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  1. [quote user="Lincs Canary"]What about starting a petition... lol.. they surely couldnt ignore that.[/quote] http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=111111065574809&ref=ts
  2. [quote user="i need to be entertained"]i see the pink un (edp) gave the ref 4 points, i suppose thats one for each goal , none of the four goals should have been allowed to stand even our goal the ball was out before the cross[/quote]i pretty sure the officials get marked on each game by the teams if both teams mark him down then thye have to stand before the board.....lets hope these 2 numptys have to do that!
  3. [quote user="Doc''s Big Nose at the Heart of the Defence"]It was also the kit man. quality..lmao
  4. I still cant believe the arrogance of the linesman, it was pretty clear he couldnt see russels hand ball, but still over ruled the ref who was in prime postition, the best was still to come!!!! When the ball is stopped dead by a hand that''s handball in anyone''s book! but not this arrogant lines man, i for one hope he gets the sack and i was glad to see the sky cameras captured it..... what a numpty he will feel this morning, but do i believe that....no! these officials are to arrogant to admit there mistakes!feel free to complain!  fl@football-league.co.uk
  5. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="The Butler"][quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="Beauseant"] Yes, once again we had to put up with Martin failing to run around like a headless chicken. For Christ''s sake the man did hardly anything except score a brilliant goal. How many more chances can he be given before we offload him? [:P] [/quote] you are actually pi55ed???? for flips sake get a grip the boy has got 21 goals and he is 21 yrs old this being his first full season, you wanna talk like muppet go down the road and support piswich![/quote] Fully agree Canarycharge. How could someone like Beau who has never ever played football let alone managed a team,come up with a stupid comment like that. Elliott was far better at turning Leeds, holding up the ball and bringing other players in!!   Sheezzzzzzz Over to you Beau (sorry I missed you at the Nelson after the game and hope you had a good night!!) [/quote]   Sorry for the late reply, but it was a job getting such a big catch into the keepnet! A great night was had by all and City-till-I -die still has the pleasure of meeting you to look forward to! Sue also enjoyed her meal at Delia''s so I''m in good books![:D] [/quote] if i could see a funny side of the bite id give you a pat on the back! well done you! ;o)
  6. [quote user="Beauseant"]Yes, once again we had to put up with Martin failing to run around like a headless chicken. For Christ''s sake the man did hardly anything except score a brilliant goal. How many more chances can he be given before we offload him? [:P] [/quote] you are actually pi55ed???? for flips sake get a grip the boy has got 21 goals and he is 21 yrs old this being his first full season, you wanna talk like muppet go down the road and support piswich!
  7. Normally u see familys and old people coming to away games, but to be fair i didint actually see any, it was quite clear there were groups of lads organised and ready for trouble! The policing was a joke and if they didnt have the numbers why on earth did they let them out! We walked up the yarmouth rd, and it was clear they were singling out old people and dads with there kids, hope they feel proud at picking on people who couldnt defend them selves! I hope we go up with the milwall!leave these northen monkeys were they belong! league 1
  8. the responce we got from the police was "WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO TO DO ABOUT IT"total disgrace, and to think my tax''s pay for that cr.a..p!
  9. Just sums up the idiots they let on, after a gr8 win we have to listen to muppets like that!
  10. [quote user="SnakePit Lassy"]Ok.. excellent support all round.. but i want to know if anyone heard the norwich fans chanting ''Galatasary'' ? what were/are your opinions on this? Also, opinions on singing ''dig a hole..'' after that tackle on Becchio? Fair enough its a normal chant.. but opinions? Apart from that.. good game :)[/quote]the galatasary had to come out...although a little below the belt...... as for the becchio chants , Wrong! Beckford " dig a hole"
  11. What on earth were those idiots in charge of todays game letting those leeds pigs out early! not only ddi the pigs have to suffer a last minute goal, there were let out to abuse the city fans, i walk up yarmouth road and hooligan mental was applied by several groups of leeds scum....  shouting at kids, old people puching city fans to provoke a fight! Policing and stewards need to be ashamed, and when approached there response "what do you want me to do about it" There was less trouble at Milwall! OTBC
  12. [quote user="Squire"]Lakey in todays EDP thinks there''s not much cause. I can see the point he''s making, but if it comes to pass (not counting chickens), I for one, will certainly be celebrating.[/quote] Thats a crock of shyt....ill be getting smashed! come on you yellows!
