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    The Brexit Party

    Can't see how this can go through as things stand, without the DUP on board. Some time to go before Saturday but difficult to see what can be offered to try and get them to shift. lot of arm twisting and bribery coming up in the next two days to try and get it through.
  2. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    These statements are not just made without careful thought. Particularly something like this which will be like a grenade being chucked int he room. I don't think it can be seen as anything but a message to the HoC.
  3. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    This is not about the law. Of course he will comply with the Benn act. This is about behind the scenes political maneuvering. The EU want this deal to go through so they will do what they can to make it happen. If saying they will not grant an extension helps the deal pass then that is what they will do.
  4. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    I doubt Junker would have said that off the cuff without there being very careful consideration beforehand. The EU wants this deal. Without an extension that leaves the choice as no deal or this one. Parliament has consistently shown that it is against no deal so the EU gets what it wants. Thinks may be looking a little clearer. As I said. Interesting tweet from Kuenssberg....
  5. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    Yes I accept that. Kuenssberg's tweet suggested that Johnson will submit the letter as instructed but will ASK the EU not to agree to the extension as that will force Parliament to decide between no deal and his deal.
  6. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    Yes I can agree with that. He can only request that they do not grant the extension he will have to ask them for. I'm assuming on the grounds that he will state that there is no chance of anything changing to resolve the issue. The is no way the EU will be wanting to revisit the agreement again so a confirmatory referendum would be one reason for them to agree to an extension.
  7. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    What motion?
  8. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

  9. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    It has to be sent if any deal has been rejected by Parliament.
  10. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    I'm not sure the ex-Tories will prove to be a major stumbling block as they (all 21?) voted for May's deal previously. In addition 19 Labour MP's wrote to Junker saying they wish to vote for a deal. Quite reasonably the EU were always unlikely agree an amended deal if they felt it would simply be voted down again in parliament and the letter from the 19 was to try and allay those concerns. There are calls for them to lose the Labour whip if they do vote for the deal. Much will depend on what the DUP do now that the deal has been agreed and they cannot make any further changes. It's a final yes or no decision for them. Abstaining looks unlikely. I think it's too close to call but if I had to put money on it I think it will just fail.
  11. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    I agree that they wouldn't want to give him a boost but they also need to be mindful that they would be accused of delaying Brexit for party political purposes by an Electorate who, by and large are cheesed off with the whole thing and just want it sorted. A Confirmatory referendum is a way forward without giving Johnson all the credit. No one faction can decide when there is to be a GE. The fixed term act requires 66% of MP's to vote for a GE and that cannot be done without both Labour AND Tory support.
  12. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Party

    Long way to go even if there is a deal agreed, with or without the DUP. The whipless Tories have voted for May's deal in the past so may vote for Boris'. Nineteen Labour MP's have indicated they would vote for it. Others may come on board if there is a confirmatory referendum.
  13. Hairy Canary

    What Joy

    Think there was footage of Trybull back in training too?
  14. Hairy Canary

    Pukki game here

    Completed the game so sounds like no injury problems
  15. Hairy Canary

    Cleanliness is next to godliness ...

    Nothing a little pruning wouldn't have sorted. Baby and bathwater?
  16. Hairy Canary

    Tettey and Trybull

    Absolutely. I'd start them both if they were fit. Get some sorely needed protection in front of the back line until we get Zimbo back
  17. Hairy Canary

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    If Trybull or Tetty is fit I'd play him alongside Amadou in midfield. We absolutely must slow the number of goals against to have any chance of staying up and I think this would keep much of our attacking ability. Krul Aarons Godfrey Hanley Lewis Amadou Trybull/Tetty Buendia Drmic Cantwell Pukki
  18. Hairy Canary

    Sticker book!

    Also got told there was a two packet limit at out local co-op. Had to go through the till three times to cash in my six vouchers!
  19. Hairy Canary

    Sticker Album Error

    This is getting pasta joke.
  20. Hairy Canary

    VAR not being used correctly

    The new rule concerning handball differs for a defender and an attacker. If the ball touches an attackers hand, accidentally or not, in the process of a goal being scored then that is handball. The handball rule for defenders is unchanged and can still be considered as accidental.
  21. Hairy Canary

    Sticker book exclusions

    No Glenn Roeder. I wonder why?
  22. Hairy Canary

    Putting Our First Few Games in Perspective

    Think this shows just how competitive this league is. Games like Burnley and West Ham away are far from easy and every point, especially away from home, is hard to win. Just ask Man City for proof of that! West Ham in particular are a much tougher prospect this season and our result against them doesn't look so shabby now they have produced exactly the same score against United It really does need putting in perspective. We are averaging a point a game after a very tough start on paper and we have home games against teams near the bottom still to come. What this shows is just how tough a season it's going to be and surviving (which I think we will - just) will be a top achievement. Perhaps a little bit more realism is needed. Another very tough game coming up!
  23. Hairy Canary

    Arsenal Vs Villa

    Our result mirrored that of Manure. Helps to put it in perspective a little. The major difference in this league, apart from the step up in quality of course, is that there are absolutely no easy games. Burnley and West Ham away are tough games and not just for us.
  24. We quite often go with two up front when we are behind. We played Rhodes with Pukki several times last year in these circumstances (Millwall at home just one example). Drmic came on yesterday with Pukki. We also go three at the back on occasion. Usually it's Arrons that makes way and agin we did this a number of times last year. when we are winning we often bring on a third centre half to see out the game. We used Klose to do this a number of times last year.
  25. Hairy Canary

    We need a Plan B

    Because once Tetty went off we had no other fit midfield players! Who do you suggest would take his place or were you thinking of not having a holding midfielder at all?