedicated car park at Colman's with a pedestrian bridge and short walk to the River End. Less cars through city = better.
  5. Is it just me that is slightly disappointed that Milot does not seem to have much of an appetite for goals? Great player -just wish he had a selfish streak in him at times.
  6. Give Normann 60mins game from start along with PLM or Rupp (I don't know if he is fit) in CM.
  7. Is it just me that is slightly disappointed that Milot does not seem to have much of an appetite for goals? Best player in the 1st half hands down, had Ward on toast - but didn't really capitalize on it, and went out of puff in 2nd half. Tried to play Pukki in when he'd be more than entitled to go for goal himself. Great player -just wish he had a selfish streak in him at times.
  8. On the latest showing from both teams, if we played ManU right now, I'd fancy our chances. What a shower of s**t. Newcastle we should have beaten squarely, and probably now won't get more than a point from them, barring injuries/illness, suspensions, etc. I know our position on the table is deceiving (more accurate is we're 2nd from bottom, above Watford by 1point) but, beat Palace tomorrow, and I bet we'll stay up! Otbc
  9. Fat Frank has made a mistake I think. Not because of rejecting us, but a coach with as limited experience as himself would be wise to join a club in the summer to have time to know and shape a squad. Pressure to deliver. Toss of a coin, whether Everton survives. My prediction - Brentford, Burnley, Newcastle. NCFC finish this season 5 points above relegation.
  10. There are Saiyans in Norfolk. Just wait until Normann gets his blonde hair back..
  11. Sad! It does say a lot about a person's character, the way they end an agreement/contract/relationship. Knew he needed to go, but didn't think he may not return. Kinda see where it went wrong, simultaneously appreciated the good moments. Loads of mixed emotions, so I'll hit the whisky and see which emotion comes up tops
  12. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I'd like to see Kabak at CDM.
  13. Why not Burnley instead of the Bees?
  14. I thought they had a sports psychologist within the ranks since the Gerrard slip? It's kinda the same.
  15. Excellent comment. To be honest, a club that has more than a match day squad on loan should have some sort of restrictions on signing new players IMO.. either release them or play them.
  16. " I just wish we hadn't spaffed the biggest budget in our history on this current crop. However I've also made it clear that I won't write anyone off until I've seen them play in the Championship." SUch contradiction in two sentences.. if only you could see it. Once Stuart Webber leaves, you're more than welcome to replace him.
  17. I appreciate your lack of patience and lack of empathy towards young players from abroad that I believe will get better in time - even if not with us (and I don't think we'll go into administration or bankrupt over this). I appreciate your beliefs are so tinged with pessimism and negativity, and you project your worldview onto the club.. please get help. I prefer to believe there will be better days ahead if we keep going with these guys, with Dean Smith and Shakespeare - relegation or not. Never mind the dangers!
  18. Case in point - Adam Armstrong, who was linked with us some time ago. How well is he doing at Southampton? Do you think he has justified his transfer fee so far?
  19. Sometimes comes a poster that I'm not sure is aware of the constraints of Norwich City FC. We only spend what we have. That is honourable. We buy cheap/undervalued players and develop them. Skipp was never ours to begin with, and we would have offered roughly half of our last summer's budget to sign him, but it was out of our hands. Norwich City in this current form is a selling club, and we buy only a certain kind of player. To afford to keep someone like Emi would require sustained incoming PL receipts, which is just out of our reach at the moment. Any other points that you need help clarify?
  20. A club like Norwich does not normally attract this kind of entitled, arrogant thinking. Such people usually support club basket cases like MU or the tractor boys down the road. But I would not support NCFC if it was just another club playing financial russian roulette, and/or was disconnected from its roots, its values and its community. A phrase that my late dad said a long time ago and stuck with me to this day... We may be poor but we're honourable. Being humble does not mean being a doormat.
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