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  1. I believe we may be able to field all of these players as Camara has been signed til the end of the season. It was announced as a loan but as he is out of contract in the summer so it maybe that we have taken on his contract so he therefore technically isn''t a loan player as we hold his registration. Stop getting at Roeder, we know players are going for over inflated prices at the mo so he will loan til the end of the season then buy players at their correct value.
  2. We are the best supported team in the League!!! Surely u recognise that as u seem to follow us quite closely. Do you regularly sell out Molineux?........er no!!! So pipe down.
  3. Well I go to most of the England games around Europe and nearly everywhere I have been in a competitive game the England national anthem has been booed. I am not saying two wrongs make a right but we just have to acknowledge that every country have a group of idiots who boo national anthems. I thought it was a reasonably good post from our polish friend until I read the bit about Michael Owen, not done anything since he was 17? He is gonna end up the highest goalscorer we have ever produced and I would back him to score nearly everytime is out on the pitch, had he been playing off Crouch last nite he would have netted even though England were very poor. SWP too small, not strong enough? Surely the thing we are lacking compared to other countries is technical ability not strength?!!!!!                              I do agree with the post when it comes to Lampard and Gerrard and the goalkeepers though, none of the GK''s have been good enough and Lampard and Gerrard never play to their potential. I think what this qualifying campaign has proved most of all though is that England have a good first 11 but we seem to think we have lots of top players in all positions which is so far wide of the mark. If England had a gk, Neville, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, SWP, Hargreaves, Gerrard, Cole, Rooney, Owen every game they would be fine but apart from right back, centre mid and right mid we don''t have any back up as the rest of the players aren''t good enough.
  4. I don''t post very often but each pre season come on to talk about the squad we have for the new season. Each year we are always looking to have two pros in each position plus some youngsters in support or to loan out. So we have : Marshall            Gilks                     Lewis              Gallagher          Arnold Otsemebor        Hughes               Cave-Brown Docherty           Dublin                 Halliday Shackell            Spillane Drury               Lappin                  Bexfield Chadwick         Croft                    Smart Brellier              Russell                  Jarvis Smith               Fotheringham Huckerby         Eagle Strihavka         Brown                  Renton Cureton            Martin                  Jarvis I think we could loan out any of the players on the 3rd list. We need to get Gallagher off the wage bill asap. I would still rather have some pace up front than what we''ve got. If we see Lappin as a midfielder we could do with a left back but if we see him as a defender we need another left midfielder as Eagle isn''t good enough so needs to be loaned out to see if he will develop.
  5. Yes that would be fine. As I said I think the best option is to get a top defender in but if not he is certainly better than the other centre backs. Last year was a major problem for him as he was seen as too good for the youth team, not getting competive footy in the res and Grant refused to let him out on loan even when he asked as we needed him here as our squad was so small. If this continued he will not turn into the player he can be which will be, he could be a multimillion pound player in the future but he, like Lewis must get games, because he is seen as better than Rossi, Ryan Jarvis, Matty Halliday he got slightly punished last year as we ''needed him here''. I think Grant is dealing with the younsters much better than his predecessors by letting them go out on loan but Micky needs to either play here or go on a seasons long loan.
  6. Alot of people have been dicussing options at centre back for the new season. I believe ideally we will sign a top centre back who is a leader but if not I think the best option the club has is Michael Spillane. I know Peter Grant sees him as a centre back. He can play centre midfield like he did last year for a couple of games but Grant sees him as a centre back. Just think a back 5 of Marshall, Otsemobor, Spillane, Shackell and Drury has huge potential. Grant did move him to centre back when Dublin was pushed forward in the latter games in the season and I noticed he played there again last nite. We know Docherty isn''t good enough and I would rather see Dublin played up top. I think we need to give Micky a chance, I know he had some offers from VERY big Premiership clubs before signing proffesional terms with us and do worry that if we don''t give him a regular start he will either leave or turn into another Ryan Jarvis, a striker who had huge potential but due to not playing regularly has never developed.
