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  1. There is no reason why in 3 years time Lambert turns villa into something akin to Everton at worst. Lets face it lambert wants champions league with one of the big 4 and a club like villa is clearly the next stepping stone for him. I wish him well and be keen not to become bitter like col u fans. We were a massive basket case so I doubt the current problems at villa will put him off.
  2. Queens Head absolutely your best bet. When we were in League one and on Sky for a Sat evening kick off unbelievably they had ESPN or whatever it was in those days on instead. Ironically it was Liverpool I seem to remember. 95% sure they will be showing the game Saturday. Good pub.
  3. I noticed last night that Steve Bruce would make a good father Christmas if you put a white beard on him. He seems to have developed the figure of Ed Balls.
  4. Lambert has already considered holding money back for Jan so arguments about players becoming available are void. Far better to do your deals sooner rather than later. On the whole very positive but the thought the 4 cbs we have are up to the task leaves me a little queasy.
  5. Everytime I''ve seen him he''s been poor. May be a good shot stopper but otherwise fairly average especially for crosses. Certainly not prem standard and if 1.5m has been paid that is ridiculous and purely down to his name.
  6. Anyone got any ideas why we have a[[arently not got into any bidding wars so far (touch wood). Usually in this situation a play is made to sign a player others are alerted and then a bidding war ensues amongst 2-3 clubs of similar stature. Apart from West Brom for Johnson I can''t think of any other club coming in for Lambert''s targets and it is just a question of meeting a valuation and agreeing terms (also a formality it seems). Has Lambert and McNally mastered the Jedi mind trick or something? We seem to have some proper operators working at the club for a change.
  7. http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/arsenal-starlet-linked-with-permanent-summer-exit talksport quoted so clearly rubbish. But thought it was worth posting incase by some miracle, this comes to pass.
  8. He has got a year left on his contract. He has done well and made a name for himself playing the likes of Accrington Stanley and Aldershot town. Great for the kid, I''m glad for him. We will get a half decent offer of 2-300k and he will move on. I suggest those pining for him move on too. For some this is bordering on an obsession.
  9. Well I''m not worried. I think this is the perfect strategy. So far we have signed strikers and they add to what we already have. I know it is a tough league but I honestly don''t think we will struggle for goals with who we have brought in and what we had already. I think Labert may well be saving a ''bigger'' name or two for the defence which we do need to strengthen. Got a feeling a top central defender will come in. They are alot cheaper than a top striker. But the problem for us is even if we did have the money it is difficult to tempt first team regulars to a side that are from the outside expected to go down. And fringe premiership players are often not good enough for the top level anyway - ref Gary Doherty and Simon Charlton.The strategy is perfect, some might not make it. But more will. I was also glad that Lambert basically ruled out going for players in the Scottish Prem. The Championship is a far better league. It''s not blind faith I''m advocating. But his track record suggests you need to give it a couple of months into the season before criticising.
  10. Well I''m amazed. 350 replies to a thread about a shirt nobody has even seen yet! Somehow, don''t feel like trawling through them all to find out that in actual fact it will be Yellow and Green...
  11. Swansea may be close to a motorway, but it would need to be a stones throw from a worm hole to be well connected.
  12. Well I''m pleased they went up. The best side I saw at CR last year. Play good football. Came third, and did nothing to annoy me during the season (in Stark contrast to cheating Reading). Plus their manager is walking up Kilamanjaro (sp?) so is hardly going to be in a position to catch up in terms of transfer activity! 
  13. Indeed, not a striker, but what about this for a strike! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuOYTe0Kdpk
  14. Not sure Lambert''s budget was that much smaller than for example Reading or Swansea''s? What he did do was take a side finding it''s feet for the first couple of months of the season and turn them into the best team in the division post Christmas. Well deserved award. Warnock has done a great job this year. But not sure he endears himself to others - particularly opposing managers (ie his ridiculously jibe at Holt). Plus in this day and age spending on transfer fees is only a small proportion of spending consideration - wages - and shall we describe tham as ''add ons'' also come into the equation. QPR clealry know all about the latter.
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