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  1. Not a fan, very cocky!! He like the rest of the team was in Henry''s on Sunday (early evening) and took great pleasure in getting his six pack out and showing it off to the girls! Not an impressive site!!! Crap player who will be at Kings Lynn within 4 years.
  2. Have you heard the Norfolk accent!!!! Came across ok, thought he was a little bit dull but not sure what I expected really!
  3. Guess there must be a few local teams who have connections to Norwich, could add bit of extra spice! Norwich could also use the games as an opportunity to scout local players and form better links with local clubs.
  4. See that those down the road have opted to field a reserve team and have got to the final in the suffolk version. I would personally like Norwich to enter the Norfolk version. Think it would be really good for our team to play more competitive matches and generate a bit of local interest. Might give us a chance to win something aswell!!! Anyone know why we don''t enter?
  5. Very good decision. We have alot of games coming up so it makes far more sense playing Dublin away from home and then maybe giving Martin the chance to play at home. The lad needs looking after not burning out!
  6. see where you are coming from but talent will always get an opportunity to play and shine. Especially at Norwich as we let the cr*p have a go!!!
  7. Doncaster says in his article that it will make us around the 500k mark. As usual it is followed with the fact that it wont make any difference as we have all these bills blah blah!!! Heard David Sullivan was looking to get out of Birmingham and invest somewhere else, I would be up for that here!
  8. Just wondering what people thought about  the following:    How you think the club looks after it customers i.e. standard of facilites, disabled facilites, business facilities, catering, car parking etc.    When you have complaind to the club (about non footballing matters what kind of response of you got from the club i.e. swift, effective?   Thanks, your thoughts will be most helpful!
  9. Might post a few of these requests (reference disabled customers, how well customers are looked after etc) but its all in the name of research. I just wondered when people have complained to the club (not on football issues!) have the club dealt with it quickly and effectively. Just looking for your experiences really! Thanks.
  10. Think in the current climate this post is not going to go down to well but did enjoy Grant''s post match comment. When talking about the freekicks he said "Stevie Wonder could have seen there was a big gap". Worthy would have been banging on about workrate!! Would have mentioned about the current situation but just a bit to depressing!!!
  11. Some well justified responses and if the players do take it like professionals then it will hopefully spur them on. The positive outcome is that everybody (fans and players) is left in no doubt about what the manager expects. He has already shown he can make tough decisions and if this policy works fair play!  
  12. Cracking start and long may it continue! Slightly worried about the public dressing down that Grant is giving to his players. Nice to see some honesty but he may lose their respect and trust if this continues.  Any thoughts?
  13. Think that is a very good idea, the player is obviously waiting for something appropriate to come up, probably thinking about past glories but what a player!!
  14. To be honest this seems one of the most pointless threads I have ever read!!! I think we did well getting rid of Leon for what could be eventually 1 million! Things did not work out but that happens in life and in football. It just means that we go with what we have got and maybe youth will get a chance!
  15. Keep meaning to watch this but always forget, what kinda of things was Crow up to then?  
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