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  1. No point blocking anyway, you still know when they've posted as I found out with that weird Scottish United fan that got banned from here in the end
  2. Ah, should have had a Wembley hattrick there
  3. Come on Brighton, you know it makes sense 👍
  4. Yeah, FB was full of fans of other clubs criticising the decision, but quite frankly I couldn't give a monkeys toss what other fans who have zero idea think to be quite frank
  5. Wouldn't be really, all Knapper has done for him is sign a duff striker who's dad was good and sack him.
  6. Johannes Hoff-Thorop and Marti Cifuentes have both entered the market today at 16s. Nope, me neither....
  7. Wait...Southampton fans pitch invaded last night??? Utterly tinpot
  8. Whenever we pull out the obscure name it tends to work well for us as well as being managers who play good football. So I'd rather roll the dice on Cuesta than someone like Rosenior who spent a fortune at Hull, also got the lad from Liverpool who should have been far too good for this league and did worse than Wagner. Also whilst I've not really watched them, I'm led to believe from a couple of Hull fans I was talking to on FB, the football was pretty dull too which as it was with Wagner is the main reason he was sacked.
  9. I think of them as I do all the other Welsh teams in the English structure, they should be in the Welsh league.
  10. Forgot it was on to be honest, been watching Fallout
  11. I wouldn't have been objectionable to a year extension, but neither am I sad if he's released.
  12. I'd take either Cuesta (which we all know it will be) or Still
  13. Yeah but he's absolutely terrible at it, Grant Holt he is not.
  14. Read the room dude, none of us can stand the useless donkey 🤣
  15. Listen to Simon Jordan, he's sacked 10 managers and says "mutual" always means sacked, its just a way of the club potentially paying less compensation
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