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  1. I guess there''s little chance of this, but does anyone know any pubs in London... No, not Loddon, that are screening tonight''s showdown? I know there''s a few dodgy norweigan cable channels that sometimes offer this kind of thing in Norwich, but surely there''s a canary landlord somewhere down here in the big smoke! Up the capital canaries!!! Tom
  2. Are you having a laugh? Steve Howard is fat. A good 1st/2nd div striker, but by no means what we need. He would make us a laughing stock. I have seen Howard in action for Luton a few times at Kenilworth with my mate who''s a luton fan and i was impressed, but only at that level. We need to be after the hottest young prospects in the game, or proven pro''s at the top level on loan. Tom  
  3. I live a couple of miles from the Valley, in Blackheath and as a season ticket holder at ''The Fortress'', enjoyed this one coming round in the fixture list as it means i don''t have to drive for three hours. After last week''s disappointment against Blackburn, i was sure that there only had to be a matter of time before we got a lead and kept it. Put a few quid on 2-0 City and took my place among the Charlton fans as i left getting a ticket to the last minute. Gutted. So was i not only on my own, but surrounded by bemused Londoners,     "Cor, Norwich have always had good fans" I heard a few times as our boys off the field put theirs to shame. Sadly, on the pitch, we were lacking all over. Gary Holt was again having another one of those days where the ball was constantly stuck under him, and McKenzie, though full of effort and enthusiasm found the ball bouncing off him all over the place. Francis, unusually, had a poor game. Jonson, i thought actually looked ok at last and i was surprised to see him making way for Bentley, who at least looked like he was trying to get involved. The fans'' cals for Mulryne brought about a slight change in our shape, and it looked like all the way accross midfield we had players who wanted the ball, and knew what to do with it once they got it. Gart Holts arms in the air look of frustration as he ran out of ideas and hoofed another ball towards their able centre halves summed up his deficiencies as a premiership player. I, personally would like to see the midfield that finished the game start against the saints in what is the biggest must win we have had in recent memory. My gut feeling is that Worthington will again play his blue eyed boy Holt and leave the flowing locks of mullers kicking his heels on the bench again. I know he works hard and we need that, but Francis is good enough to adapt his game to accomodate Phil. Real changes are needed. We lacked height for th e first goal, in what was some schoolboy positioning by Flemming and we were short... Both in size and stature all over the park today Anyone else feel the same? I still love you, City... Just give me some hope.   Tom  
  4. Snakepit, seat next to the wall & the barclay ten ish from the back. Superb, except i seem to almost fall over the wall whenever we score.
  5. What a signing, If Worthy can pull this off it will be comparable to getting Huckerby here permanently when we were in div 1. All of a sudden i sense a renewed optimism for the coming season both on this board and within myself! If we could get him in, then possibly add Primus, and a striker... Not too sure about Johansson, i live just down the road from Charlton and he''s not too highly rated round here. But damn good if the chance of an overhead kick ever rises for all those who like a bit of flair! Fingers crossed!!!
  6. These two are certainly avaliable, Anderton may be a little injury prone but is free, would probably accept a pay decrease and would add valuable experience. Etherington is still class and could cut it in the prem. The Hammers would have to accept a laughable offer from us too they are so screwed with money. Anyone heard any news on these two? I live in london and there has been a bit of talk here.
  7. What the hell is going on? Simon Charlton? I must say, Worthy has proved me wrong before but this time i really do worry. Yet another ''honest, hardworking, journeyman'' This for me, signals our intentions compared to West Brom. It looks like we''re preparing for the start of the 2005-6 season in Div 1 already. 250K for a 32 year old on a 2 year contract. No better than we already have and likely to be nothing more than a squad man. Don''t we want to see competition?! Only Bentley in my view of all our signings will improve our first XI. Gutted. Everyone at work is laughing at us. Come on Worthy, sign someone who excites us and can actually draw a headline or two.
  8. i work in a bank, in cavendish square, london. Rubbish. Ohh that degree was worth it.
  9. Yes, he has decided that a bit of hard work and commitment is too much and has headed south down the A140. What a tremendous waste of talent. Not welcome here in my book anyway. Hope he plays about as many games as he did with us. Loser.
  10. ''Norwich are set to complete the signing of West Ham striker Marlon Harewood'' The people this morning. Scored a belter against us at FCR, but no prem experience. I''ve been impressed by him every time he''s played against us but i don''t think he''ll quite cut the mustard with the big boys come august. Still, at least i can put it in all the Hammers'' fans faces who live down here in London SE3. Ohh, those ipswich fans aren''t too happy with BFJ either are they!
  11. I think a couple of defenders are a must for us to compete next year. Dean Richards would probably be gettable, i am rather alarmed that worthy seems to be indicating that only 2 or 3 more will be on there way in. Megson already has 3 and is after 6 more, the kind of amount of players that will be needed. Saying that his side is not quite as good as ours. Also, reading in the evening standard the other day and they listed all the london clubs released players. Some quality on there. Anderton would fit in perfectly and if he was going to go pompey he would have been there by now. That no 9 shirt has got to be filled soon too! Any news?
  12. I meant to write unhappy not attractive. Don''t know why i did that!
  13. How is it that WBA always seem to get their foot in the door before us? They have a 500K bid accepted. Surely we can afford that for a worthy type player who would do a fantastic job. I for one will be extremely attractive if we don''t get him over for talks at least. this makes me angry that we are''t getting anywhere with this!
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