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  1. So mark halsey(didnt give cap letters he does not deserve the respect) has said sorry he did not see the elbow incident. WOW thanks what good does that do us,Tamas will be banned for 2-3 matches against who? not us. Does this give us a penalty with a minute to go and level the game. I think not. If halsey did not see the elbow why did he think that James Vaughan was lying on the floor and then left the pitch without permission. Halsey must have thought that it was a dive(booking) then going off the pitch(booking). Still I suppose we were lucky James did not get sent off. So the ref was on our side in the end, great, I hope he is not seen walking down Carrow Road again
  2. From the title of my post you might think that i am disilusioned with the premeier league already, well i think i am. Firstly whats the point in a competion that you cannot win, in the old first division there was always one of the so called smaller teams at or very near the top of the league for most of the season I can remember QPR southhampton Ipswich and coventry all making a season long challenge, even when the prem started we were the main small club challengers, then the money started to flow to the big clubs and the rest were left behind. Secondly we have the stupid situation with refs so far this season 4 games 4 penalties against only one of which (chelsea) can be justified, bigger clubs (even WBA and Wigan) get all the descisions and this is mot only this season I can remember back to 2004-05 the same thing was appenning then. The only consolation is the money we earn for being there, great we are financaly secure, but we are only there to make up the numbers so that the big teams have someone to play against. There is one other good thing at least my 13 year old son will get to see Rooney etc. So you may think I want us to get relegated, of course not but it would be nice to have a level playing field, may be the only way this could be achieved is to create a european league for the money bag clubs, may be a max of 8 clubs playing each other 4 times plus playing in one domestic cup competion. How long before the fans and media get bored with the same fixtures week in week out,then they could come running back and the smaller clubs could have more say on the money distribution. The european league would do away with the boring champions leauge just another money making scam for the already rich clubs Dont worry I love Norwich City with a passion and will enjoy a season and I hope more in the prem but I want to see a more even distrbution of money and players
  3. Am I right in thinking that we got promotion at Portsmouth during the seventies. Could history repeat itself this year Boro win on monday night and we win at Fratton Park and we can party against Coventry HAPPY DAYS
  4. did you hear that the first helpline number (0800 5 1 5 1 5 1) got over subscribed so they had to start a second line number 0800 4 1 5 1 9 2
  5. can someone please explain how malky wins the march manager of the month when his team are currently 6th in the current form table Reading are top and we are forth. During the month of march Watford lost to Middlesbrough we were unbeaten, Reading also must be unbeaten. Still I suppose there is one blessing we wont have the MOM curse that usually follows the winning manager. The only way Watford could win that award must be that Elton John was the judge. Lets hope that Paul Lambert wins something this season in addition to promotion, he has done an amazing job, probably the best manager outside the premier league
  6. does anyone else think that saturdays match against scunny was the worst GAME of the season. Dont get me wrong it was the best performance by City not just this season but in many years we were fantastic, but Scunthorpe were the worst team I think I have ever seen, they tried to put ten men behind the ball when they went one down whats the point, I am just glad we did justice to the way they played and got the 6 (or more) we deserved. I always want to see us win but the opposition could at least try. I feel very sorry for Micheal Nelson he seems doomed to league one football lets hope someone signs him in the summer he should get another crack at the championship, the other people I feel a little sorry for were that hardy band of away supporters, their team playing like that with that attitude would send any fan to drink, when we were at the bottom of the league we did try to win. WELL DONE CITY WE WERE FANTASTIC I loved our PERFORMANCE    
  7. Can someone please tell me why the match against the bin men is on a thursday night, if the game is not to be shown on the telly. Surely if Sky dont want the game the beeb could easily show it like they did earlier this season
  8. I would like to make a prediction, that all of us City fans will not like. I predict that the GOD that is Paul Lambert will be the manager of Everton by the end of the month. On what do I base this the toffee men play Spurs this week and will lose that will put then in the bottom three they will then lose to Scunthorpe out of two cups this season to lower league teams (Brentford and Scunny) this will not be acceptable on Merseyside, and Moyes will be out. They will need a replacement and Paul Lambert will move to the bigger club. I also predicted that Paul would be our next manager when we were 5-0 down to Colchester last season If I am proved wrong you can all laugh at me on the 1st feb I hope I am well off the mark. because I believe that Mr Lambert is one of the best managers we have ever had
  9. I think that the tribunal should deduct 2 points from our total and forget about any fine. Surely that would shut up that idiot from col who.This might also stop anyone coming after super Paul in the future   
  10. heres the song to sum up this season ''its not how you start, its how you finish''
  11. having just read the leeds v  hartlepool (on this messageboard) report i think that idiot of a ref is a leeds fan
  12. i see the pink un (edp) gave the ref 4 points, i suppose thats one for each goal , none of the four goals should have been allowed to stand even our goal the ball was out before the cross
  13. Yes i dont like the fact its on sky, but surely we have got to win one game on telly. Also did you not see their defending against Brighton on saturday, they were hopeless. I go for a 3-0 victory  
  14. goo news we have not got D''Urso, all three officials are premeriship the ref is Lee Probert  
  15. can anyone please explain Grant Holt''s kissing hand goal celebration?
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