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  1. This might do them some good. They tend to underestimate the lesser ranked teams.
  2. Always thought of Cambridge as a more deep creative midfielder with flair as he's usually making stuff out of thin air. TheRealBuh would be standing on the side with a cuppa.
  3. Now I'm in fear of Josh getting injured!
  4. Ridiculous! There's nothing more entertaining than ball boy sh1thousery. There's something about a 10 year old kid winding up a millionaire that I very much enjoy
  5. I'd say it was the opposite to war. We mostly sat and cowered in our homes rather than went out into the world to fight, grow, build etc.
  6. There's no room for religion on the transport network. Just concentrate on getting stuff to run on time. The imaginary man in the sky isn't going to!
  7. In cinemas this Friday: Honey, I shrunk the football player
  8. You are Dean Smith's mug and I claim my £5
  9. Push Dimi up and Fassnacht Or play with wing backs
  10. Yes, no, maybe, I don't know. Can you repeat the question?
  11. Not many kits on there that is disliked! Should have put all the generic lifeless shirts in
  12. Definitely an ignorant bunch that sing that! I was thinking a twist on Signed, Sealed, Delivered would be better
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