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  1. So no debate as per usual. Do you not think that managers do not look at the recent history of what the club has done???? I would love to get someone with a real spark here but th I we will end up with an out of work journeyman. I agree with Wiz about Malky.
  2. To get the boards first choice or any manager after the way they failed massively to back the previous full time manager and sacked him when we were five points clear with only five games left. The board who failed and fans who booed CH and the players may have cost us more long term than I dare to think.
  3. We lost because the manager and players were not good enough. The players are just as culpable.
  4. I just prey that the next manager and squad does not have to put up with the negative nancies that dominate this board and canary call. OTBC
  5. Well said op To many plastics funking we have a right to be in the PL. We do not. Relagation was always on the cards. When in the PL we will only ever fight to stay up. At least in the champs we can have a go at play offs at least. The club have not failed . Some so called supporters need to take a big grasp of the realality of our position in the football scheme of things. 26000 supporters will turn out at carra next year to enjoy the ups and downs of a new season. OTBC
  6. The fans are as much at fat as any. The constant negative attitude on here, on canary call, in the stands and in general about CH from the start of the season had a huge effect on the players/management etc. If only we all understood whT support really means.
  7. Bonkers decision to sack CH. even more Bonkers putting a youth team coach in charge. Tin pot all round.
  8. You said it. Luck. Luck plays a big part in football and we have had none this year.
  9. No. He be in the PL next season. We were daft to get rid
  10. We are a nailed on bottom six side so this was always gonna happen at some point. Players are not good enough. Failure to get In a game maker number ten biggest problem. Manager makes not a lot of difference .
  11. I have been saying all season the players are not good enough . Or, more correctly , you get what you pay for. We cannot afford to buy players who are nailed on PL class. Every player we buy is a risk and more down to luck than judgement, look at the 50m Chelski spent on a misfiring stricker. The more money you spend the less luck involved. We are a nailed on bottom six club but so many fans have deluded expectations of where we should be. I would hope that a year or two in the champs will bring some sort of sensibility back but I have been here a few times in my fifty years so expect another cycle to start and finish In the same way.
  12. O do get over it Wizy. Man City were lite until a rich man came Iong. No one else wants us. Delia has done more good than bad.
  13. This was not "allowed" to happen !! This is sport, it is a competition and we lost . It happens. Get over yourself !
  14. It''s possible and IMHO very likely. So, Yes. Daft tin pot decision to sack CH with 5 games left. Even more tin pot to appoint a youth coach. If I was a player it would erk me to be managed by someone with no experience at men''s Footie!b
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