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  1. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]I am sure late wins under lambert were celebrated rather than bemoaned??[/quote]Great point! This was a Lambert win, through and through! Sometimes people forget, through the messianic haze surrounding Paul Lambert, that he liked to do things the hard way!
  2. [quote user="ricardo"]More than a few disappointed posters on here tonight who are still waiting by the guillotine but the tumbril hasn''t turned up yet.There''s bound to be a defeat just round the corner to wind you back up again. [/quote]I''m really happy that we''ve just won. I feel really quite sorry for Norwich fans who primarily see the negatives in us winning.
  3. [quote user="Salopian"]Agreed. A win is welcome, and the team played with more commitment, if lacking skill. It doesn''t change my feeling that Hughton should go. Hull were poor, allowed us 23 attempts at goal, but only three of them were directed on target, and the winner was scored by a defender![/quote]Or alternatively:you could say"wasn''t it great to see us get so many attempts on goal, and to see that our defenders will take the pressure off the strikers by chipping in with goals"Unfortunately, there seems to be a negative spin on everything at the moment. This cycle of negativity from fans is a little tiring.
  4. [quote user="lake district canary"]You misread my posts, accuse me of not going to any games, called me a nazi, called me a muppet, accused me of being a hypocrite, which is actually quite funny coming from you.  You attack me because I dare to suggest that some people are enjoying the turmoil on here - what''s the matter did I get a little too near the truth?   I have a differing view to you - is that too hard to take?But in short...........just who in h*ll do you think you are?? [/quote]Hear hear.
  5. [quote user="lake district canary"]There are some people who thrive on controversy and getting empty victories because it makes them feel good - it boosts their ego for about 5 minutes.  Then because of the bad feeling and  divisiveness that has been engineered by them the situation carries on getting worse - the club gets pulled apart and the bad feeling ends up affecting the players.   I don''t think this is fantasy, every club has its characteristics based on its fans and history.   Fans went overboard with Worthy - and look what happened.   Fans went overboard over Chase - and look what happened.  I fear the same is happening again.  The club, not living up to the expectation of fans, is becoming divided again.  What upsets me the most about this is that it is unnecessary.   We are - whatever you think about Hughton -  in the middle of a battle of ten clubs - and  to me we could go either way.     The mettle of the players will show itself as we go through to the end of the season - and I believe they have the mental strength to keep us up.    Its the players that have to play and get us away from near the bottom of the table.  Not Hughton. But all the Hughton stuff is just ruining our chances imo.    People focusing all their energy at the destruction of Hughton''s poisition are actually making it harder for the players, not easier.   I have said previously its about keeping your nerve.   I hope the board holds its nerve and the players respond because if the egos that appear at these times get their way it will be  to the detriment of the club, not its improvement.  We saw an almighty turn around in League One.  We saw what a great club we can be when everyone pulls together.   It doesn''t last though as some people are just waiting to wrench  it apart again and will do at the earliest possibility.  The season is poised  and we have to pull together.  But some are intent on pulling the season apart. Shame on you.  [/quote]I pretty much entirely agree with you, LDC. We may be in the minority, but that doesn''t mean that we''re wrong.We are going through a difficult period at the moment but that doesn''t mean that replacing the manager is the key. It would be one step forward, many steps back. LDC is right - the odds are that replacing Hughton now would damage the club.We have just had two very bad away performances, but nothing to say that Hughton has lost the dressing roomThe only situation in which replacing the manager at this part of the season would be justified would be if Hughton had lost the dressing room. No evidence of that. We were awful on Tues night, but that was the cup. Lots of people saying beforehand that they didn''t care about the cup (not me, incidentally - I was bitterly disappointed because I''d love a cup run).If we get relegated, I will still hold steadfast to this opinion. It''s a lottery this season, and we just have to hold our nerves. There are 10 other clubs where things are just as nervy as they are here. Changing the manager now would throw us into freefall. Hughton is still our best chance of survival.There is only one (realistic) managerial appointment I can think of that we might have got in quarter / halfway through the season this year who would have been guaranteed of such a likelihood of keeping us up that replacing Hughton with him could have been justifiable. That man is Tony Pulis, which would have been an unpopular choice, including with me. Who else? I can''t think of anyone else who would have any more of an impact to ensure our survival than continuity would. There are particular types of managers who can change things at a club in a short period of time, but they are the Keanes, the Pulises, the di Canios and the Roeders of this world - men who shout at players a lot and get things changed that way, before things implode soon after.If McNally chose to replace Hughton with a different manager at the end of the season because he felt Hughton was not the man to change our play, make us more exciting and take us forward, then I would be for a change.I appreciate that my views might not be the most popular, but I would appreciate if you did not respond to them with cheap insults the way many of you have to LDC, who, in my opinion, has not said anything offensive or condescending - certainly compared to the vitriol which has been thrown at him.
