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  1. kick it off

    Who could the mystery man be??

    [quote user="ipswichrscum"]

    is this a joke ....??

    benjani. what sort of a reason is ''top scorer in the prem'' as to why he would come here on loan. dear god how stupid can you get.

    eduardo. cost 9 million didnt he? getting games in the side who are top of the league, yeh good one.

    robbie keane. the same robbie keane that is in top form scoring and assisting many goals in spurs first team ... yeh you might be onto something there ... not.



    How stupid can u get indeed? its quite obviously a joke. i somehow dont think the poster was being serious when this was suggested. it was a lighthearted thread condemned with vitriol and suspicion!! grow up! it was just a joke!!

  2. kick it off

    ditch the cruddy entrance music now!!!

    Oh yeah just thought of some more -Pulse by Mad capsule markets             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMnLIJSY1vYI like the idea of Buck Rodgers by FeederPrayer by Disturbed           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uc65zmJslATeen spirit by Nirvana
  3. kick it off

    ditch the cruddy entrance music now!!!

    I concur Lucky Green - clubfoot is a shocking song for a team to come out to, but also have to say the choice was shocking....we will rock you is far to cheesy - id be expecting good old john fashanu to come out (maybe in a cheeky tweed jacket!) and introduce the gladiators...Hang on, thats not a bad idea!! Introduce the players one by one, as if they were gladiators....maybe give them some helmets - a few swords here and there, and maybe, we''d have half a chance.But back to the point - Faithless - Insomnia is a great choice, it was our tune in the promotion season but i think its had its time now, and lots of other clubs use it.I think two tribes is a great shout - think it would work really well.Other possibilities: ''See who I am'' by Within Temptation (My fave choice!!)        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=636546BAt0UAdagio for strings - (original, william orbit, or tiesto mix!)Killer - Seal (Adamski remix)It''s my turn - AngelicBeast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJwllkUwB90
  4. Colchester in Dec is on sky.
  5. kick it off


    Its definitely a possibilty....i think i''d rather have Ameobi or Zamora but would be happy with Roberts..... Imagine if it was Roberts AND Ameobi/Zamora - i would be ecstatic!!
  6. kick it off

    city in turmoil

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Wow you''ve really opened my eyes, here was me thinking that bottom of the league was a great position for a club of our stature. clearly I was mistaken. Thank you so much for making me realise the truth with this elaborate and well thought out post.Confused [8-)]
  7. kick it off

    Bring Back Jarvis and Bally Smart NOW

    Bally Smart could be a very useful player for us. I think he is too lightweight to be starting games - but as an IMPACT PLAYER.....Now thats a different story!!!!

    To have him on the bench to bring on with 20/25mins left when theres a few tired legs would be a good plan imo.

    Hes quick, skillful and not afraid to take players on, he''d certainly get a few chances, whether he converts them is a different matter though!!

    He would also enable us to play a different way - playing balls on the floor in behind, for him to run onto....this is however of course dependant on us being able to find that creative midfielder who can find the killer ball!!!

  8. kick it off

    just imagine if....

    This post is ridiculous.

    Everybody always says this. WHY would we have signed Ashton at start of prem season? he was just another promising youngster. he''d never done anything of note. the reason we signed him in Jan was because he had scored 19goals at that point and was in the form of his life.

     If Ashton had fired us up the league then why would we have sacked worthy at christmas?!


    I''m against prudence with ambition but this is just making things up to have a go at the board. I want delia out, but more because of the way the board have acted since we came down. i don''t think Worthy was buying the right players prem season, so i think it would have been wasted money. Ashton obviously the exception to that, but Matthias Jonson, Helveg etc. But since then we''ve sold our best player every season since, this year we''ve sold our 3best - without that money having been given back for transfers we are going to be a worse side. im just hoping they back Roeder in Jan!!


  9. kick it off

    Loan Signings

    not a clever ploy - their first choice CB De Merit got injured on sat. Boothroyd had extended Jackson''s loan on fri!!!
  10. kick it off

    Whens the open top bus parade?

    Im surprised at the scummer''s bravery - showing his face on a NCFC board after his team were ripped apart by us today, and even more so considering the silence from their fans almost thru-out the game..... apart from waving wads of (probably stolen) cash before kick off, what did your fans actually do, apart from sit and look inbred?