  7. Yes, it is two games. I initially believed it would be 3 but if you check the FA''s website you will find Darren Carl Huckerby is banned for two matches from 29.8.05-13.9.05. Meaning he will help us BEAT the scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hey Paul, great to see someone with a positive attitude and outlook like myself. All the points you have made are great, I also cannot believe how many people on here slate Worthy. What has our young manager done which is so awful? We all say lets give Jarv and Hendo a chance as they are young and still learning, the same could be said for Worthys management career. Get behind the boys as I am certain that we will have the best squad in the Championship by the beginning of the season and WHEN we get promoted we will still have all the players who were good enough to stay up last year minus the ones who weren''t and money to spend as we won''t be going up needing some of the money to cover debt. ON THE BALL CITY!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh dear, some of you say this team is a good one! This team would lose every week! If you play a 4-3-3 formation like the poster is suggesting you play with one central forward and two wide of him. You then have three tight in the middle of midfield. You cannot play Huckerby as one of these midfield players as he cannot defend. So the poster is suggesting we play with one player in the middle of midfield, don''t think I''ve ever seen a team play like that! As for Johnson being a striker, well I saw him play as a striker a few times last season around Christmas and althogh he was neat and tidy he never looked like he would score a goal, hes not really a striker or a right midfielder. Just an in between sort of player.
  10. Well people, each year on this board I try to look at the Norwich squad for the comig season. I know that Worthy has a rule of trying to get two players for each position so I draw it up like this (sorry about the spaces!): Green : Ward Helveg: ? Shackell: Docherty    ?        : Fleming Drury    : Charlton Jonson  : Henderson Safri     : Holt Francis  : ? Huckerby:Brennan Mckenzie:Jarvis Ashton   : ? Right so from this, we can definitely see where Worthy need players, this could all become alot more serious if we lose more players. Some people on this board reckon we don''t need a forward, but we do. We need someone who can play in Ashtons place if his hamstring gives him hassle this year. Some of you would say, well Hendos a striker but neither him nor Jarvis have the strength to fill in for Deano. Both I think could do a job if we are missing Leon for a few games. some of us would like to see Holt go but I think the squad is already being ripped apart and we now need to keep the players we still have to keep that team spirit otherwise even if we have a better team we won''t get out of this league. Personally, I would like us to sell Green or Francis to raise cash for some quality recruitments but in my opinion no team in the premiership will be interested in the price we will ask. The post about Safri on here worries me as I think he makes us pass the ball.
  11. Well, i have been looking at the premiership goalkeepers and couldn''t see where Green would go to get first team football. The only way was if keepers started moving. Today Man Utd have signed Van Der Saar so now there is a big vacancy now at Fulham, a move to London. Just what Greeno wants. 3 million please.
  12. Is this a joke post? I like some other people on this board watched Freddy Eastwood play in the play offs. He is a very good player in the league hes just been, however I personally don''t think he is good enough for what we are looking for. As for him replacing Ashton, lets sell one of the best strikers in the country and replace him with a player who last year was playing non league, no way!!! If we sell Ashton then we should splash half the money on another proven forward. Anyway, the way we play we have really, really needed a target man since Iwan got old. Finally we get a good one and if he goes we will need another player of the same type to replace him not Freddy Eastwood as he is not that type of player.
  13. You are quite correct that the european union has forced the championship to adhere to these rules now. So no Huckerby, Harper, Crouch type loans this year. The transfer window is the same as the premierships. January and during the summer, incidently people should get off Worthys back as the transfer window only opened on the 1st June so its only been open a few days. If you were a player what would you be doing now knowing that soon you''re back in training for another long hard season? You would be on holiday, wait til later this month and people will be moving loads ready for pre season.
  14. I am very confused by Robert Greens comments. At the end of the season I was resigned to him leaving and this comfirmed by his comments in the EDP stating that he thought he needed to further his career. However I was then extremely confused after seeing an interview of his on sky sports stating he hadn''t even considered leaving Norwich. I then had come round to the great prospect of him staying with us only to read teletext and the EDP this morning where he stated that he is going to talk to the club when he returns from holiday but re iterated that the ''situation'' was not ideal and the premiership is the place to be which throws me back to thinking that he is gonna leave. HOW CONFUSING!!!!!
  15. Eriksson has said Greeno is coming on 2nd half. Greeno, Greeno Greeno!!! Well done son.
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