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  1. What I didn't tell you was that we spent nearly 60 million to achieve that. I think Bournemouth spent roughly that also when they got promoted.
  2. In our first season in the Premier League we lost both of our opening games and failed to score. Stil stayed up.
  3. You do all the hard work by getting promoted and then when it comes time to spendiing a bit of cash your owners go awol. They then give you all the spill about balancing the books and being sensible with the money and you lot buy into it every time.. The lack of ambition is utterly disgusting, boardering on thieving and yet Carrow Road is full every week and seem content with that plan? You are suppose to learn from your mistakes but that clearly isn't the case in Norfolk. Your season is over.
  4. Absolutely zero chance of staying up. Just a repeat of your last visit. I have a history of predicting things right on here.
  5. 4th season for Brighton and loving it. You lot have the small club mentality
  6. Commiserations. Not going to gloat as i'm not like that. The only thing i will say and i've mentioned this before on here, your relegation was confirmed last August with a horrific transfer market.. Good luck next season and don't forget to keep an eye out for us.
  7. I do. I want them to go down along with Bournemouth. Not bothered about you lot. You have no money so are no threat.
  8. Noted. Look forward to bouncing this next season You lot never learn.
  9. So many fans say this and are then in for a rude awakening. How many clubs actually bounce back at the first attempt? How many clubs struggle when relegated back to the Championship ? Look at Stoke, Boro, Hudders, Wolves. These clubs have rich chairman also. etc. You do have some really good youngsters at your club that i'm interested in us signing.. Then you have players who simply don't fancy the slog of the Championship. Mixed that in with an extremely tight chairman who won't spend hardly anything. If your chairman isn't going to fund a spending spree in the richest league in the world he isn't going to do it in the Championship i can assure you. You have a decent manager who i like but there are also other good managers down there. I think you will struggle personally. Probably float around 12th-10th. I'm normally right also. You got a bit lucky with the signing of Teemu Pukki who was terrific for you but looks a shadow of himself. Career taking a nose dive? I've seen it so many times.
  10. The trouble with people like you who i often correct and educate, don't know much about football/geography outside of Norfolk. How many clubs including Wigan you highlighted that are currently in the Championship can consistently have attendances of 25k and upwards ? Even your so called fallen big clubs like Forest and Wednesday cannot get anywhere near our gates. When we were in the Championship we even beat Leeds every season. Only Newcastle and Villa have topped us. I will also educate you on populations. The conurbation of both east and west Sussex is around 1.4 million. With only one noddy professional club like Crawley in Sussex. That's a lot of people to tap into. The fact is the Amex is to small for us. With London on our doorstep, clubs like Arsenal, Spurs etc could easily bring down 10k but our away end only holds 2.5k We have an 8k waiting list and growing. Realistically we could fill a 45k stadium 75% of the time in the Premier league. It's clubs like yourselves and Burnley who have zero pulling power and where you will see empty seats. The potential for my club is huge, most people outside of Norfolk can see this. Complete opposite to you lot. Your chairman found some loose change down the back of a friends sofa and used that for transfer fees.. And you wonder why other fans laugh at your club ?
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