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  1. York Canary

    Gateway is back

    I remember a Gateway/Gateways? on Plumstead Road when I was a kid.. before it became a Safeway I think.. good times. Couldn’t beat that model shop further down the road though
  2. York Canary

    So pleased for these two club legends...

    A good watch. Both came across very well and I must say it makes me feel proud to have these two looking after the club’s interests. Very glad that their faith in SW (and then DF) has been rewarded
  3. York Canary

    Bielsa trying to pronounce Ipswich

    This has made my day. Nearly cried
  4. York Canary

    Countdown to kick off

    Working nights, which in some ways is good as it means I’ll be asleep most of the morning and early afternoon so less time to worry.. unless Norwich give me nightmares, which is entirely possible!
  5. York Canary

    Leeds or Sheff Utd and who else?

    If Carlsberg did football scenarios..
  6. York Canary

    Daniel Farke not happy

    I saw this and hoped the camera would pan to the other party, but no luck. Wondered if it was someone like Boyd who had a couple of run-ins with Max. Who knows
  7. York Canary

    Can't sleep, Can we throw it all away!!!!!!?

    Must say I found it very difficult to get over that Reading equaliser at the death. Definitely didn’t sleep well that night and it still annoys me, but I’m sure the players felt much worse. That equaliser against Wigan has gone some way to restoring some calmness and I’ve got a feeling we’ll see a slightly different lineup/formation for the next game, which will hopefully bring a touch more control and creativity. Feeling positive
  8. Good old York. Most of those transfers have been loans I believe. They certainly need them to start performing or things are going to be very, very bad and they will be moving into a nice, big, shiny new stadium whilst playing non-league football
  9. York Canary

    Alex Neil "one or two more"

    Alex previously spoke about the Jarvis signing adding pace to opposite flank so I can''t see him wanting to sell the only pace on the right side.

    More importantly, in money terms Nathan still has the most potential to be an extremely valuable asset. One decent run of performances and suddenly his value will rocket in my opinion. He''s young, British, a starter and standout performer for the England under 21''s, a Premier League regular, pacy, tricky, decent shot etc. One decent run of form and he will be firmly back in the spotlight and there will be rumours galore. Then if we have to sell him, it will at least be for top dollar.
  10. York Canary

    Well done Giallanza

    [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]Yes well done Giallanza, who else does he have on his books he could point in our direction, any strikers ?[/quote]

    According to Transfermarket he Giallanza Sport (his company) has these players:

    Fabian Frei

    Central Midfield

    Switzerland 27 1.FSV Mainz 05 2019 £3.50m

    Timm Klose

    Centre Back


    Germany 27 Norwich City 2019 £2.10m

    Geoffrey Tréand

    Right Wing

    France 30 FC St. Gallen 2016 £525k

    Gilles Yapi

    Central Midfield

    Cote d''Ivoire 33 FC Zürich 2016 £350k

    Oliver Bozanic

    Central Midfield


    Slovenia 27 Melbourne Victory - £350k

    Philippe Koch


    Switzerland 24 FC Zürich 2016 £350k

    Nico Abegglen

    Centre Forward

    Switzerland 25 FC Wohlen 2017 £210k

    Matias Vitkieviez

    Right Wing


    Uruguay 30 Servette FC 2018 £105k

    Scott Chipperfield

    Left Midfield


    Can''t say I know anything about any of them

  11. York Canary

    Deeney & Ighalo

    4 losses in a row for them apparently. Pretty sure they play Newcastle next too.. Could be interesting.
  12. York Canary

    The real Steven Naismith

    I want him at the club even more now. He sounds like the absolute epitome of how people in general (not just footballers) should be.
  13. York Canary

    Klose done

    [quote user="Darth Bor"]His nose suggests he''s up for a scrap.  I like it.

    Looks like a ''proper'' defender doesn''t he? lol
  14. York Canary

    New Directors - Official Announcement

    I can understand the new Stephen Fry role.

    However, I have no idea how we''ll immediately benefit from Mr Smith joining as a Director. It sounds like a nice little apprenticeship for him either way. At least he''s a fan and maybe he''ll become important in the future.

    Looks like Delia is ensuring that someone ''inherits'' her club position anyway:P
  15. York Canary

    Ncfc is ok

    [quote user="mr footy"]Norwich are a ok club doing ok in this league. We have ok owners and ok ground.Players are ok not great but ok.At start of season it would be ok to finish fourth bottom.We are on course to do this, just.To get to next level ie good not ok team is going to take time. Not to sure many fans Ok with that![/quote]

    Lol. I''m ok with this post