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  1. it seems we are definitely getting gutierrez, is he what we need and i know he has quality crosses but who will lose their place??? and i still think a couple more players of quality especially in midfield with fer
  2. i would go with hull, watford if they come up and then stoke. but to be honest anyone of those teams mentioned could go down, just depends on what happens over the course of the summer and then the start of season to see who really is in trouble.
  3. Been released by Reading would anyone take him? would be a good back up for garrido
  4. yeah hopefully it ends that way and with our the transfer look to be going at the moment we should be quite confident going into next season OTBC
  5. yes the squad has been improved and we still have the same players as last year but other teams have adapted too. even with our signings we have had to play a certain we to make sure we stayed in the league, would you prefer to play attractive and go down missing out on the new TV money next year that will surely improve the teams squad or would you take the ugly approach for a season just to ensure you are in league just in time for the new rights, personally i would take the latter of the two. the strike hasnt really been improve we all know that. but i think come next season the team will improved significantly and we will be a much harder opponent to face. hughton needs time any manager needs time but do they get it no. shouldnt we really be supporting the manager instead of having a go at his tactics, he was set his target and if he meets his target job done.
  6. i think that villa will go down there run in in the final games is quite difficult especially playing against top of the table sides i dont think we should be worrying about villa at the moment but who knows what lambert will do, dont know about QPR though as harry has a nack of getting out of things but hopefully thats just leaves the one relegation slot which i think we are safe from
  7. hooper deal has been agreed apparently so he could be ours by the end of the night :)
  8. the hooper deal has been agreed
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