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  1. That''s because we are signing Kevin Philips on loan until the end of the season.
  2. Cheers for clearing that up, First time I have had a season ticket, I used to be a golden goal seller so got in to all matches free. Nevermind.. Cheers again
  3. Just a straight question here, Can you watch the cup games if you have a season ticket, or is it league games only? Cheers
  4. The email didnt go through. If you still want to sell the tickets, let me know on here mate. Shaun
  5. Hi there. I would be interested in buying these tickets if you still have them. I have E-Mailed you my E-Mail address. Cheers Shaun
  6. The guy who sells golden goal tickets near the icecream van on the corner opposite the swimming pool is pretty cool.
  7. Maybe the axe will fall on us Golden Goal sellers? I haven''t had my letter yet telling me I need to turn up for the first game of the season. Who knows ? Maybe if more of you bought Golden Goal tickets we would have more money to buy players? or maybe the chairman should put a quid into the coffers for every Golden Goal ticket we sell? Shaun.
  8. Yep, my Cat is named Dion, although female but big and black.  
  9. Apparently thats a picture of Lee Croft on the article. Read underneath the pic of Cureton.
  10. Am I missing somehting here or aren''t these songs by the Nimmo Twins? Sounds just like them. They have a really funny show on at the Playhouse every year. I''m sure thats called Normal for Norfolk too?    
  11. Don''t think you are making many pals on this thread Jas old buddy. Still don''t know who you are by the way, even though we apparently went to the same school. Also just to make it clear Golden Goal tickets are a matter of life and death you know! Shaun.
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