  6. [quote user="Carra Rud"][quote user="Kolin Kob"]ridiculous post.https://twitter.com/elgalgojonas/status/340277217009487872/photo/1. yeah, what a lardass! Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic to be slating a clearly non-fat player for being fat before he''s even played a game.[/quote]To be fair that was taken in May last year a lot of pork pies can be consumed and thus lard generated in 8 months just ask Holty [:D][/quote]7th January - still not fat: https://twitter.com/elgalgojonas/status/420664554449031168/photo/1
  7. [quote user="Kolin Kob"]ridiculous post.https://twitter.com/elgalgojonas/status/340277217009487872/photo/1. yeah, what a lardass! Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic to be slating a clearly non-fat player for being fat before he''s even played a game.[/quote]correct link here: https://twitter.com/elgalgojonas/status/340277217009487872/photo/1
  8. ridiculous post.https://twitter.com/elgalgojonas/status/340277217009487872/photo/1. yeah, what a lardass! Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic to be slating a clearly non-fat player for being fat before he''s even played a game.
  9. I think Gutierrez is an excellent signing and exactly the kind of player we should go for right now.The following things I am pleased about:1) he is signing early in the transfer window, which gives him more of a chance to find his feet. Timing is crucial.2) we have a lot of players in the midfield who have struggled with niggling injuries or more serious ones this season, so we could do with more cover across the midfield in general. We are likely to struggle with injuries more as the season goes on and people get tired. As discussed here already, Gutierrez can probably play on either wing or as a defensive or attacking midfield player. Plus as a full-back. And not a stop-gap fullback either - he''s played for Argentina as a full-back!3) he''s worked with Chris Hughton before, which will mean that he will fit easier into his way of coaching with a much shorter bedding-in period. This is crucial when we need a player who will hit the ground running.4) battling qualities - something he clearly has. he''s a likeable tryer who will be good for squad (and maybe even fan?) morale.5) experience - we don''t have many players experienced with a Prem League bottom-half battle. Now we have one more. Good.6) while we have good wingers, we have mostly YOUNG wingers. Redmond and the Murphys are great, but still prone to errors and dubious decision-making and not quite the players we want to be playing every game yet. bennett and Pilkington are injured. We''re relying a lot on Snodgrass staying fit.There are a few criticisms others have made which I really feel are off the mark:1) Reggie says "he won''t even feature tomorrow and will be on the bench on Saturday" - good! a new signing should really fight his way into the team. Otherwise it upsets the applecart. Plus, he''s not played a great deal this season, so maybe is not at 100% match sharpness - same as would be the case with most other players we would sign at this point in the season (mostly players out of favour at other clubs).2) He''s slow - yes, he''s not known for his speed - but we have players who are speedmerchants already, and so this gives us a range of options and allows us to switch around our play3) he doesn''t score - no, he doesn''t. But we need a player who will provide chances for our strikers, not a player who will score himself. Hooper and van Wolfswinkel CAN score, but they''ve struggled for service.4) Indy wrote: "boring signing with little to get excited about" - NO. Juan Velasco was a boring signing with little to get excited about. Chris Killen was a boring signing with little to get excited about. Chris Brown was a boring signing with little to get excited about. Don''t forget how far Norwich have come.
  10. I thought this one was more relevant to NCFC at the moment: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/sport/sport-headlines/west-brom-pretty-sure-new-manager-will-solve-all-their-problems-2013121682069
  11. alartz said: "I think sell him. Too injury prone."RollesbyCanary said: "he never even manages half a season"vos said: "Very injury prone"Making Plans said: "crocked more often than not"Hexus_Canary said: "his constant injuries make me slide toward the move him on camp"I think this whole "crock" theory about Pilkington is largely exaggerated nonsense, and a typical example of enough people saying the same thing until it appears to be true. It''s actually not.Anthony Pilkington career appearances:2006-07:     242007-08:     372008-09:     462009-10:     512010-11:     402011-12:     322012-13:     33
  12. Best goals per game record has been....Dani Ayala5 games, 3 goals!
  13. We didn''t get a Leeds player in the last transfer window so we should go for at least 2 Leeds players this window.As it happens their two best players are both young defenders, and defenders who can play a variety of positions, which would be excellent - Sam Byram and Tom Lees.It may sound like I am just having a joke with this post, but I do genuinely think these are 2 players Chris Hughton ought to go for.