    And i believe the chant goes "2-0 and u *ed it up...."


    it''s what the magnificent norwich support were singing after we equalised with a LEGITIMATE goal against you cheating little binner tw@ts.....


    And from where i was sitting it looked to me as if u got torn apart time and again by a team bottom of the league who''ve lost 7 in 8 (9 now) and if it wasn''t for some lacklustre finishing we could have had 5 or 6...... Remember now?


    And smudger (is it smudger or scummer? they seem to be one and the same) you, if indeed you are a city fan are a *ing disgrace. Yeah ok, we aren''t world beaters but surely a performance like that deserves some optimism as if we continue like that then we should be safe from relegation....although, i believe u did say u would be cheering the binners on today as u think it will bring down delia. I want Delia out as much as the next person, but A) it would not happen just cuz we lost a derby and B) Anyone who can cheer the scum on against us deserves to be shot.

    No-one cares what you think (except twosheds and cluck) and no-one wants to hear your *ing bull* comments after a brilliant performance. I respect everyone''s right to speech - but some people abuse it, and you are one of them. So why dont u either piss off back down to Portman Road or shut the * up.

  11. kick it off

    1 game does not make the season!

    agreed jas but i think we did ourselves proud today, and whilst it may only be one game, its a bloody good start. only time will tell but if we play like that all season, we wont get turned over too many times...
  12. kick it off

    tell you one thing

    He just about shaded my MOM over Russell and Chadders....looked top today, broke up numerous scum attacks, and didnt let much past him.....lightweight? your having a laugh......I was at molineux and agree he was horrific......but so were the other 10players who played that day. If Brellier keeps performing like he did today then he could potentially be our new Safri - minus the ANC and Ramadan
  13. kick it off

    Pride of East Anglia once again....

    [quote user="Baggie"]

    Great....The players perform for ONE game......... Why haven''t they played like this before ??? It''s no good doing it only when a big game comes up !!

    and lets be honest, It''s still hard to call ourselves Nof Anglia when bottom of the league and one good performance.................



    No but its 100% better than we have been all season. The fact is that we DID perform in one game, for the first time this campaign, You''re right it is no good doing it only when a big game comes up but Roeder has got to make sure we continue in the same vein.....


    We are the pride of Anglia - we outplayed a team 4th in the league, we ripped the scum to shreds and were very unlucky not to win it......We outsung the scum, stayed behind the players for 94mins, Take what u want from the game, but i will take immense pride from our performance and if it wasnt for the binners cheating AGAIN we would have won it, The players should have no shame today as they have been phenomenal.


  14. kick it off

    Pride of East Anglia once again....

    Wow. what a performance, well done Glenn Roeder, what a debut..... Martin Taylor looked inspired - and Shacks looked better with Tiny next to him....I have not a bad word to say about any of the players today, Hucks should never have been sent off, Brellier was MOM for me, Chadwick was a different player....2-0 down at half time but we didnt let our heads drop, Fans were magnificent.


    What a different team.....Curo was magnificent, im so chuffed for him, Lappin was fantastic, cant even transfer into words how different today was, the passion the players showed was top notch.....Their second goal never was...Cheating binner twats.....Hartson looked immobile but when he got the ball he F***ing used it..... Russell looked a class above.


    Absolutely blinding, we have all performed today, the fans, the players, the management......Bring on the Great escape......We love you Norwich, we do.....

    Curo missed two gilt edged chances and it didnt affect him at all and what a fantastic finish....

    We really have proved why we are the pride of East Anglia today


    KICK IT OFFFF.......

  15. Smudger - you have once again outdone yourself.....i never thought i would hear a city fan say they would cheer us losing to the scum.but then again you arent a real norwich fan are u? you are in fact a binner. just F**k off back to Portman Road, thats where low-lives like you belong.....you are, in my humble opinion, worse than the average scummer, and to make that clear for you, i hold the average scummer in the lowest regard i had possible. i respect everyone''s right to speech, but some people honestly just abuse freedom of speech by spouting off the ridiculous sh** you do.
  16. kick it off

    ipswich hotel?

    does anyone know whether theyre in the marriott or dunstan? late night phone calls will do the job i think...
  17. Indy.... FANTASTIC POST! Back of the net!! Roeder is a great appointment, regardless of what smudger and co would have us believe....The start to the Roeder era has been good and solid, and we know have a base from which to build upon.....If im wrong and it is a disaster, i will hold my hands up, but i would rather have believed and been wrong then never believed at all....We need a united front against the scum and we need to create a massive atmosphere to shut the binners up.....COME ON YOU YELLOWS
  18. kick it off

    Team vs Ipswich?

