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  1. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Derby are banging on the Brighton door, only a matter of time, but perhaps the manager of Brighton will affect the game with a sub or tactical switch or two.....oh! wait. It''s Clueless Chris in charge.[/quote] Clearly not as clueless as you!
  2. Pre-Mackay Wigan had 16 points from 17 games. Mackay has added 12 points in 17 games. The squad value suggests a mid-table position would be reasonable. Let''s hope he is not out to impress the new 23 year-old Chairman come tomorrow.
  3. [quote user="Tumbleweed"]The games will be tough as both are battling for survival, not mid table mediocrity. However they are down there for a reason after 34 games with half our points total and I have 100% confidence in AN getting the team set up correctly. Unlike the rather scratchy Hughton 10 game unbeaten run a couple of years back the team exudes an air of calm confidence right now, of knowing what they need to do and just doing it. In many ways this is the perfect game after the derby, the squad will still be buzzing, hopefully the stadium too, and a great chance to motor on against two teams who I fully expect to seek to squeeze the game tight, sit quite deep and nick something on the break. Of course there are never any guarantees, but I think it highly unlikely at the moment that the team will let it slip in these two games. And if they do, better against them than letting two promotion contenders steal a march on us.[/quote]Are you referring to that 22 point run from 19th position with 3 points to 7th position with 25 points in the PREMIER as ''rather scratchy''? A remarkable achievement under CH given - by your implication - that the team didn''t know what they needed to do.
  4. [quote user="ron obvious"]And if you''re fond of a bit of financials, this is interesting: http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/norwich-city-east-of-sun-west-of-moon.html I wonder who this guy is??[/quote] Thanks Ron. Excellent piece by "Kieron" - the financials are clearly presented and analysed and even those ''not fond of a bit of the financials'' should find this of interest. I think we have two years at the most to return to the Premier and start to lose the ''yo yo'' club label (or as the Poles label it: ''wanka-wstanka'' - according to Wiki). The stress of it all!
  5. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Seems the Board are taking some flack for the Adams shambles.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdVDvFQx24Q[/quote]Can anyone identify the man in the green jacket talking to David McNally?The crowd seems to go quiet when he comes out the door at the end of the clip.
  6. [quote user="T"]There really is some deeply ignorant and obnoxious people on here who should be really ashamed of their malicious comments and need to take a good hard look at themselves. They are clearly less than perfect themselves and in no position to criticise anyone.[/quote]Well said. Most of the "arguments" of the "terminally dim" - as City 1st might label them - are so full of holes, that anyone who even attempts to address them deserves an award for showing tolerance and stamina way beyond the call of duty.
  7. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]I find it incredulous that some on here have praised the clown for taking the Toon back to the Prem and having a decent go with Brum. Look deeper and you will find he truly is a useless manager and yep worse than the Rodent. He trades on the nice guy image which I never will buy and has made a nice little earner on a massive con. His admirers must be Calderwood and Trollope. Now theres a couple of talented geezers. If Bury Town even breathed in the same air as those three I''d move to the Peoples Republic of Scotland. I thank you and bid you all a jolly good evening[/quote] In reply to Jenkins:Bury Yellow wrote the following post at 24/05/2014 7:11 PM: Well Jenkins I was a great fan of Hughton and thought if we had been kept him we would still be in the Prem and heading upwards and onwards.
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"]That was my first ever game and also the first ever game on MOTD. Have a look here : -   http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/923   But don''t watch King Kev too closely throughout[:$]     [/quote]I actually watched that clip a few weeks ago - you may well have posted it. Between the earlier research and the watching of the clip, I had not noted that this was the "McCaliog" match incident to which I referred earlier. Perhaps the memory is playing tricks and the incident wasn''t as significant as I recall. I''ve just watched it again. I do recall it was ''off the ball'' and the cameras may not have picked it up or it was lost in the editing. I had forgotten that Kev was responsible for the second goal. I shall do so again within the hour! I shall put it down to the pitch, a freak wind, a bobble ...............
  9. Many thanks Purple and Nutty. Much appreciated. On the "McCalliog" bit, I forgot to add that - courtesy of the internet research of some months ago that I had filed and forgotten about - that the match could only have been Norwich v Sheffield Wednesday 11th March 1967.
  10. It has been said many times that the great Kevin Keelan was eligible to play for England. Can anyone categorically confirm that to be the case and point me to a reputable source? If true, it was a travesty, of course, that he didn''t succeed. I asked because I was always under the impression - in my youth - that his birth in India precluded that. Also, I vaguely recall an incident with Jim McCalliog.  The latter had been hounding Keelan on a few occasions when trying to kick the ball upfield. He was "advised" to stop doing so by the great man. Can anyone add some details to that?
  11. 2 September 2014 - Fabio recalled to Italy squad for Netherlands friendly: http://www.football-italia.net/55380/quagliarella-recalled-italy Might get a cameo tonight (4 Sept. - starts at 7.45). Let''s hope so. Team details should be here later today: http://www1.skysports.com/football/live/match/323814/teams
  12. Apologies for misleading everyone re. RVW appearances. I think your £60 is safe PC.
  13. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="lake district canary"]I only ever post as LDC now.[/quote]That simply isn''t true! You''ve been well and truly outed so just concede. It''s the only way you''ll ever have of regaining any credibility on this board.[/quote] Dear Lapps, have another look through the thread in the morning and think about it carefully - the "evidence" is flawed becuse there are bits missing from the thread that supposedly exposes Tao. That thread had four or five posters all trying to be me and having a good old time trying to confuse the issue as to which was the real me.  So, take it from me - and believe it or not I am an honest guy - NN may tell you I am genuine - and I do only post as LDC since I came back three years ago.   As for credibilty, that is really not my concern - most posters take threads/posts at face value - some of you on this thread should do the same. Goodnight. [/quote]This thread may help your defence LDC and help hone the skills of the budding Sherlocks. When combined with the current thread, the clues are all there!http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2/3074518/ShowPost.aspx#3074518At least one of your detractors has had his ''username'' compromised - of which he will be well aware - yet fails to mention it in this current thread, presumably preferring the safety of the pack rather than original thought.  
  14. [quote user="Houston Canary"]So it''s about 30 nots, 1 only if, and 1 deluded twunt who''s goal seems to be mere survival even if it means plenty of no-shows and no change in the overall strategy of playing well followed by several sub-par performances. Plenty of teams have similar funding and produce a more entertaining show. Blaming it on money is weak. YYYAAAAAWWWWNNNN[/quote]The only team with a lower squad value than us and are higher in the table are Hull. Are they who you had in mind by "plenty?"Yeah, what''s money got to do with it. Bigger Yawn.
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