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  1. Hot takes would be that pitch was bloody awful and should never be used again for a showpiece tournament. Bellingham seems to believe the hype around himself. Southgate seems to have fallen into the trap of playing all the best players rather than the players that fit the system. To me we missed pace, for me the player we miss either from the start or the bench is Rashford.
  2. No surprise Chelsea have dodged the financial fair play rules by selling land to themselves. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2024/apr/19/chelseas-765m-hotel-deals-raise-questions-over-psr-compliance
  3. Pundits are overdoing the criticism of England. We won and had chances to be further in front. Pickford barely made a save. Serbia are no mugs I remember they pushed Brazil really hard in the World Cup knockouts.
  4. I feel for Wagner clearly he knew unless we got promoted he was gone and maybe even if we did get promoted he was also gone. Given that lens I would have also trusted my two main strikers over a 20 year old who has a modest record at youth level, never played for a national age group side and was refusing to commit his future to the club.
  5. Not sure of the financial desperation we just bought a centre back for a reported 2.7 million. All seems a bit strange.
  6. On the topic of sales I just think there are lots of players who will expect a move this summer but are there enough teams to buy them just off the top of my head Sara, Rowe, Summerville, Jack Clarke, Jobe Bellingham, Willy Gnoto, Archie Gray, Szmodics, Adam Idah, Sargent. Surely Crystal Palace can’t buy them all to replace Eze and Olise.
  7. Nunez was a bit of a flat bully if you ask me. Outstanding against the bottom half of the championship but doesn’t look the same against the top sides.
  8. Was watching the BBC euro channel and came to the France vs Switzerland game at the last Euros and noticed that our very own Fassnacht came on as a sub in the match.
  9. I would argue that 2.7 million is a very large transfer fee for a non parachute backed championship club. Looking at last years in and outs https://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/23626243.championship-transfer-window-2023-24-every-far/ There are very few transfers with higher values. Coventry did a bit of business but mainly due to sales. Hull bought someone from Villa, Boro got latte lath from Atlanta. Stoke got Burger from Basel. Hint guys playing for top clubs. Let’s hope it works out but to me the fee suggests he is a first team regular and someone who should hit the ground running.
  10. Look I haven’t see the guy play and I wish the best for any player we sign. Typical we have nothing but hyperbole for him as a new signing so can I jus provide a bit of balance. He has cost us 2.7 million an extraordinary amount of money for a championship team without parachute payments for a player in the Bulgaria league. His ceiling so far is the Bulgaria league which is likely miles from the Championship standard We already have Hanley, Duffy and more pertinently four promising young centre backs in Hills, Tomkinson, Warner and Adeboyeta. We have just realised 3 left footed defenders for free. Look I am no saying he’ll be bad but just providing a bit of balance.
  11. His stats are nowhere near Jon Rowe so we should be holding out for 20 million at least for Rowe. Every time I have seen Sunderland it’s Jack Clarke you need to watch not Bellingham.
  12. It is interesting in the context of what we have done which is essentially the opposite of what WBA tried. We tried initially with Wagner and with Smith to bounce straight back leaning on the players we had plus experienced championship ready players. This season it kinda of worked to an extent before we lost in the playoffs. Now faced with no parachute payments unlike WBA we haven’t essentially kicked the can down the road. We have a project a plan to try a progressive coach and trust our academy. An alternative might have been to do what WBA have done keep Wagner keep the majority of the players rack up debt and try our luck in the playoffs again. It’s high risk but the WBA kick the can down the road strategy is in my opinion that was a plan more likely to get us promoted next season than the one Knapper has chosen. Next year the league will be weaker there may not be an Ipswich style team having a once in a lifetime season. Could last year team plus a few loans do better next season given the likelihood of a weaker league? We’ll never know.
  13. Not sure about anyone else but personally I don’t really approve of or like multi club ownership.
  14. In Rice case he did make 3 appearances for the senior Ireland national team given that I do find it surprising that he then switched to England.
  15. Thought this would be about of them playing for all the Ireland youth teams then switching to England once we became good.
  16. Leeds have at least ten players out on loan. Shift them Jack Harrison etc.. and they wouldn’t need to sell anyone else.
  17. I actually like he’s shaken the squad up at bit as other wise it just a collection of players who haven’t managed to get it over the line in the last two tournaments. Let’s be honest though Foden and Saka barring injury will be the wide options
  18. The problem with football is nobody has any respect for the officials. Unless that changes however good VAR becomes will be irrelevant
  19. Yeah not sure I would have Eze and Gordon over Maddison, Grealish, Sterling and Rashford.
  20. It’s hard position to be “ok” in. Similar to a goalkeeper. You are scoring goals everything is great if you’re not you are a villain. What I would say about Idah he seems to have put his injury problems behind him in the last two seasons.
  21. The data revolution begins
  22. What is interesting to me is that I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that Idah and Sargent are close friends to me Idah wanting to leave might be an indication that Sargent is committed to. Norwich until the next World Cup as he has assurances from the USA (remember it is in the US) manager that the Championship is a level what won’t count against him. Idah is a tricky one consider Chuka Apom someone who was admired as a youth team player playing regularly for the England age groups basically career was going nowhere until one good season with Middlesbrough. Ellis Sims at Coventry was bought for 5 million was a pretty much ever present for Coventry but only managed 13 goals in the championship. I guess as a striker it’s a hard position to be average in.
  23. I would also disagree the obvious weakness is having to rely on buying players with potential to sell given that in the premier league when 3 of your first fixtures are Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool. You need players who are ready to go from the first game. To go with my earlier car crash comments I forgot that Todd Cantwell form and attitude disappeared off a cliff he might have been considered as someone who could have realistically taken over what Emi did for us.
  24. Ask yourself if we sold Sargent for 18 million let’s say and we bought a tall powerful, quick striker who last season netted 19 goals, is a full international and still only 23 year old for 8 million as his replacement. You would be excited until someone says it’s Adam Idah.
  25. Let’s be honest the entire campaign was a car crash from start to finish for a multitude of issues the transfer business being only one of them. People seem to forgot the entire squad got covid which meant pre season was ruined. This then happened again at Christmas. We also had a shocker with injuries. The fixture list was also a joke with Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool being 3 out of the first four games. Which led to what became a massive game against Watford where pressure told. Webber then sacked Farke throwing everything up in the air this is not to mention VAR calls going against us time and time again. So it’s no surprise some of the actors in the season like Lees Melou, Sargent and Tzolis are actually better than they showed at the time.
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