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  1. Looks like he's got his hands in his pockets there. Perhaps the Irish coaches are trying to teach him how to control a ball!
  2. Strange innit? You see I read your long OP with its repeated use of CAPITALS and phrases like 'no bleeding escape from it', 'and have had to turn it off after a few minutes' and 'I just can't bare (sic) to watch it' as the most 'near-hysterical, furious-sounding' post in the whole thread. Perhaps I have that wrong, hard to tell with the written word.
  3. You're welcome. Oh, hang on! That's bl**dy sarcasm isn't it? It's not a proper, straightforward reply which is what I expect to see when I come on here. How dare this site show sarcastic replies, that's not why I expect from this free website. And the quality of the reply is sh!t too. It shouldn't be allowed. Surely there ought to be another place for sarcastic replies, because I am not interested in them. (I did it as multi-paragraph for you, but couldn't be bothered to flesh it out anymore than this.)
  4. "We ask whoever supports us, everyone around the club, to not speak any longer about how disappointing this season has been, or where they feel we should be. Who cares?" That is a really stupid, desperate and unprofessional thing to say, and is as you say setting him up for a fall. Smacks of saying "If you've given up, the players are going to give up."
  5. He's just taking the opportunity to do a bit of grazing!
  6. Don't scapegoat the donkeys, you shout till you're horse. "Have I got that right?" he asked sheepishly. Just chicken. I think what you're saying is give them the carrot rather than the stick, and hope that the whole sorry menagerie somehow starts to produce something other than the massive quantity of manure which we are currently seeing.
  7. It's almost like you're looking at a mirage with most of this squad. From a distance (admittedly only occasionally these days) it looks like there could perhaps be something a little bit useful if not exciting. But when you get up close you realise there's actually nothing there. Nothing. And in Sargent's case it leaves you wondering how it can possibly be that the ball can bounce so far off, ... well ... nothing?
  8. An average Mowbray team, missing a lot of senior players as well. There just doesn't seem to be any spirit in the team. Promotion is out of the question imho, and next season is a little worrying.
  9. Turgid, hopeless, relegation standard football from a bunch of disinterested wasters, if we're honest.
  10. They haven't had one for 65 games. Then just like buses, I rather fancy we might see a pair of Bristol's.
  11. Not just your post, old fruit, I was speaking in more general terms, but yes I see what you mean about what you, personally, said. Apologies if I have wronged you. But I don't think the ref was in any way awful today either - it's just a victim mentality here most of the time, so far as I can see.
  12. Have to say I agree strongly with that. There's so often so much pathetic ref-blaming on here after a defeat. It's endemic, inaccurate and unhelpful.
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