  14. I''d like to see us go for Micah Richards on loan to add competition across the back line. The defence would be most vulnerable to a succession of injuries as we only have 7 defenders.
  15. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"] He has marginalised our back up options and made it easy for the first choice to keep their place. [/quote]Simply not true.Last season this was the case (and was something that annoyed me), but this season which outfield players have not been given a chance? (aside from Becchio)
  16. [quote user="CambridgeCanary"]Ok, those who want him gone have plenty of threads to make their point so by all means laugh at us but please don''t bother posting. I want to see just how strong the support for sticking with our manager is. So, I hope that only yes votes will appear please. I know it''s not just me. Anyone else want to own up? Reasons optional. Abuse and derision very likely.[/quote]I would like to see us keep Chris Hughton because:1) I feel confident he will keep us up, based on our results so far, and the fact he managed to keep us up last year with similar tactics2) He is level-headed and seems unlikely to be affected by pressure, as Ian Holloway (Blackpool/Palace) or Martin Jol (Fulham) or Mark Hughes (QPR) were3) He concentrates on the matches that matter most to get points. It''s not particularly satisfying, but it works4) I like him as a person (not a major reason!)5) I am not aware of any better realistic alternative candidates for the job6) He seems to have the support of the players; unity is arguably the most important thing if we are going to stay up.7) More often than not, changing a manager mid-season does not have the desired effect.I cancelled my away season ticket this year, so I am far from delighted with everything I have seen this season. I''m not blind. But I''m 100% behind Chris Hughton as long as he continues to keep NCFC''s head above water.At some point, the board may decide that a different manager is needed to take the club forward beyond lower mid-table, but now is not the time to chop and change.
  17. [quote user="lincoln canary"]I think he still genuinely believes he can set up with a defensive minded midfield and prevent teams from scoring for 90 minutes. Despite the fact its failed on every occasion this season.[/quote] You should really fact check what you say.As much as we may find this tactic boring and negative, it has worked at Stoke, Southampton and Crystal Palace. And so its got us more than half our points this season.Ironically, our most attacking midfield performance was probably Cardiff - which ended nil-nil!
  18. [quote user="PaulineFowler"]The fact that there was less than 500 fans there last night says all you need to know about the club. The fans just won''t waste their time and money anymore. Carrow Road will still be full but that is only because most people have a season ticket. If the board can''t see the problem they will have selling tickets next season then they are as blinkered as a handful of posters on here who "In hughton they trust"[/quote]A few other factors to take into consideration are:the date of the fixture (Christmas shopping means fans feeling the pinch and proximity to another (more accessible) away game (not many away fans want to make two big trips in 4 days)timing of the match (very hard for most fans to get to after work)our appalling record against Liverpool over the last couple of seasonsI don''t think much can be read into this small attendance at Liverpool.That said, I used to go to most away games, but no longer do. Part of this is because of practicalities. In Hughton I really DO trust, but I don''t trust him to provide entertaining away football. I think he''s very much our best bet to keep us up though.I wouldn''t be surprised to see away attendances continue to fall, but the football on offer for home fans has been better, and so I wouldn''t expect it to be affected much. Season ticket takeup won''t be affected much.
  19. [quote user="Rocket man "]I bet Grant Holt would have played on whether he had minor toe pain or not and that is the difference between holty attitude and the powder puff wolf[/quote]That''s maybe the reason why Grant Holt hasn''t lasted 90 minutes all this season so far!I remember a game against Watford a few years ago in which all the subs were used up and Grant Holt was clearly injured. Half the crowd, myself included, were shouting for him to be taken off the pitch because he looked like he was just going to make his injury so much worse. I suppose that is the best and the worst from Grant Holt at the same time!
  20. [quote user="Rocket man "]I am starting to think he is not a wolf at all but a big girls blouse. Toe injury indeed how long can you have a sore toe for. Bless his little cotton socks[/quote]I am sure these decisions are made in collaboration with the medical team at NCFC. They would not play him with an injured toe and risk a further injury which could keep him out for longer.To suggest that he is wimping out is suggesting an ignorance of the way the human body repairs itself, and the importance of properly healing from niggling injuries rather than exacerbating them.
