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  1. I have just heard from a very reliable source that there is going to be a press conference this morning where the club will announce 2 new signings. Not sure who the players are as yet!!
  2. Having not posted on here for quite a while but still been an avid reader, I thought it was now time for a say. When will this arrogant manager of ours ever learn?! I have followed this club - home & away - all over Europe for the best part of 18 years and just because my girlfriend and I left the game at the final whistle yesterday, does this make us unloyal fans?  We could have easily stayed at the end of the game but what message would that have sent out? Are we happy with what is happening to our great club?  Me and many other people that I know now think that even if we had a next season like Reading have just had Worthy would never get the fans back after all the slatings we have had off this horrid unlikeable man this season. How many other clubs would put up with a manager who constantly divides a clubs fans (the bread and butter of any club), a manager who never knows when to keep his mouth shut,a manager who constantly buys second rate journeymen and a manager who is so tactically naive it is embarrassing. Now surely the board of our club know the only real way to re-unite our fans is to get rid of this disease in our club ASAP!!
  3. Bang in the middle of the Snakepit. Renewed my season ticket on tuesday.
  4. He came here with the sole intention of putting himself in the shop window. He has now gotten exactly what he wanted all along,he had never said that he was happy here and was commited to the cause. Where i ask you Dean were West Ham when we risked bringing you to the club? Thanks for your undevided loyalty and just remember how unforgiving the West Ham fans will be if you go 5 games without a goal,let alone 10!!
  5. There were a number of people chanting Worthy out in Llyods after the game. That number is going to grow rappidly. Do the board seriously think that there going to get 25,000 people through the gates next season after being served up the dross week and week out this season. Totally disgruntled and worried loyal fan!!
  6. Totally agree mate and feel that ashton has just used us as a stepping stone. Where is the loyalty nowadays? We were the only club to take a risk on him!!
  7. Cheers Pete. Do you think Worthy will get the 5 and a half mil to re-inforce a shocking looking and performing team that took to the field on Saturday?
  8. I am some what confused about how much we actually have to know pay Crewe as a result of Ashton''s sale. I was under the impression that we had to pay 20% of any future profit,meaning that would have been 4 million profit and therefore we would have to pat crewe £800,000. Could anyone please clear this matter up for me?
  9. Would be well happy with those four and the right back Wright but i fear it will be more like Gray of Sunderland and Howard of Luton who Worthless will turn too.
  10. A big YES from me because we have been lied to and fed nothing but lies and deciet from day one. Time for the two main culprits for our decline,namely WORTHLESS and DOOMCASTER to leave our great club before they inflict any further damage!!
  11. That''s a fair post Solopian,but the fact of the matter is we all know that it would cost an awful lot of money in order to buy Worthington out of his contract but could we really survive a second sucessive relegastion? So let''s weigh it all up-Keep Worthington=Possible extinction for the club that we all so dearly love. P.S. Why was''nt Worthington given his lucarative contract on the basis of surviving our Premiership campaign?
  12. I am also a shareholder and can''t make tonight either due to work commitments so i second Dumbledelia''s request and could someone please report on the happening''s back on to the message board.   Many thanks.  
  13. When we never showed anywhere near as much loyalty and patience when we dumped Mike Walker? One of our own!!   WORTHY OUT!!!
  14. Yes he most definatly deserves to have a benefit match as a promising career was cut short by almost certainly stopping the scum from scoring a goal. All the best Alex in your future career.
  15. bailojnr, I really like the look of your first team that you put up and believe we could certainly bring these players in. Your team has a great blend of strength and speed and would be a match for any team in the Fizzy Pop.
  16. Give him 8 games next season and if we are struggling in the Fizzy Pop and the likes of Holt,Fleming etc are still in the team then it''s a big OUT!!!
  17. So by me making a judgement i am a hipicrit and not a true fan? This fan has followed City for 18 years and been stuck on a coach for 24 hours each way going to Arnhem and Munich in our glory years and i have also been a season ticket for many years as well so i think that i am pretty well placed to judge!! I speak for me and many others who obviously don''t seem to want to voice there opinion in this way who think that our Premiership relegation is down to Nigel Worthington!! Come on Norwich fans,we are far to forgiving!! Yes Worthy has given us success since he took over at the helm but now we need to move forward with the times. Look at WBA they had Megson as manager and he took them to two promotions yet when they looked unlikely of progressing he lost his job and replaced him with Robson,the rest is history!! I believe that we should have finished the season in mid table at the least had it not been for poor team selections and a total lack of quality signings. Yes Worthy has brought in: Hucks, Ashton, Leon, Francis, Safri. But what about the total lack of quality: Emblem-Left on a free, Rivers-left on a free, Briggs-left on a free, Johnson?Helveg? Docherty? Etc... What are the chances that these players will all go the same way? I heard a short while ago that Worthy had lost the dressing room with some players and this would seem to ring true. Come on Worthy if you can''t get a team to fight for you on the final day of the season in the biggest games of there lives then what chance do we ever have of progressing? P.S I know that this post will upset a few supporters but don''t hang me,after all i am just a supporter the same as you but am extremely frustrated and very down hearted!!
  18. I to remember Bayern away with very fond memories,me and several mates spent 24 hours each way on Club Cabbage but it was so worth while and a few days that we''ll never forget. Me and my mate Paul even managed to feature as a close up on Anglia News,me with my Norwich City Union jack firmly fixed round me. Aaaah can still picture it now!!!
  19. Hey up everbody,just to let you know that the Snake Pit Rebel is alive a well thanks,although a little bit horse this evening due to the vigorous support i was giving to the lads this afternoon..   Will try to post on here more regulary from now on..   Season starts today!!
  20. I am a toolsetter on shifts at a local plastics factory,and we have some Scummers at work who have been well and truly crucified by us City boys on our promotion!
  21. Luckily for me,the only game that i will miss will be Spurs away which will be shown live on sky. So i will be able to catch the game live with the Lads in Ayia Napa!! Bring It On!!
  22. I for one would love Fuller at Carrow Road and everytime i''ve seen the lad play i''ve been impressed. Remember we haev''nt replaced Iwan yet and we have a vacant no9 shirt going!!
  23. I am very lucky to,as booked a lads holiday to Ayia Napa on sept 10th and have discovered i will only miss Spurs away.. What a result!!
  24. I am really gutted too that Purse seems to be heading to the Hawthorns. I thought he would have been a terrific buy for the club. Come on Worthy don''t you think it''s time we gave Megson a touch of his own medicine?
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