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  1. I was driving through my uni town today and stopped for petrol. In the station they had 5 rows of different flavoured mad dogs in the bottom row of a fridge. I was very happy that my first thought on seeing them was Kenny, and not how awful they make you feel the morning after some budget drinking.
  2. That 20m is likely now closer to 10 than the original 20 (maybe 15) - sign on/agent fees for Drmic would of been high, all the youth players we've brought in adds up(although idk how many were free) and a few million spent on Ralle, plus his wages are likely to be more than the club originally planned on giving one single player, so the extra would likely come from the transfer kitty. But still, cant have any complaints about the window so far, and we're only one week in to July!
  3. Though you said it Mockingly, selling big is actually the answer if we go down, provided the youth perform as expected. If we go down, we will have a vast amount of our premier league windfall left over, parachute payments, and big sales of young talent. In other words, we will be absolutely f***ing loaded. And we will have managable wages for the players we keep. . If we go down this season, I'll view it as a savings year, living frugal and smart, to have a lot more money available to us later than anyone else in the championship and quite a bit more than some prem teams (with no debt on top)
  4. Players often learn of interest without club consent, and I'm sure they find out rough figures, too.
  5. If there's one thing he refuses to be sentimental over, it's goalkeepers. Those talk Norwich fellas still probably havent forgiven him for Remi Matthews
  6. Southampton seemed to pull it together just in time last season, largely with help from Redders finding his form/being used in a way that suits him best. If I were to pick three to go down, not including promoted teams, Id probably go Newcastle, brighton, palace if they lose zaha and cant cope, if not bournemouth. And showing my full Norwich bias, the three I think will actually drop are Shef, Villa, and newcastle
  7. one last note on him before it becomes official and our own press get more details/are allowed to delve deeper in this. Apparently we are taking on all of his wages. Tweet originates from a German reporter for a fairly big sports/news site. I've seen his wages range from £30k/week-£60k/week. And although the report seems as trustworthy as can get at this stage - I simply just cant believe the board would spend anything like £45-60k/week on one players wages this season, albeit a one season loan.
  8. Mr. Bailey seems to be saying (rightly so, to be fair) that the starting spot will be Kruls to lose. So there is the possibility* where we don't actually see Fahrmann in the league this season. *note I'm saying possibility, before I get attacked for suggesting Krul will maybe do pretty well this season.
  9. I'd imagine 0 guarantees have been given to any players this season. It's a way to kill competition.
  10. Dont worry, i have the added benefit of buying one of 12000 memberships for the likelihood of not even seeing a game live this season
  11. And he's like an 83 on fifa so he's got to be good, right?
  12. Looks like if it's going to happen it will be imminent and also a loan. That's probably about as good as it could get. Links up with the squad before Germany, gets a full pre season schedule, and if he has indeed started his decline we're not up sh**s creek without a paddle, financially speaking. Excited for this one.
  13. This is the blessing of not being one of the biggest clubs in the land. The expectation(when being realistic) isn't huge! I, like many I'd expect, am quietly optimistic that our team (especially the young lads) will suprise many outside of the club and we will do quite well. Relish in the fact that if it goes either way, you were ITK . We do well: it was always going to happen. We have gems in this club. It goes bad: what did you expect? We spent £10m and played half a team under the age of 23. This season is not the be-all end-all. This, like last season. Will be part of a (very) long-term financial and footballing plan. Which we possibly wont see the full benifits from for years. Enjoy it. And enjoy those outside the club loving our downfalls and hating our good spells, because in the end it really doesn't matter much what they think
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