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  1. [quote user="Kolin Kob"]1) 2) 3) 4) 5) [/quote]Well, that worked.
  2. Trevor Hockey''s Beard wrote:"A defender? That won''t feed Neil''s addiction to buying wingers - could we field a side yet made up of Ruddy and 10 wide men?"What do you mean?In Neil Adams career he has yet to buy an out and out winger. Lafferty hand McGrandles have generally not played on the wing in the past.He has sold a couple of wingers though.
  3. [quote user="Robin Hood canary"]Whilst mcnasty will try to drive a hard bargain I suspect his value has been reduced cause he is acting like a complete tool[/quote]what is he doing?
  4. [quote user="Ooh Ahh Lee Power"]1st May 1993 1 - 0 victory over Liverpool courtesy of a Dave Phillips penalty after David James had been sent off. Being a young boy I remember I remember celebrating, forgetting the chair seats went back up, and landing on the floor!![/quote]that was my first game too!I think it was a cub scout group day out! I remember we had to wear scout scarves. I think I was too young to notice the humiliation and so I enjoyed the football.Considering that we were 2nd in the league at this point (I think), does this make us glory supporters?
  5. Can''t see that this is being reported anywhere - BBC or elsewhere.
  6. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"][quote user="splutcho"]94 Ekoku for Nigeria![/quote] congrats to Fer, whatever the current strengths of the Dutch squad ,a NCFC player at the world cup is indeed a rarity, I think he becomes only the the 7th player to do it? O''Neill - N.Ireland ''82, Woods -England ''86, Gunn & Fleck -Scotland ''90,Towsend -Ireland ''90, Ekoku -Nigeria ''94.......have I missed any? [/quote]Guess you could add Joseph Yobo for this year.
  7. [quote user="The ghost of Michael Theoklitos"]I was looking at the fixtures earlier today. From this point in, Palace have just as bad a run-in as we do. They have Chelsea, Man City & Liverpool as well, along with Everton.[/quote]Ditto Sunderland and West Ham!
  8. [quote user="Beefy is a legend"]Fair to say he''s yet to reach legendary status at Villa Park... http://www.villatalk.com/index.php/topic/10645-grant-holt/page-80[/quote]With the bottom 11 teams so close to each other, every tiny thing matters. My guess is that Grant Holt will do nothing for them apart from score a winning goal against us in the 89th minute. Because that would be so very Holt / very Lambert. For that alone he will prove to be a worthwhile buy for them.That is the game in our run-in that I fear the most, and that includes the last four games of the season.
  9. Ha! I just made the same post as you at almost the same time.I''ll just add what I put in there:1 Chelsea 38 41 86 2 Liverpool 38 61 85 3 Arsenal 38 36 85 4 Man City 38 58 82 5 Tottenham 38 16 76 6 Man Utd 38 20 67 7 Everton 38 14 64 8 Newcastle 38 2 54 9 Southampton 38 5 53 10 Aston Villa 38 -12 43 11 Hull City 38 -11 40 12 Swansea 38 -10 39 13 Sunderland 38 -18 39 14 Norwich 38 -25 37 15 West Brom 38 -13 36 16 West Ham 38 -19 34 17 C Palace 38 -28 32 18 Stoke 38 -29 32 19 Cardiff 38 -42 32 20 Fulham 38 -46 30This will see Pulis''s Palace overtaking Stoke out of the relegation places on goal difference on the last day. Hopefully with 93rd minute Wilbraham goal.
  10. [quote user="Kolin Kob"]Predictions for end of the season table, anyone?Here''s mine:Created with http://www.the-mustard.com/predictor.html[/quote]Maybe this will work? 1 Chelsea 38 41 86 2 Liverpool 38 61 85 3 Arsenal 38 36 85 4 Man City 38 58 82 5 Tottenham 38 16 76 6 Man Utd 38 20 67 7 Everton 38 14 64 8 Newcastle 38 2 54 9 Southampton 38 5 53 10 Aston Villa 38 -12 43 11 Hull City 38 -11 40 12 Swansea 38 -10 39 13 Sunderland 38 -18 39 14 Norwich 38 -25 37 15 West Brom 38 -13 36 16 West Ham 38 -19 34 17 C Palace 38 -28 32 18 Stoke 38 -29 32 19 Cardiff 38 -42 32 20 Fulham 38 -46 30
  11. Predictions for end of the season table, anyone?Here''s mine:Created with http://www.the-mustard.com/predictor.html
  12. [quote user="Huckerbys Boots - Matt"][quote user="nutty nigel"]How would you have lined up when the players were injured Matt? Tettey seems very important to your teams. Who would you have played in his place?     [/quote] Im referring Nige more to the fact he now has a virtually fully fit squad to pick from, apart from Howson, we have the personnell to play as ive suggested, yet away at Cardiff he chooses the most defensive, devoid of creativity, attack shy midfield ive ever seen in a Norwich side. At bottom of the league Cardiff who havent won in 8 games. They hadnt won for a reason and were there for the taking, but once again like weve seen so many times, Hughton is scared, cautious and defensive, and we lose again.[/quote]It''s bizarre really that despite him choosing "the most defensive, devoid of creativity, attack shy midfield you''ve ever seen in a Norwich side", there''s a goal from a midfielder in the first 5 minutes, and the team got 27 shots on target.
