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  1. To allow for any last minute tantrums or £20m signings!
  2. Most economical way of predicting a 0-0 draw - a point and nothing else to get excited about. I spelled it wrong the first time round though, which was annoying.
  3. It's the bungalows full of grannies knitting them that I feel sorry for.
  4. I fear you are right, and with the hangover of negativity from this awful season, there's a strong risk that the remnants of this squad might even be struggling at the wrong end of the Champs. It will need intelligent recruitment this time round to augment what is left, Mr Webber. Dangerous times.
  5. Started badly, and has made steady progress to bloomin awful. Wouldn't get on the Charlton bench, even if they were only allowed to pick from their available ginger American strikers.
  6. This was a chance to give the fans something to cheer about this grim season, and provide a bit of hope for next season a division below. So far failing badly on both counts. There seems to be a deep-seated malaise at the club, and I'm not convinced next season isn't going to be another serious struggle to stay in the Champs.
  7. Appallingly bad performance at both ends of the pitch so far against mid table third division opposition. These players should be ashamed of themselves. This was a chance to give the fans a bit of sunshine for once. Looking second best to Charlton now, all over the pitch!
  8. That's just called being happy being patronised.
  9. You can get it back if there's something to build on, some glimmer of optimism, but there's nothing. Nothing. Not a single optimistic thing about the club. It just has to be damage limitation so that next season doesn't start badly. If it does, it could be very hard to turn round. So total backs to the wall in the hope of as many 0-0s or jammy 1-0s as possible for the rest of this season.
  10. 'Let's pretend we scored a goal' was the most embarrassing thing I have ever witnessed. An embarrassment on the field and off it.
  11. Not sure his value would make enough difference to a survival kitty. Better to hang on and use him in the Champs where he looks a decent player.
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