  21. [quote user="splutcho"]From Twitter - "Let us know if away fans are seated in home areas by giving seat number to customer services. Don''t like it & would like to stop it. pls RT"[/quote]How does anyone prove anything in such cases?What is it that makes you an away fan? There are grey areas - much like the grey areas over what a "fan" is, as shown by this forum at times.Would you be kicked out for smiling or grinning when the opposition scores? Having a wallet with an opposition badge on it? Would it only be for wearing opposition colours? Would it just be for opposition songs? Would a Norwich City fan be allowed to bring his/her Liverpool-supporting wife/husband? Would, say, "I''m Forever Blowing Bubbles" count when West Ham come to Carrow Road, as it isn''t technically a West Ham song or even a football song.There has to be a line drawn somewhere if a policy is drawn up, and I would imagine statements like this are more about currying favour with fans that they are about actually doing something.Too many things make this impossible to police in my opinion, and I don''t think they should try it. Surely there''d be some legal implications as well, no?I''m not asking these questions to be pedantic. I think they''re valid questions.
  22. [quote user="Yellow Wall"]Am I the only one on here who never thinks of Chris Hughton as black, half black or whatever. Personally I could not care if he was white, black, yellow or green. I never think of it or about it. If I discuss him it is about his role as football manager not about whether he is a fat, thin, tall, short, jewish, catholic, atheist, muslim football manager because, quite simply, I couldn''t give a sh*t.[/quote]You are not the only one. That is the main reason for so much annoyance caused by the original post, to me amongst other posters.It is the fact that anyone should even consider thinking about a footballer in terms of his colour, even positively, which rankled with many. Which can only be a good thing.
  23. [quote user="Skijumptoes"]I''ve heard plenty of plenty of remarks from day one, be they tongue-in-cheek. But, it will probably turn out that i''m the only one honest enough to admit to hearing, what i''d refer to as casual racism i guess. i.e. there''s no devised venom behind it. If things got to the point that they did with Worthington some tit, or possibly tits will tarnish our reputation out of anger, and that was my concern. But the original question was really based around our perception outside of the area and whether this perception exists, and if it does exist is it valid? On top of that the game is very unbalanced in terms of having a high percentage of black players, but very few black managers. I don''t know why that is, but that was what i referred to as difficulties. But, Listen i don''t want to go into detail as it''s not fair on Hughton who i have utmost respect for. I was uncomfortable replying to this thread today, however, after being grilled on here originally claiming that i was a racist for bringing the issue up BEFORE his appointment, i felt it worth flagging up again today with the current news. It annoyed me at the time how people read between the lines and labelled me a racist, when in fact it was a valid question which i wanted to know the answer to, i stopped discussing it when Chris was appointed as it no longer was a hypothetical question and revolved around an individual, i''m not into that. Moving on... To me the incident looks a bit overcooked in the media, but then that''s the issue here isn''t it, i think we''re more likely to brush something like this off as someone acting an idiot, while elsewhere it would/could cause outrage. I''m surrounded by ''casual'' racists, i''ll be honest, maybe other people aren''t, i don''t know, To me it seems normal to hear how such and such town, village, car boot, market, pub etc. has gone to pot since people from ethnicity x or y have ''taken it over'', or whatever words are expressed. I don''t know maybe i''m too honest in talking publicly about these things, i''m not easily offended, and therefore can''t be the voice of someone who is. But i can ask the questions.[/quote]Thanks for clarifying. You make some valid points here.Have never thought your comments were racist (don''t think anyone made that accusation) - merely that you were making an issue out of a non-issue.I too have heard racism from Norwich fans in the crowds (in case you are interested it was an away game, aimed at a black referee), but the level of racism witnessed at Norwich away and home games is small enough to be statistically insignificant (although deplorable), and less than you would be likely to find in most other social scenarios involving 25''000 people. Chris Hughton being manager of Norwich City or otherwise has no bearing on this. It is not as if we have a group of Lazio-style ultras.I think football in general gets a bad image as being racist, when in my opinion, football has been a major driving force, over the last 30 years, to removing racism in society (admittedly this is mainly through accident rather than direct intention by footballing bodies).
  24. [quote user="Skijumptoes"][quote user="morty"][quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]Perhaps skijumptoes can start talking about ''the difficulties involved'' with Hughton''s appointment?[/quote]I look forward to this.[Y]Lol, could this be the biggest ever Pinkun forum foot in mouth moment, ever?[/quote]Maybe something along the lines of this perhaps?[url]http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/racism-statement-031013-1093159.aspx[/url]And yeah, massive foot in the mouth moment for all those implying that a race issue wouldn''t arise.  Perhaps people can start waking up now?[/quote]I still fail to see why this is "difficulty" involved with Hughton''s appointment. For 18 months nobody has even noticed or cared about his race. It just isn''t an issue in any way, shape or form. Now an Ipswich fan decides to post a bad-taste joke on social media and you are interpreting this as a "difficulty" associated with Hughton''s appointment?What are we supposed to be waking up to?
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