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  1. Yeah. That's my view with Scottish players, too. They're too unwilling to leave the comfort and the safety of their own country. It's kinda changed recently, as there are a few Scots playing abroad. But it's still a factor. You know, it's exactly the same, but not just with Serie A. I love Steve Clarke as he's done wonders, but when a Scottish player moves out of the UK it's like they drop off the edge of the World. Yeah. It's true. The downside about having the richest league in the world is that some young players can have too much, too soon, and it sucks their drive and desire. Exactly right and exactly my point. Another drawback about having the richest league in the world is that every player wants to play there, which marginalised the young English players. The EPL get credit for their "homegrown rule", but it's not what it seem. A "homegrown" player could come from anywhere, as long as they're under 21 and been at a UK (or English) club for three years.
  2. Wait. Are you comparing the foreign percentage of the EPL to the foreign percentage of the SPL? I apologies. I wasn't clear. I was comparing the foreign percentage of the EPL to the foreign percentage of equivalent leagues (La Liga, Serie A, etc) Comparing the EPL to the SPL is akin to comparing Andy Murray to Tim Henman. But I take it as a backhanded compliment that you'd put the SPL in the narrative. It's no secret that foreign players cut their teeth and learn their trade in their own league, before expanding their horizons in the EPL. It's actually one of the reasons why England struggle against the major teams. That's what the f*uck I'm talking about. Oh cool. Enzo Fernández is joining Chelsea. Seven months ago he was worth £10m, now he's worth £115m. Makes sense...
  3. No. I get it. I do miss English football when it was all home owned , though.
  4. In fairness, you could say that Scottish football has its soul intact. The EPL is about 85% foreign owned. American and Middle Eastern owners make up the majority. The trade-off? Being able to over-spend on players. £100m for Grealish whose main trick in doing a jig with the ball be before he gets tackled. £50m for a striker who scored 10 goals in 56 (Timo Werner), etc. It's not a worthy trade off for having owners whose morality and laws are highly questionable. And that's even before I mention that the numbers of English players that make up EPL clubs is 35%. And that will shrink once Newcastle start splurging. A farmer's league vs an Oil league. Excuse me whilst I feed the Pigs.
  5. Yeah. As do I. I do miss 90s EPL when there were pretty much no foreign owners. No. I get it. I wouldn't totally disagree. I think the best thing about it is that the fans can still relate to the clubs. About Cantwell. I don’t know. Kent is a player of a similar standard and he's been off the boil for two seasons now. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Cantwell.
  6. In fairness, an English football fan dissing/evaluating Scottish football is akin to Elon Musk mocking a Supermarket shelf-stacker's residence.
  7. To TheDarkKnight mobile! Barron would be a cracking signing for Norwich, though.
  8. Staying with Aberdeen, have you heard of Connor Barron? 19 years. His next move will be the championship and probably the EPL. But saying that, Bologna and Lazio have been scouting him. There's a few Scots in Serie A now. I'd say the same for Jack Mackenzie. They also produced young Calvin Ramsay (Now at Liverpool). Aberdeen also polished James Maddison. How about the players who have graduated from the Scottish football: Ryan Fraser, Virgin van Dijk, Schmeichel, Krull, Andrew Robertson, Kieran Tierney, Scott McKenna, John McGinn, Doak, Patterson, Aaron Hickey, etc. And let's not forget that players like Aaron Ramsay, Amado Diallo, Teemu Pukku flopped. I'm not saying the SPL is good. God I'm not saying that! But it's a tough School. And let's just say that is still has its soul.
  9. Wouldn't it be more **** if he scored 29 in 29 games? It's Championship standard.... without the money.
  10. Who wrote the scrips? Hancock being a comedian probably had a hand in it. It also happened with Leigh Francis (Keith Leon) apologising to Craid David for doing black face. However, David didn't accept the apology. He only thought it was done to save Francis from being cancelled. Yes. Davidson is like s real life Alf Garnett.
  11. Talking of "They think it's all over". There are similarities between Baddiel and Skinner targeting Jason Lee and Nick Hancock going after Nick Chadwick. Hancock and the show going after Chadwick was a weekly thing. And for what reason? His appearance. I'd say the making fun of Jason Lee was more justified. Yes, the song was about his hair, but the majority of the mockery was because he was a bad finisher. Regardless, i was never a fan of that show. I'm not a fan of scripted celebrity panel shows.
  12. Explain. If you want to debate or dissect anything that I've said about Gilmour, please feel free. I back up everything I say with facts. If he was at Norwich right now he would be in the starting XI. As he was last season.
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