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  1. Isn't there only one team being relegated from L2 because of the Bury situation? Only three teams were to be relegated from L1 with four being promoted from L2 resulting in 23 League two teams. There would then be 2 promoted from the National League and only 1 relegated from L2 to get back to 24.
  2. Used to take a little wooden box with me to stand on for a couple of years. About six inches high at most. Always tried to stand in front of a crash barrier so I didn't get knocked off when the crowd moved. Completely forgotten that until I saw your post
  3. Makes Troy Deeney’s decision not to train look like a very good one, considering he has a young child with breathing issues. Brings into sharp focus just how risky and serious this could be.
  4. Great story KIO. I have relatives in Italy and had to have hospital treatment over there for something similar, although it was nowhere near as dramatic as yours. The service was first class and gratefully received. Also nobody commented on the size of my balls!
  5. I saw those figures myself KIO and they are certainly interesting and worthy of concern. Not sure they justify T’s sweeping generalisations linking it to COVID though or his “majority of UK adults are fat” statement. The tentative surveys I’ve seen suggest there may be a link with being significantly overweight. it also doesn’t fit with Turkey’s COVID statistics and I certainly won’t be going onto a Galatasaray forum and pointing it out!
  6. If anyone went onto a German (or Spanish or Italian) forum and said they were fat, racist and stupid what conclusion would be drawn? They would be quite rightly shot down in flames and put in their place. I hope T is a WUM because the alternative is very unpleasant.
  7. Come on admit it. You come on here to be insulting and to spout obnoxious generalisations that if they were written about any other country would be considered as racist, in order to get a reaction don’t you?
  8. True, but you can cement relations. I can think of a couple.....
  9. I have a little work related knowledge (a dangerous thing) and certainly not enough to be confident of any outcome in such a minefield but for what it’s worth I would agree with that Jim. My take on it would be that it would be unlikely for any legal action to be successful if the 14 votes were achieved in support of Project Restart using neutral grounds. More likely to be successfully claimed as unfairly prejudicial would be if Project Restart was voted down and then then three teams were relegated based on PPG (presumably by the remaining 17 clubs clearly voting in their own interests) imo
  10. There might not be enough support for either proposition, in that 7 or more clubs vote against each one.
  11. What I don't understand is why the top teams are insistant on relegation & promotion? If it's all about cash and European places then they will get both those things by completing. The bottom six will agree to Project Restart if there was no relegation. What will they lose if relegation is stopped?
  12. Great heartfelt piece Duncan. Agreed with every word.
  13. A big point for me is if relegation is removed then that would pave the way for players who feel uncomfortable or who have high risk relatives won’t feel pressured to play against their will.
  14. That’s two teams who have gone public with their opposition to neutral venues. Five more and there is a likelihood of it not happening. How many others near the bottom of the table are saying the same thing in private. No relegation to be the sweetener to make it happen?
  15. There only needs to be 7 teams voting against the proposal of restarting using neutral grounds for it to fail. Any team in danger of relegation would surely vote against so there is a real chance of that happening. There is a clear bargaining position. Teams at the bottom would only vote to restart if there was an acceptance that neutral venues would “materially effect the integrity of the competition” (to coin a Brighton phrase) and therefore there could be no relegation. I can’t see the top teams insisting on relegation so long as they get their Project Restart.
  16. After reading that piece in the Mirror I am beginning to think for the first time that this Bonkers scheme might go ahead. There is a clear opportunity to get a unanimous agreement to complete the season so long as relegation is ruled out - on the grounds of having to use neutral grounds. Without that I can’t see enough members (14) agreeing to it. The top six won’t care about relegation so long as they get to complete the season and get European places sorted out. It shouldn’t happen but there seems to be such a determination to get it finished that even players testing positive won’t get in the way!
  17. I wonder if they will have the fireworks display when Liverpool win the title or someone wins the EFL championship? The players can all jump about celebrating, two metres from each other wearing face masks, in an empty neutral stadium. I guess at least the noise of the fireworks will drown out any badly timed sounds from passing ambulances. For goodness sake call it off. I’d rather we were relegated with it called off than stay up on the back of this proposal. Nauseating.
  18. I understand the public is desperate to get football back," said Murray. I’m sorry but I just don’t think that’s true or fair. It’s the EPL and Sky that are desperate.
  19. Take your point but Carragher is paid by Sky and he has the opposite view
  20. Blocked him too Crafty after being falsely accused of something I find repulsive. The only poster I have ever blocked and it really didn’t sit comfortably with me at all. However I have to say that the result has been that threads are more interesting, informative and flow so much better without his constant diversions and self aggrandisement.
  21. Totally agree KG. If I’d had my way it would have happened some time ago. I’m hoping that the French decision will result in PSG having to pull out of the CL and that will be the catalyst, at last, for UEFA to wake up and understand the enormity of the situation.
  22. Agree with you that UEFA’s request is not enforceable Purple but I can’t see how a major league would benefit by ignoring it. Someone has to qualify so what other method of deciding is there other than some sort of league table?
  23. Producing a league table by whatever method is needed to meet UEFA’s stipulation that qualification for next season’s CL and Europa League must be decided based on performances on the field. Doesn’t mean teams at the bottom of a contrived table would necessarily be relegated, especially if the EFL fail to finish which seems more likely by the day.
  24. Big thing with the French decision is that PSG now cannot play their Champions League Quarter Final before September. Way after UEFA’s plan to play the final on 29th (?) August. Do they now withdraw from the CL or play their home leg outside France? Where is the integrity of the CL competition after this?
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