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  1. Followed by January. The big problem I see is we are predictable. Every game we start set up in the same way
  2. Not really the man to bring in when the team is struggling and needs to scrap every game
  3. Good evening all! I'm putting my selection in a little early as it's almost beer o'clock. For the game I can only go positive as it is not in my nature to be a negative ninny. However, I do like to take a few risks! £2 BTTS £2 Norwich win £1 2-1 Norwich win £1 1-0 Norwich win £1 Hanley anytime scorer £1 McLean anytime scorer £1 Both keepers booked (Molly, this is completely left field and right up my street) £1 (Bet365 Betbuilder) Norwich win + over 2 goals both teams combined + Pukki anytime goalscorer
  4. Derby, as the fans with have a bit of travel to do. Whereas the Man U fans only have a short journey from around London
  5. Well I am very excited and honoured to be picking this week 😄 My selection for GMF is a little spicy Dijon TO WIN Toulouse TO LOSE Good luck to everyone! Especially to our lads! Let's keep the momentum up. OTBC
  6. Keep it up lads! Having Pukki fresh will help us immensely. OTBC
  7. I agree. His long balls are also impressive. He has got decent vision going forward and, with the way we play, this suits us nicely. Whether is at CB or DM he's one for the future and we should keep him if possible.
  8. I have no voice today. Started work at 7 and starting to flag now! Great game, great result! Well done lads. I thought the atmosphere was pretty good. Nice stadium. Loved how it was all yellow inside! The ref was **** and all the spurs fans, well they're spurs fans, need I say more?
  9. He was decent. I also liked his confidence and needs to play more. I'm not saying start him every game but he does offer us some height and strength when needed.
  10. Didn't say he was a bad player just my opinion has changed. I've gone from 'should start every game' to 'maybe start'. Where we play him is a factor as I don't think he can defend at all. Who would you say was the worst player? For me he lost the ball too many times, was jumping into tackles, nearly gave the ball away in the box and wasn't great going forward. Maybe it's lack of game time. Maybe he's not cut out for playing in that position.
  11. After last nights performance I've changed my opinion on Mario. He was our worst player by a mile.
  12. He's done his defencive duties better than most tonight
  13. If that's true I'm boycotting Beavertown
  14. Krul Aarons, Hanley, Godfrey, Lewis Mclean, Vrancic Buendia, Cantwell Drmic, Idah With Drmic as an almost number 10
  15. Krul Aarons, Hanley, Godfrey, Lewis Mclean, Vrancic Buendia, Cantwell Drmic, Idah With Drmic as an almost number 10
  16. I won't be around to be fussed
  17. I don't think there's a chance it will be contained
  18. Not only the repercussions of them messing it up, but also, there won't be any OAPs to vote for them.
  19. That's a high estimate as the rate in Wuhan was a lot higher due to lack of preparedness. Now everyone is prepared to treat people it will most likely be less than 1%
  20. Don't see what all fuss is about. It's not even a particularly fierce virus anyway. Only a death rate of 3%. No need for panic or moving to a remote island
  21. Great confidence boost going into some games we can get decent points from. otbc
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