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  1. sorry bout that,it was originally on tuesday 19th april ko at same time so moved back a night. all due to newcastles involvement in europe/fa cup.  
  2. yep,sorry to to tell you guys but the newcastle game has been moved to wednesday 20th april ko at 19.45. absolutley gutted as i''ve already had to move working arrangements three times this season and i also missed chelsea at home the other week...... oh well,better go and plead with my boss to change shifts again......  
  3. totally agree with you linknr9. why o why stick ashton in midfield when he so obviously looked lost..... your idea would of been a much better option. at least when greeno hoofed the ball up front ashton might of been able to hold it up.... having said that,why did greeno hoof it upfield anyway???? surely he knows we play much better from the back..... it dont take a genious to work out the balls coming straight back at you when in the situation we were in tonight..... even my 5 year old asked what the hell they were doing...... oh well,roll on saturday. chin up everyone.
  4. i also see bentley on saturday. he was standing in line at the burger caravan behind the jarrold stand. and boy did he look out of place in all that designer gear.....
  5. i would be happy if west brom won against crytal palace.... that way crystal palace wont be stomping off into the distance. just my opinion.
  6. just seen it on sky sports news too. "norwich have confirmed they are interested in signing kieron richardson on loan....." whats peoples thoughts on this one then????
  7. mark schwarzer has just agreed a 3 year contract to stay at middlesbrough so that''s one less team likely to purchase greeno!!!  
  8. which is exactly why i said in an earlier post "lets hope ashton doesn''t ask mark rivers for advice"
  9. all i can say is cheats never prosper...... remember the corner that never was for spurs''s first goal on boxing day...
  10. lets just hope he doesn''t ask mark rivers his opinion eh????
  11. steve bruce ian crook mark bareham keith bertchin (think tha''s how you spell it) john deehan the list could be so big i think
  12. mullers injured???? that''ll be why i see him in the all you can eat chinese in riverside last night with jim brennan then . guess he can now eat all he likes lol
  13. i have just heard that holt has been taken off!!!! has mr worthington been reading these forums after all. oh no,it''s now 3-0
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