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  1. I think you've massively under sold Luton. They'll fill that.
  2. ..for some balance; often sadly lacking here: It's a bit more nuanced than this; the person (I believe) who 'complained', is profoundly deaf and accompanies games with a family member. **If it is him**, he mentioned to me that he went to Section Head Steward at Half-Time and complained/asked what the long term plan was for the drummer. Section Head offered alternative seat (Which he is entitled to turn down as he attends with family member). Steward also said that people in the Barclay E block had been consulted by the club in written form. I can vouch that I have not been contacted (I am on the back row of E Block and about 5 seats away from the Drummer). Maybe @Duncan Edwards can shed light as he sits in-front of me? I can also confirm the person in question is not a whinger and most certainly will be renewing; given his suspected age I reckon he trumps most on here for loyalty. I am happy to say that despite my initial fears of the Drummer and his 'Entourage', I am now a fan of them and appreciate their efforts to generate an atmosphere - their opening night was spent mouthing off to anyone in immediate radius an acting like Poundland Danny Dyer's and was, frankly embarrassing. Looking forward to seeing Harley at the next home game. PEACE
  3. Evidence suggests it's entirely fair and accurate; it's almost always at least 60 seconds.
  4. Actually, more to the point, what did you think about Rasica? I can't remember a more frustrating player in recent times. He also appears utterly disinterested.
  5. What did you reckon to Tony Springett? I felt he had a bit of a torrid time, certainly will know he's been in a game.
  6. I guess it depends on whether Deano sees the League Cup a priority. What I will say is I thought Sara looked lost against Huddersfield when he came on. He needs games, looked like a steam roller with the steering lock on.
  7. I can assure you I am not Waveney; I believe there are a few on here who can verify. I prefer Langoustines in the shell to deep fried Scampi.. proof!
  8. Genuine typo, didn't mean to call you Greasy. Sorry but the quality of the bickering, let alone real threads have descended into a farce. Just count to 10 and ignore him.
  9. Fook me. Cambridgeshire canary really does live rent free in your head. I'm not sure there is a day when you don't follow him around. You're worse than my Labrador ****, who's currently on heat. Greasy, your posting history suggests that you are of a certain age.. you should be better than this. I'd suggest that you unplug your phone, go for a walk and contemplate the futility of your existence because this is getting weird. Same with Tilson
  10. He is South American and he is good... no better than good. With what I know coming out of Santiago he's the opposite of Arturo Vidal. Both from very poor backgrounds. Vidal = massive ego. Nuñez very humble. Vamos a ver. Let's hope his ascendancy marries with us. Chileno la Corazon.
  11. There's a fair chunk of Western Belize wearing Norwich tops. This was acknowledged by Andy Hunt, ex Charlton striker, who has a resort there. Told me that he couldn't work out why he kept seeing City shirts at the market.
  12. Being thick here. What's the Sue reference?
  13. As someone with a mountain to bear on my shoulders (half of my Chilean family are Catolica fans) I thought he started like a rocket. I'm desperately hopeful he'll be decent for us. Although match fit, he'll need to acclimatise to the attensity of the game. I'm sue he will.
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