  13. I just makes me laugh ts a football league show and we are 7 clear and no mention!!! but in the grand scheme of things i couldnt care less whether we get a mention, as long as we win the league! just get the feeling there might be some leeds fans on the production team!
  14. sorry if this has been put, but can someone explain why we didnt even get a mention and we are 7 points clear, we seemed to have more coverage when we were chasing. Not impressed, maybe we will get a bit when we win the league!!!
  15. Went to Milwall away, and there was a group of kids chanting .....no probs there! behind them was this 70ish year old chanting " delias barmy army!" The kids joined him, i guess not really realising what he was chanting! Most people just stared at him! Just summed up delias supporters!
  16. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="city till i die"]like you say lamberts a fan, but hes been left out for a reason, and he has came in because of russell red card, if he wasnt sent of do you reckon he would of played tonight?? and funny enough lambert didnt take out lappin!!! tell you something does''nt!! [/quote]Yeah it tells me that he is bonkers or that he is having an affair with the King of SPAM if he keeps his place in the team on Saturday after the evidence of tonight! [/quote] Lappin wasnt so much the issue tonight! when you play 4 4 2 u expect your wing backs to over lap! our 2 gave the ball away, there long balls were poor and they helped to un balance the team!
  17. The doc played a blinder! I feel this is his level, but Rose was a real struggle! he gave the ball the away, his long balls were poor and his lack of getting forward created Holt and Martin to drift wide, left back is worrying roll on drury''s return!
  18. [quote user="Salford City YELLOW"]Just out of curiosity, anyone got any Norwich related tatts? Or maybe you''re a city fan now but branded yourself with another teams emblem in a "past life"?! Out of the current squad I think the award for the chavviest tattoos has to go to Cody! Can anyone think of any particularly good/bad ones seen on City players over the years?[/quote] i got NCFC from the back of my lower foot to my calf!
  19. [quote user="I am a Banana"]yeah I was in the N&P upper in the block nearest to the city stand![/quote]get a grip narna!!   u are in a bit were people can buy tickets! the facts stand mosy city fans moan....they pay there money and they are intitled to! today we were crap!
  20. [quote user="IbleedYellow&Green"]What The F**K is with all the moaning? WE LOST A SINGLE GAME? get a grip and learn football!
  21. [quote user="Jimbo_Jet_Set"]Having read  many of the posts on here this evening I''ve noticed that Michael Rose has been getting quite a lot of flak.  Now I know that he is not in the same class as Drury but I''m not entirely sure what he has done wrong to suddenly become the centre of so much criticism.  Is it because his arrival has coincided with a slump in our form? Is it  because he is trying to replace a very good player in Drury? I''m not necessarily defending the guy but I would be genuinely interested to know what others think For what it''s worth I don''t think he is that bad. His defending is solid and makes an effort to support attacks when he can.  He gets little or no support from ,the massively overrated, Lappin either defensively or offensively. There are far weaker players in our side than him and I think much of the criticism directed towards him is due to the need for an easy scapegoat [/quote]Rose isx a target....he is playing well! Lambert will see that! and i would be surprised if drury gets str8  back in!
  22. [quote user="First Wazzock"]http://www.skysports.com/fanzone/blogs/story/0,24015,16839_5961929,00.html[/quote] Good!
  23. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Houston, you have taken it upon yourself to respond to qualified congratulatory posts on Doc with criticism based upon some limited personal observation and the opinions of others. Okay, you don''t like the player but do try to overcome your prejudice for a player currently playing a leading role in getting Norwich promoted and who is going to have a key role this weekend when two top sets of strikers face up. BTW there is nothing wrong with a little male grooming so please don''t get all insecure over it.[/quote] Lambert is not stupid, he brought in 2 centre backs for what reason? Doc will become cover for these 2, he is playing well this season, but this is his level and he will struggle in the championship[p!
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