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  1. Would imagine Frasor Dainton will have nightmares about the destroying he took here - absolutely wrecked
  2. In the limited game time has got this season, and the U21 game I saw him play in, it really looks like the knee injury has taken at least a yard of pace off him, which considering his game is based off being able to go past his full back down the line, is a bit of an issue. Its a shame, he had so much potential. But he''s not good enough at the moment to be in the team
  3. Tettey + Howson is our best pairing, but I can''t remember ever seeing it? Hopefully will on Tuesday night
  4. Yeah Jerome was twice as wasteful yesterday as Grabban Would be interested to see Grabban out wide, does anybody know if he''s played there for previous clubs?
  5. http://www.goalsaim.com/norwich-vs-rotherham-1-1-highlights-2014-championship/ Here they are. Have to say the triple save by Adam Collin was a truly remarkable piece of goalkeeping the best I''ve seen by an opposition keeper for as long as I can remember
  6. Think people should remember the nature and severity of his injury. A serious knee injury for a winger who relies on pace can be pretty debilitating Hopefully he can fully recover but I doubt whether we''ll see him reach the levels he did in his first season here which is a shame
  7. Reports from Tuesday said he clearly wasn''t match fit, so what''s the point having him on the bench when he''s not ready? Not exactly like we''re struggling for goals! Let him enjoy his day off
  8. I''d be tempted to play Grabban wide left or right and get Wes central behind Jerome, and then Grabban/Jerome can switch throughout the game. As said earlier Wes wide left in the 4-4-2 doesn''t really work, so he either needs to be central and we accomdate him, or he''s benched and we bring a winger in like Bennett or Murphy. Either way its strong
  9. Is there any actually decent black managers out there? Paul Ince cries wolf but he''s rubbish, Hughton is probably the only one half decent enough at championship level, Chris Powell is meh I''m sure people would employ black coaches as managers if there were any worthwhile candidates but I seriously can''t think of any...
  10. I don''t see how anybody could watch that game and say Redmond wasn''t good today. A constant menace, everything we did well sent through him and his crosses were superb. Hooiveld should''ve scored at least two headers from his corners. Murphy did ok too, although at this stage I think he''d be better off used coming off the bench, he did seem to tire as the half went on
  11. Had to be a wind up How could you watch Norwich and not think turner is our best defender
  12. Can''t see Fulham doing what Sunderland did. They''ve brought awfully this sumer, buying a load of foreign players who will take long to adapt and getting rid of a lot of experienced players and then blowing a huge amount in one player. The longer they keep Magath the more likely they are to go down than go up
  13. Fans around me were definitely abusing him and its out of order. Second half he cut inside shot and it went over, he got abuse. Murphy did exactly the same thing when he came on and he got a round of applause for smashing it high and wide!! Absolute idiots, the kid is 20, he''s not going to hit the target or make the right decision every time. If he did he wouldn''t be playing for us!!! As for the Murphy love, yes he did well in the cup, but yesterday he did nothing when he came on. Let them both push each other to develop this season and we need to accept they will not always do the right thing. They''re kids at the end of the day
  14. Evans will pocket it and they''ll sign someone of Donor Sammon ability on loan probably! Grabban for £3m is looking cheaper and cheaper by the passing day
  15. How dare a bloke take a day or two to decide whether to make a life altering move, the utter cheek
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