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  1. First 5 games all postponed, or are you in need of a well-known chocolate biscuit?
  2. I admire your determination, but without the blinkers on it gets easier to handle once you admit that they are actually three high quality young players. Whether £60m or whatever is too much to pay remains to be seen.
  3. I thought he said it was on his side? Funny place to wear a watch, I always thunk.
  4. At first glance, this title suggested a post which felt a little out of place in the Football section. At second glance... 😀
  5. My grannie has little game time under her belt, and she has potential to improve too.
  6. It's hardly the Third World, but he certainly holds no currency!
  7. One man's bankrupt is another man's invest at a level to stay up.
  8. Well, to put it another way - value is not directly proportional to goal involvements.
  9. If only things happened according to such a simplistic, linear relationship as that, eh?
  10. It was phenomenal. The only downside is that is creates false expectation about the value of some current players.
  11. Yes. It's a bullsh** excuse that fans and clubs roll out when they've performed poorly. Same with VAR and referees. Sometimes there's some truth, but objectively not in this case. Just rubbish management, overrated players and delusional, wildly swinging expectations.
  12. That'll be the plan then.
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