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  1. I use iFollow from overseas and it''s been pretty flawless so far. When the club sync Chris Goreham over the top of the video, it''s actually pretty awesome.
  2. The worst display by an official that I''ve seen since Chelsea were eliminated by Barca from the Champions League a few years back.
  3. Absolutely agree with the OP. As much as Norwich frustrate me at times, they also give us a bloody good time (particularly for the latest generation of supporters). Even being away from it all for the last few years, my support and passion for the club hasn''t changed. Last night I was up at 3am watching a shocking 0-0 draw, then straight into work in the morning. Somewhere down the road it''ll be the same again, but instead of being 0-0, we''ll bang in a last minute winner and I''ll be quietly going mental trying to not wake the neighbours!
  4. Does much go on with city fans out there? My wife is Floridian and we''re moving back there next year..
  5. I see Cardiff have stuck with their "Visit Malaysia" sponsorship. Since we are a family club, maybe we should have gone for something along the lines of "Visit North Korea"
  6. I don''t do arguments; just one liners.
  7. Keep going Morty... you''ll get there one day mate
  8. Thank God we have people like Morty around to educate those of us that are more hard of thinking. I bet a lot has been learnt through your 34k + posts. Keep up the good work, squire!
  9. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Rogue Baboon"]Does that phrase not come in to every change of manager though? 99% of the time you are not sacking a manager because they are doing well, its because they aren''t doing well enough, so the logic is the new guy could not do any worse?[/quote]Do you have any degree of certainty that Rowett could get us promoted, and survive in the Premier league?Because that is what I would say the remit of the next manager should be.[/quote] Genius. Revolutionary stuff there, Morty.
  10. Neither the team, nor Neil himself have improved since the beginning of last season. A shake up is needed, both in playing staff and manager. Now that this season is a write off, bring in a new man now; his only remit for the rest of this season being to assess the squad and decide who he wants to keep and where he wants to improve.
  11. Simply put, to be 19 points of automatics and 9 points off the top 6 at the beginning of March is not a situation anyone would have taken (if offered) at the beginning of the season. To the "in-ers": how much further off the automatics/playoffs would we need to be in order for you to be an "out-er"?!
  12. LDC - none of them are at it. Win as a team, lose as a team. We''ve just shipped five goals in the Champ for a second time and been shocking away all season. Sorry, but no one gets a free pass after the dross we''ve had all year.
  13. Out. Season was done a long time ago, but now that it is well and truly done it''s time to plan ahead for next season. That starts with changing the manager. Neil hasn''t become a bad manager overnight, but ever since Newcastle away last season he certainly hasn''t been making the progress we''d all hoped for and as a team we''ve been getting progressively worse.
  14. Ridiculous. If someone told us now we could have a manager that would get us promoted, WIN US THE PREM TITLE, then get us relegated again the following season, I think every single one of us would snap there hand off. Even if we went down to League 1 again afterwards... who cares. Winning the Prem was a massive achievement for a club like Leicester and sacking Ranieri has dirtied it somewhat.
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