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  1. Live in US. Paid for season pass. Very annoyed can't watch this. Wish someone had link for some stream out there....
  2. Hey all Trying again. If anyone can't make the Villa game and wants to sell me their ticket, I would love it. Coming in from the US to see it and club says everything, including hospitality, are sold out. I can pick up tickets from the Holiday Inn and leave the card there if need be. Whatever works for you.... Thanks! DM me please.
  3. Hello all I'm coming to the UK from New York and will be in Norwich for the Villa game. Am hoping someone who can't make it to the game can sell me their ticket! I rang the club and its sold out. Maybe some buybacks will happen closer in but that's a bit risky! I am a member...dunno if that makes it easier to transfer a ticket to me but anyway, if anyone can help, please let me know! Thanks!!
  4. I was able to call the club yesterday and get a ticket that was returned. There was one more available at the time. With the weather the way it will be up there, you might find some more getting returned!
  5. Hello all Making pilgrimage to Carrow Road from the US for Swansea on March 8. Hoping someone has a ticket they can sell me...have only been a few times and never sat in the Barclay...would love to do that! Anyway, maybe a Season Ticket holder cant make it since its Friday night and would be OK with me buying it... Feel free to PM me! Thanks!
  6. Yes having same porblem. Link turned up briefly and then disappeared after video stopped. Infuriating.
  7. Laughable watching Martin and Naismith yelling instructions to the other players. Why would they listen when you two are the worst players on the pitch.
  8. Martin out. Naismith out. Terrible decision making. Terrible defending. Terrible passing. Both just need to stop getting minutes. Farke - please take note.
  9. If true, a complete disaster. Have been generally OK with all departures so far, given player''s desires and whatnot but Nelson was our #9. The guy to fire the goals to get us back up. It just cannot be true. All the optimism for this coming season would go out the door if true.
  10. Useless. I''m watching this on TV here in the US and its abysmal. McGovern useless (Ruddy is ALWAYS better than this guy) Bennett useless (first goal carbon copy of 2nd villa goal) Martin useless Tettey cannot pass the ball forward and when he does, it goes to the opposition Whittaker useless Naismith past it No movement off the ball. No one for Pritchard to partner with. Useless. Useless. USELESS. Its just pathetic.
  11. [quote user="Woodman"]Have Sunderland sold out their entire allocation? I know its an important game, but that''s some dedication for a 12.45 kick off![/quote]Reports certainly suggest they have sold out thier allocation.  I guess their fans think thats better than travelling to Ipswich for a midweek game in the winter...
  12. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="TIL 1010"]Inner Circle meetings are held post match not pre match.[/quote]Yes, but - certain posters meet before the game........[/quote]What''s the address of said pre-match meeting?  I get in around 9am and have nothing to do till 1245....
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