    No Brown? he will defo at least get on the bench - think your starting lineup is pretty spot on tho.....maybe GR will put Brellier in instead of russell? hopefully Chadwick wont be anywhere near the team.....although he does have a good record against the scum - played 1, scored 1 - as long as he doesnt try to mount the hoardings again!

  19. kick it off

    Favourite Derby Day Moments....

    Just wondering what everyone''s favourite moments are against the Scum.......

    My personal favourite is a galvanised Leon Mckenzie, on his debut, putting 2past them to take us top of the league at Portman Road, i couldn''t have scripted that better myself - it had a very majestic poetry about it!!

    Also - Andy Johnson scoring a brace in around 1996 i think

    I''m not old enough to remember unfortunately (being only 20) - but have seen the highlights of us doing the binners in the Milk Cup semi-final.


  20. kick it off

    Scum game tomorrow - official thread

    Call me optimistic, but i genuinely think we could beat the scum tomorrow. We NEED a cauldron in Carrow Road, wouldn''t mind seeing Tiny snap a few of their players - not least one Mr Danny "Maradonna hand of god" Haynes, Hucks to play a blinder now he''s got a manager behind him but not on his back all the time...

    We need a united front here, i honestly believe that Roeder could be the man to take us forwards, starting by hammering the thieving binners.....



  21. kick it off

    All I really want to know is...

    and all I really want to know is

    A: what is a scummer doing on here?

    B:how is it legal for a football club to RIP OFF all the local businesses that sponsored them in a time of need?

    C: Why is he so interested in the fairy? unhealthy obsession one thinks...

    D: As all binners are illiterate, who typed this out for him?

    E: How many people are actually still boycotting? i cant imagine many


  22. my mistake, there is no loink to that article - it was confirmed by one of their coaches tho, il try and dig a link up
  23. Jas - they are away at sheff utd on tuesday so are staying in a hotel in norwich apparently to avoid traffic etc wearing the precious little binners out - its all on the link poested at top of the thread.... If only i was in norwich this weekend, love a good fire alarm at 3am i do!!
  24. Sorry but thought this required a new thread.....

    Was reading the paper today (Daily Mail - not my choice of journo..) but in the sports section had a piece, as did most papers, about the scum takeover.....

    Whilst we may have had a paedo''s lawyer (who is also representing Robert Murat in the Madeleine case i believe) trying to invest in our fine club, the man who''s taken over at the binners is scarcely less controversial...

    His company apparently (according to the DM) rip off sports fans.... an example quoted was his executive package to watch the PGA Open with the promise of a view from the hotel over the 18th green.....he neglected to tell the customer that the green was actually on a neighbouring golf course and not the one the open was being played upon. He is still involved in selling tickets (touting) online and his spokesman - Richard Constante - had this laughable comment...quote source - 1st Nov Daily Mail "We prefer to call it selling tickets on the secondary market, which is entirely legal, rather than the black market"

    Sheepshanks response...."Our extensive research has shown him to be in every respect an appropriate person to become our lead shareholder."

    he has also bid for the daily mirror but wopuld appear to be a moneygrabbing sham of a man - i hope he takes the scum for the little they are worth - him and the binners is a marriage made in heaven (http://www.moneyweek.com/file/22958/who-is-the-mystery-bidder-for-the-daily-mirror.html)

  25. kick it off

    Would you vote for him?

    "With his easy style on the stump, deep religious convictions, and comic timing, he may yet make it a five-way race for the Republican nomination"

    This is the ABCnews verdict on their ''buzzmaker of the week''.....


    Who happens to be one Mr Huckabee.....


    Ok  i know the spelling is not the same, but it got me thinking - who out of our players, managers or board members past or present would make good politicians?

    At least it may help to alleviate the mid-manager constant rumour situ, if only for a little while....


    Im nominating a certain Mr N Doncaster - his spin would put Blair to shame, in fact i believe it would be true to say his spin is stronger than Shane Warne......I however would most certainly not be voting for him.