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  1. Hard not to adore Onel 💛💚 The bit where he’s trying to persuade Nunez to have a coffee made me chuckle ☕️
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/arsenal-edu-norwich-arteta-transfers-31126831 Another article that links into the Goal one. States that Knapper was eventually tipped to replace Edu. Either way, the more I read about him the more I can understand why we chose him.
  3. Actually made me miss him a bit. Love that 🤣
  4. Exact same thoughts. Watched it back a few times with my son and both enjoyed it thoroughly. Would have loved it if it went in. Very encouraging though
  5. Exactly. Also hopeful Ogwuru could be fast-tracked a la Fisher and Warner is still around the first team squad for now.
  6. Stolen from Twitter/X and added to the ‘rate our window’ thread, but I must say it looks better this way. Midfield especially.
  7. Stolen from Twitter/X. Must say it looks decent to me, particularly midfield.
  8. Only thing I’m confused by is Batth being right-footed and us supposedly wanting a left-footed/left-sided CB..
  9. Jonson and Helveg too. Such a great opportunity that season. Ashton not being signed earlier was the killer though.
  10. I reckon Linvoy Primus and Craig Mackail Smith double signing before the window slams shut to make the fans go crazy
  11. I’ve jinxed it haven’t I? 😂 We’ve had a great transfer window so far so I’m keeping the faith 💪🏽💛💚
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