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  1. I''d really like to see Turner, Bunn, and Tettey given new deals. Pilkington and Fox look to be off. Nash as a goalkeeping coach?
  2. Everton constantly over performed their budget and Moyes was hardly ever given significant transfer funds. Difficult to believe that they had players on £70k or £80k, maybe one or two but they were near the top of the budget/playing position table every year. So it should be no surprise when people say he did well on a budget at Everton. He took over a destitute club on the decline and used youth and a very scarce budget to turn them into a top 6/7 team. Clearly his time at Man Utd has been a disaster (struggling with pressure I think), but can''t take away what he has achieved at Everton, and Martinez had most of the hard work done for him. To use Everton''s current league position to devalue 11 years of work by Moyes is similar, if not worse, than saying that Lambert must have been rubbish because Hughton finished 1 place above him in the league. Look at the kids that have come through at Everton under Moyes..... Baines, Rooney, Barkley, Hibbert, and Rodwell in particular. Then there is Seamus Coleman who he signed for £60k in 2009. That transfer alone is the equivalent of Cody McDonald turning out to be the next Ian Wright after he''d signed for us. Everton fans who booed him the other day are stupid and disrespectful, can''t stand that club and looking forward to their decline.
  3. Well that is what QPR have done with Remy, although there was also the small issue of his rape accusation making him unemployable. Perhaps Leroy Fer is the only one who it may be worth doing that for. High risk though, what if he comes back with a cruciate ligament injury with us still in the Championship?RVW we may not have any choice but to loan him out, hope he scores some goals in a weaker division, and then get a few million back for him in a year. Who is going to come and offer us even half what we paid for him at this point?
  4. "Equally I think the board had likely spent their annual transfer budget allowing Chris to sign a number of "big" signing in the summer" McNally said prior to the January window that we''d kept money for January, and we all knew that RVW''s transfer fee was considered surplus budget from the year before.McNally also admitted in January that we were struggling to attract players to the club (probably Quags, Toivanan, and Alderwield).So either he is lying to his own customers, or he is telling the truth, and I''m inclined to think that he is telling the truth.
  5. "Not to rain on your parade but I can''t see evidence that Liverpool bought anyone in the January transfer window" Doesn''t really rain on anything though does it, a bit of morning dew perhaps. If I said three of the four teams not to really spend any money are in the bottom four, then that doesn''t detract much from the point does it? Everybody could see that we had things to address in the final third. We needed Yobo, because we had Turner out and Bassong carrying an injury.But Guiterrez, what problem did he solve, what problem would he have solved if he''d stayed fit (buying a crock wasn''t wise in the first place). Doesn''t score goals, doesn''t assist goals, isn''t a creative player. We failed to bring in anybody who might have had a small chance of changing things up top, or winning us a few points like Kei Kamara.
  6. I hope we can get a decent fee for Fer, and whatever we can get for RVW.We might have to loan RVW out for the season and then sell him at the end of next year.
  7. I think it is pretty much all down to Hughton.I think we have a squad capable of a comfortable mid-table finish.A better question is what players should we fight to keep here next season, and actually only Olsson, Redmond and Hooper for me.I think this would be a good time to get rid of the Dutch pair, and I never want to see Elmander in yellow again, will forever be remembered as Hughton''s idea of a Grant Holt replacement.
  8. McNally would probably give Hoolahan away if it weren''t to Villa just to annoy Lambert.
  9. This is a really good question but I''ll have to go for the England World Cup win.Gets irritating listening to Italian, German and Dutch fans go on about how many World Cups they have won and how poor coaching is in England.I think it is a myth. Be nice to shut them all up with a World Cup win.Most of us would see Norwich back in this league, maybe even several promotions, but would probably not see another England World Cup win.It would lift the mood of the nation, probably reverse the perception of English players which sees teams fill their squads with substandard foreigners and pushes decent English players into the Championship, and would probably see more English players going overseas.Just the chance to shut the Germans up and make the Scottish pipe down a bit would be nice. Can nobody remember the Rooney and Crouch caricatures that graced the pages of the German tabloids?We could steal our national flag back off of the EDL and start to find some national pride again, something which we will need if the Union Jack ceases to exist next year.
  10. Adams though will have a big role to play if we do appoint somebody else.He is the man with an understanding of what has gone on, and the dynamic in the dressing room. Probably already has a good idea which players want out and which are willing to stay.Any new manager would be stupid not to work with Adams helping him. I''m actually really excited about Gary Hooper in the league below, we need to keep him, guaranteed 20+ goals and if we did get back up I think he''d do much better in this league second time around. If we could keep Snodgrass and Hooper we know we''d have a chance.
