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  1. He’s a loyal man so not concerned at all.
  2. Good job Daniel is a loyal man and will see out his contract
  3. That season always springs to my mind. I remember watching Leicester throughout that season and thinking “they’re playing too well to be relegated” and this is the sort of thing I’m hearing about us from other people. However, I just have a horrible feeling it’s too little, too late for us and we’ll either cack out completely or we’ll end up agonisingly close, but ultimately down. Praying I’m wrong and miracles are made
  4. Will be incredibly surprised and disappointed if we get any less than £30-35m given his contract length, obvious talent at this level, further future potential and supposed interest from every top club in the country. Don’t for one minute believe Webber would allow it either. He’s a clever man
  5. Saturday 22nd October 1994 Norwich 4 - 2 QPR Goals from Bowen, Robins, Sheron and an own goal apparently. I went as part of a school trip with St. Williams Primary and remember the elation of winning. Can’t say I remember much of the action itself though! Despite a father that supported Man Utd (even bought me a united lunchbox!) and most classmates supporting more glamorous teams I couldn’t help, but love Norwich right from the beginning. It was my city, so it was my team :)
  6. Sent back the regular fit shirt as it was so wide at the bottom. Got the player fit one delivered to where we’re staying on holiday and it’s much better. Not like the crazy “muscle fit” shirts some teams do. Definitely loving the look of the new kit
  7. Looks a lot lighter in colour here. Out of interest, anyone bother with these ‘player fit’ shirts? Must be selling fairly well as some of the sizes are sold out already (standard and ‘player fit’)
  8. Good move for him. Clear out a few more like Nelson and hopefully we’ll replace with some more exciting prospects. That will do nicely
  9. I remember a Gateway/Gateways? on Plumstead Road when I was a kid.. before it became a Safeway I think.. good times. Couldn’t beat that model shop further down the road though
  10. A good watch. Both came across very well and I must say it makes me feel proud to have these two looking after the club’s interests. Very glad that their faith in SW (and then DF) has been rewarded
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