  13. [quote user="KeepTheFaith"]for our board and CEO holding faith with the manager and current squad. This will help us stay up as we have a settled squad, players coming back from injuries and a couple of loanes to help. OTBC exciting times with every game being huge.[/quote]I am in agreement so I guess I am a troll too.Maybe more nervewracking than exciting though!
  14. [quote user="Huckerbys Boots - Matt"]Very simple for me. We have the players to adopt the same formation, tactics and mix of defensive and attacking players as Chelsea and Man City with their 4231 and 4132 lineup. Chelsea had Matiz and Luiz sitting behind Hazard, Ramires, Willian and E''too. Man City has Demichelis sitting behind Silva, Toure, Navas and the striker, forget who played up front now. A very good balance of defensive players and attacking, as opposed to our ultra defensive midfield of Guti, Johnson, Tettey and Snoddy. We have two out and out defensive midfielders with little to no attacking ability/contribution, and two wingers who are very heavily defensively minded too, or at least have strong defence abilities, which Hughtons likes in his wingers, and are told to play to those strengths. Now given that our main problem is attacking, creating and scoring goals why does Hughton still persist with, and in fact now has chosen an even more defensive midfield, against Cardiff the aformentioned midfield four stunned me with its defensiveness. We can easily replicate Chelsea and Man Citys formations and style of player in either formation Hooper Pilkington Hoolahan Redmond Tettey Fer Hooper Van Wolf Pilkington Fer Redmond Tettey This would give us a good balance of attacking and defence. But Hughton wont do it will he. Chelsea and Man City of course have great players, but they play in the upper echelon of the prem, were down the other end, but it doesnt mean we cant play with the same style. Were far too defensive under Hughton when we dont have to be. This is why Hughton is a clown. A clueless clown.[/quote]I don''t agree with this "too defensive" thing. Its sometimes true but not always. We had nearly 30 shots against Cardiff for example.There was a good reason to play with the four midfield players we did. Hoolahan was probably not right in the head for that game, Redmond has generally been best as an impact sub, and Pilkington and Fer were poor in the previous game (probably our two worst players versus Newcastle in my opinion). He was picking his form midfield. It''s not a defensive midfield either. There''s two defensive players and two attacking players in there.And I am sorry, but Chelsea and Man City''s better and more expensive players DO mean that it is hard for us to copy their style, whatever you may say.Chris Hughton is not a clueless clown.
  15. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="splutcho"]Whinging about signing we blatantly need, not seeming to understand that just because we''ve made these signings, we can''t make more, implying the Murphy''s are suitable options and up for a relegation battle, last week he was moaning that our wingers defend. The bloke''s a grade A nob.[/quote]This is a wind-up isn''t it?I''m not surprised he''s moaning about wingers defending because their primary task should be to attack the opposing fullbacks and either whip in a good cross or cut inside and either shoot or play a square ball.If Hucks had spent most of his games defending we''d have missed out on watching one of the most exciting wingers we''ve ever had at Carrow Road (along with players like Eadie, Fox and others).We clearly need a cultured midfielder with an eye for a pass (especially with Howson out indefinitely), much more than we need an ageing CB with little to no re-sale value...[/quote]THIS is a wind-up isn''t it?Howson is not out indefinitely - he''s aiming for a February return.Yobo''s sell-on value is irrelevant as we aren''t buying him, we''re loaning him.The fact that wingers'' primary task is to attack doesn''t mean they shouldn''t help out in defence.
  16. [quote user="Hannibal II"]if we need cover why let Ayala go in the first place without a replacement before hand? Its hardly the best way to do business and if it any normal place wouldn''t leave themselves short staffed. i''d rather we spent money on a player who it actually might mean something to if we stayed up rather than a washed up fringe player from a second rate league. Some like Eric Dier from Sporting who has tremendous potential coupled with excellent re-sale profit potential. I''d also rather we addressed the problem that we don''t score any goals. don''t win games if you don''t score goals. We are still only 5 points from the bottom 3 its worth remembering and have the worst run in of any bottom half team.[/quote]we should get in players like that at the end of season when their prices aren''t inflated.For now, the club is right to concentrate on experienced players who can make a short-term difference quickly.
