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  1. Yes, fair play for you doing this. Good to see so much money raised, and some football legends turning out for the game too. Mike Milligan was a brilliant player for us, very underrated in my opinion, that Ipswich away game where he dominated the midfield from start to finish was first class.  
  2. Blue Madness Welcome to the forum! Not many people on here will want Norwich to lose, but it could encourage the swift departure of Mr Worthington, rightly or wrongly. Re Throne, I guess you mean Thorne, and yes, he is here, but sadly has been injured for most of this season ( a common problem so I gather ) but came on off the bench on Saturday, but did not really add much to the general mess all over the pitch. How is Mulryne doing? From our local paper, it seems he is out favour? Is he still loving the Ginsters and Guinness or has he discovered the Atkins??
  3. [quote]We seem to of played a bit better last night our big test now is our next two homes which we must really win !!!![/quote] If you are his wife, can you buy him some hair clippers for Xmas and tell him how to use them? Oh, and while you are at it, tell him that he is showing promise and we hope it continues.
  4. [quote]probably be Paul Robinson from neighbours[/quote] And Daphne from the coffe shop? What about Miss Mangle out wide right? And Analise as Kit Man 
  5. Just a quick post re the back of today''s EDP, and how the press can contort comments! The headline reads "You are losers" or something to this effect and quotes Ian Holloway. When you read the piece it quotes Holloway as saying "Norwich are used to losing and Luton are used to winning" The headline is out of order as it builds up tension for tomorrow and completely mis-quotes Holloway. Discuss.
  6. Not necessarily but you should be in luck. I have been into players lounge at Norwich and at Forest, and it really depends how long players have got, and how far away from home the ground is. Wear your best clothes though.     
  7. Like them or loathe them, Man Utd fans are superb when it comes to making up chants about their players, one of the best fans in the country for this. Personally, I like the Liverpool chant for Peter Crouch "He''s Big He''s Red His feet stick out the bed Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch " Excellent.      
  8. Good post, feeling exactly the same this morning. What a week, the leeds game, stoke away, huckerby off, no loan signing, munby''s comments, etc, etc. There is even somebody in the EDP letters page moaning about the moaners!! Massively disappointed to see no fresh faces coming in, and even more disappointed to see Bentley going to loan, and where has he chosen, Blackburn, the home of neat, tidy, non-physical football that will bring his game on in leaps and bounds!! The ashton news seems like a long time ago now. I think we all just need some positives from the club at this time, as if not, I fear that if we dont beat Plymouth or Ipswich, it is looking bleak for the management.       
  9. Why are you criticising Richard Balls?? That guys writes so much sense, his articles are fantastic. If you read him every Satuday, you will appreciate just how spot on he is. To have a pop at hime , is frankly out of order, when you see some of the drivel written by other people who clearly do not know their backside from their elbow. He is the top man.   PS I am no relation/friend/colleague of Mr Balls.
  10. Wow, "end" "of" "season" and "predictions" all spelt correctly. To answer another stunning question, I think we will finish second, behind Palace. In fact, I would probably go :- 1) Palace 2) Norwich 3) Derby 4) Southampton 5) Leeds 6) Sheffield United
  11. No wonder the country is on the skids when this is the kind of thing our schools are churning out. I am pleased that Vicar and other have raised comment. Every opinion on here is valuable, but when it is put forward in such a poor manner, you have to pray for the school holidays to end pretty soon, so that we can put away the "chav dictionary" and read english again. Even the title is spelt incorrectly.       
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