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  1. Sargent did Sargent things, as limited as he is he keeps a high workrate and doesn't "hide" in games.
  2. It's all relative. Martin O'Neil left after 26 games, guess everyone's s### stinks the same.. Never would've guessed Farke was only a small improvement on Alex Neil
  3. This formation works if the fullbacks can do a fair bit of attacking, which Aarons and McCallum did yesterday tbf. Only thing I'd like to try is have Sargent (#24) as the spearhead and Teemu just slightly off him.
  4. Emi's transfer to Villa was confirmed in June'21. If that season was over by then, with City relegated, then it was the right time for him to be sold. Edit- <facepalm>
  5. How could City avoid selling him without staying in the PL I'm not sure..
  6. By logic, you should be happy. You got (ostensibly) what you wanted. Why wouldn't you stick with Smith? Look at an average Farke lineup, and look at the starting XI yesterday. It's not a coincidence that the bulk of the football played under DF, more so than the names on the teamsheet, was progressive - some dare say, european - and there was a positive connection between fans and the club. Yesterday we started with Pukki and Sara. Good, right? No reason to panic, though. City did well last night, and would've been well worth 3pts if we'd scored. All I want to see is sustained progression, medium to long term, even if it means we wait longer to get promoted again. "Short term ism" is what got us in this position, rash decisions and fudged transfer policy. Beware what you wish for.
  7. Mixing football and politics, that's unfortunate. I'll humour it though If you regret it that much then I'll have your season ticket.. since you ostensibly voted to stay out of the Premier League Grass always greener, as the saying goes.
  8. Smith was afraid of losing the game.
  9. McCallum is doing well tonight. Gibbs has been a bit stop start, Sara had one or two moments in a lacklustre 60 mins.
  10. Now you've done it! NURSE!
  11. The similarities I point to between Todd and the others are about how they display themselves for the cameras and whatnot. Some of what Cantwell does on the pitch remind me of Cole, with the others is more their attention to fashion trends. Of course Beckham is the most successful of them, and for me it's easy to imagine Cantwell trying to mould his image in that direction, with a Norfolk twist, obviously
  12. Emi's first few months for us. He was inconsistent, rash, non-committal, and not great. Then he evolved his game, found form and stayed there. Cantwell found enough form for a few matches then dropped off a cliff.. I liked Buendia a lot because he made crazy **** happen on the pitch, and became more effective as time went on. Cantwell had a different role to Emi, when both were playing simultaneously - not really a winger, not really a 10, yet sometimes pops in attacking positions and darting runs beyond the Goat. Sometimes he was one of them players that knows how to slow the tempo of games when in possession. Great Post, by the way. I like it.
  13. Since you're younger I'll replace Beckham and J.Cole with Lingard and Calvert-Lewin. My main point still stands. Just for you. Edit - I said "it went over your head" but not as pointing at anyone's intellectual capacity or anything of that sort, I would not do such a thing. I do know my take is quite a bit "out there" so can't assume someone would know what I mean.. Probably weak wording on my part. Still appreciate a bit of good natured trolling though
  14. Apologies, didn't realise I was replying to a teenager... Comeback? burns? You sound like my nephew... might as well put Fortnite on and bust some moves, I would rather discuss football and related stuff than that. If you don't agree with my post that's cool too, but I guess the way you show your maturity is by throwing shade at people. Well done.
  15. About as much as you do Cantwell.
  16. I guess the point of my post went over your head... Not in career achievements, no - I'm comparing certain aspects of both those players' personalities to Cantwell.
  17. We all have cult heroes. Cantwell is just more like Emi used to be before his mind was at ease, wildly inconsistent, moments of genius in between moments where he can't give a rat's. Mercurial. Sort of cult antihero? If a player like Beckham or J.Cole was born in Norfolk.. would that be him?
  18. What makes me frustrated is that we were so close to winning. Plenty chances to score before half time, then a penalty missed at the close, with another that the ref thought wasn't worthy of attention. But we were pretty close to losing as well! The inability to get a grip of things from 2-0 up is maddening - why encourage the opposition?? If the two halves had been flipped then most of us would say, fair enough. That said, there seems to be not enough "steel" and grittiness in this team (and whenever you think there is a tiny bit, it's so brittle that it just shatters) and not enough leaders.
  19. I vote NO as there is no replacement lined up yet The world cup break will change it to a YES
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