  11. When Newcastle went down they got rid of quite a few players who didn''t have the stomach or where past their best.Michael Owen, Mark Viduka, Obafemi Martins, Sebastien Bassong, Damien Duff, Geremi, Habib Beye, Cacapa, all gone.Gaps in squad filled with low cost players like Routledge (£1m), Best (£1m), and Simpson (£750k).But they kept a competitive squad full of good talented players and some leaders, and they got themselves out of the league as champions.We will need to do something similar.I didn''t realise that this will be Bassong''s THIRD relegation from the Premier League. He can be the first out of the door. At the end of this season when we have a post mortem, we will lay a large part of the blame on Hughton, and on the board for failing to take action. But we also have to acknowledge the shortcomings in our squad. A complete lack of leadership on the pitch. Therefore we need some leaders, West Ham bought a leader off of the shelf when they signed Malky for a year after their relegation. Whatever has gone on behind the scenes, Hoolahan tried to jump ship halfway through the season, unforgiveable and he should be gone. Pilkington hasn''t looked bothered, he can go.Adams doesn''t seem to fancy Becchio either, maybe his head isn''t right. He can go. Turner hasn''t signed or been given a new contract, if he doesn''t want to sign it then he is gone.We could do without Ruddy being linked to Chelsea or Arsenal every month, so we have to ask him to commit or leave. We don''t need the distraction.If he does leave then we need to give Bunn a new contract.  RVW is too much of a gamble now, and wouldn''t be able to handle the kicks, get him out. The squad needs a fair bit of work in my opinion. Yobo, Elmander and Guiterrez we can say goodbye to.It is unrealistic for us to have both Garrido and Olsson at the club, because it is likely they are both on serious money. One of them can go.The same may or may not be true with Russell Martin and Steven Whittaker, although I''d like both to stay.There will be some surgery required and some chopping and changing, which actually is the thing which scares me about Neil Adams, because he may be a good progressive coach and a good motivator, but he doesn''t have any experience of managing a transfer budget or the business end of football.That''s why I think Lennon or Mackay would probably be a better option for us, both have shown that they can build teams on a budget and get good value for money in the transfer market (Malky at Watford in particular).
  12. It is probably unrealistic for us to keep hold of everybody mrs miggins. People keep mentioning parachute payments but we are looking at a reduction in turnover of 50% including parachute payments, and our wage bill is likely more than 50% of our current turnover. Keeping our squad together means getting into debt. I hope we can keep a competitive squad and get a manager who can spend money wisely so that if we can get rid of Pilkington for £4m we can find somebody of similar quality for £1.5m (which is about what we paid for him, and about what we paid for Elliott Bennett too!).But if you are saying that borrowing money and getting into debt to keep this squad together in the hope that we can get them to gel again and come straight back up is what we need, then I will have to respectfully disagree. There will be players leaving this club, and it is my preference for those who remain to be those who want to be here and who have the bottle to fight and the balls to get lumps kicked out of them.
  13. The three teams not to invest are in the bottom four - Norwich, Villa and Newcastle. Which is why I said the other day that we need some serious answers, whatever the answer is it is unforgivable and a failure.If we couldn''t attract players here then that is good reason to change managers.If we didn''t have any money then it is negligence to have spent our entire budget in the summer without leaving spare funds for January (and would mean that McNally had lied to fans about money being kept for January).If we failed because transfers fell through then clearly we didn''t have a Plan B. We may well have failed to bring in a big name number 10, but the failure to bring in any attacking players at all was just ridiculous. Even just bringing in a striker on loan instead of Guiterrez would have been better business. Hughton manged to bring in Kei Kamara last season, who won us a few points, hardly cost the earth did he.
  14. Elliott Bennett will be an important player for us next season.
  15. We only need players who want to be here. I think we need a clear out tbh, anybody who wants out can go, anybody who wants to stay can stay.People like Russell Martin and Bradley Johnson may have limitations at this level but players who want to give everything to the cause and make amends are the people who need to stay, and anybody who feels that the league below is beneath them needs to f*ck off.Using that as the criteria it wouldn''t surprise me if we lost quite a few good players, but you don''t get out of the league below unless everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet.Never thought I''d say it but is time to cut our losses on Pilkington and Hoolahan, if they don''t want to be here then get rid and replace with hungry younger models. Pilkington cost us £1.5m from Huddersfield in League One, Hoolahan a bargain from Blackpool in Championship. Time to rebuild.None of us have any idea who has the stomach and who doesn''t, apart from a few obvious ones. I''d start by offering Bunn and Turner a new contract and seeing if they want to stay.
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