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  1. Can someone please tell me where I can get a preview magasine? I''ve been wanting one since they came out, but I don''t know which shops are selling them. Your help you be really appreciated. Thanks
  2. The only reason this has been brought up now is because luton lost. It wasn''t her fault they lost but because it isn''t the norm in mens football for a woman to officiate, newell decided to blame her rather than realise that it was luton towns fault they lost. She did nothing that a male linesman wouldn''t do. I thought we had got past the stage of being prejudice and I thought football was a game for everyone, maybe I was wrong. When I was at school I always complained that we couldn''t play mixed football. If you''re good enough to do the job, why shouldn''t you do the job? No matter what gender you are.
  3. Let me get this out the way first, I want to see a new manager in place next season. But if we call ourselves supporters surely we should support our team reguardless of who the manager is? It''s not the players fault that the manager is completely useless is it? I say suuport your team throughout the game, and make your protests about the manager after it. Then wipe the slate clean and start next season with fresh hope, and hopefully a new manager.
  4. promotion, then we can beat ipswich 7-0 :-) well its not 6-0 is it?
  5. Hopefully Rehman will forge a good partnership with Docs and then we''ll forget abtou Davenport
  6. I live about 30mins from Norwich in a small place called Sutton. People are more likely to have heard of somewhere called Lathams of Potter Heigham and its near there.
  7. I thought this post asked for positives only? Well it quickly decesnded into a disagreement didn''t it?
  8. Erm... anything is better than Ethu (sorry I''m not sure how to spell it) and Robinson has got to be the best central midfielder we have at the club after Safri. Some players have lots of clubs in their careers but are still good players. How many clubs did Huckerby have before he came to us? And when he came he was a good player.
  9. Mine would have to be, for sheer atmosphere the Crewe game the year we were premoted to the prem. It was a great game, they gave us a guard of honour to come out to. It was Iwans last game and at the end of the game he was given a guard of honour. Also at the end of the game we were all allowed on the pitch. It was a fantastic day all round
  10. If we haven''t got any money, then where has the money gone that we were going to spend on Morrison?
  11. After today I can''t see him going back to Preston, but what I am going to say is that while the transfer window is still open then we still have the chance to sell him on to some other poor unfortunate club. He hasn''t done anything while on loan here, so why is Worthy trying to buy him???
  12. Wigan have said that they are not prepared to pay the large amount of money that we are asking for. This was said on sky sports news
  13. I''d rather have Robinson than Etuhu. Although Suderland could do with him back at the moment. [:)]
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