  17. [quote user="TwoSheds"]Cardiif haven''t won in the league since early December. About 8 league games I think. You just know there poor run is going to come to a end this weekend![/quote]That''s a very pessimistic outlook.In terms of broad probability, we are more likely to have a draw.1) They have the worst form in the division2) We tend not to win away3) We tend to get something against teams in lower half of the table4) Cardiff and Norwich cancelled each other out last time.5) They have a new manager, but things haven''t really started to gel with the team under the new manager yet.I think this is a fairly objective way of looking at things.I would be happy (but far from ecstatic) with an away draw. I really hope we go for a win though.
  18. [quote user="ncfcstar"][quote user="Matt Juler"]I could be wrong, but I believe loans from other European leagues are not officially loans, more short term contracts with a return to sender clause.  So the only player we have on loan as far as the Premier League is concerned in Jonas from Newcastle.[/quote]You are correct, "loans" from abroad are transfers with the promise to return the player to their parent club at the end of the contract.  So they do not count as loans.That being said, very unimpressed by this, he is past it.[/quote]what evidence do you have that he is past it? not being awkward, just interested. Fenerbahce are a considerably bigger side than Norwich and he''s been a starter for them for the last few seasons, so I would be surprised if he is past it.Does anyone regularly watch Turkish football?
  19. [quote user="SPARKY"]Take off your yellow and green specs, honestly which 3 clubs are going down. Cardiff. Fulham and west ham for me[/quote]My guess would be:Stoke - Mark Hughes is not good with relegation battles. He has only had one in his entire management / playing career, and he didn''t cope with the pressure. If they get dragged into it, I don''tFulham - I don''t think they have enough "battling" players in their squad. Lots of quality from the likes of Berbatov and Bent, but what they really need is a Danny Murphy-type player.Cardiff - I think the change of manager came at a terrible time for them, and there just won''t be enough time to turn things around.The others will be alright:Sunderland - I think they''ll continue to gain momentum under Gus Poyet; it really looks like their quality players are gaining confidence.Hull - Steve Bruce is an astute manager who has been here beforeNorwich - 3 points at home against lower-table opposition and 1 point at home against lower-table opposition, plus occasional points at home against teams like Newcastle will see us through.Swansea - they have enough quality players basicallyCrystal Palace - Tony Pulis has a large pool of players to get to play his way. Those that don''t can be replaced. I predict a Wilbraham goal will end up keeping them up.Aston Villa - starting to play and get results now it seemsWest Ham - yet again, a manager with enough experience to get them to win the crucial games.West Brom - they have a fair bit of quality and can get goals.
  20. [quote user="Olly"]http://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/whelan-lined-up-for-switch-to-norwich-if-stoke-land-cattermole-29942626.html Hopefully nothing but a rumour, an atrocious player, getting old and not better than any of our current CM''s.[/quote]As a loan to the end of the season, a gritty player to do hard work and grind out wins in case Bradley Johnson is injured would be a good move. Like others, I cannot see him being signed long-term though, or starting regularly if he was signed. A bit more depth to the squad in any position is good. Contrary to what some might claim, we do not have that many defensive midfield battlers - we have Johnson and Tettey. Whereas we have a lot of attacking midfield / winger options - Hoolahan, Murphy, Murphy, Redmond, Bennett, Howson, Fer, Snodgrass, Pilkington, Olsson.I am sure he would not be signed as a replacement for Hoolahan. Hoolahan exit talk should not cloud judgement of the pros and cons of Glenn Whelan.We want to stay up this season, in one of the tightest relegation scraps in years. It may not be a glamorous move, but Glenn Whelan would be a good player to help ensure that.
  21. [quote user="lincoln canary"]You can''t defend him. We looked so clueless again. That game was crying out for Redmond and Hoolahan to come on. Everyone could see it bar Hughton. He got very lucky today. No can say his tactics worked. A goal in the last couple of minutes, from a set piece, and at home is not down to tactics. Hull were very comfortable today. However delighted we got the points. But the future is not Hughton.[/quote]You can''t defend him. Yes we can, and many have given good arguments for why.We looked so clueless again. Then why did we win?That game was crying out for Redmond and Hoolahan to come on. Redmond is a teenager and should be regularly rested. Hoolahan coming on would mean we would have to change our formation which could work in their favour. Pilkington and Becchio came on, and the proof was in the pudding that these were good decisions.A goal in the last couple of minutes, from a set piece, and at home is not down to tactics. Not directly, but our clean sheet and the fact we were in the position to have a set piece, WAS down to tactics. Also, the management team should be credited for having worked hard enough on fitness that we are still competing well to win games at such a late stage, and for working on set pieces in training.Hull were very comfortable today. So comfortable that they lost.
  22. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]This is my opinion and because it differs to some of yours it''s wrong is it??? [/quote]If someone''s opinion differs to yours they will obviously think yours is wrong.
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