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  1. Are you somewhere in that crowd Til101?
  2. The thread title was misleading as it wasn't an AGM, it was a Q&A. The AGM is tomorrow night.
  3. It wasn't one group of fans. Anyone could take part. The only difference was it was free for members but £3 for non-members.
  4. It’s down to the club apparently. They called the shots on this.
  5. You should have had an email at 6.30pm with the joining instructions.
  6. As promised Nutty I have sent you £30 this morning as a result of my bewildering success in the 3 PUPs leagues this season. Ironically, I always have a little flutter myself each weekend and do you know how much I've won personally? Zilch! Keep up the good work. OTBC.
  7. I know. I was uneasy about this pick as it was 16th v 18th but Trabiz were long gone and I thought Malavin needed the points to stay up so I took a chance.
  8. Magnanimous as ever. Thank you John. Subject to the profitability league, £30 will be winging its way to Nutty Ash.
  9. Ahh the old dichotomy principle. That's always assuming that this very old tortoise never goes into hibernation though!
  10. I hadnt realised that was your pick. I would rather the bet was still alive and I'd won it on merit. Well done for taking it to the wire and all the laughs too. All it needs now is a congratulatory message from @TIL 1010 and the PUPs will be £30 better off.....
  11. You can "request a bet" but allow plenty of time because it takes a while for them to get back to you.
  12. All of the above! Also QPR away in 74. Frozen pitch. Got as far as Shepherds Bush. Turned around and stopped off in a pub in Edgware and Tommy Cooper was in there p*55ed out of his mind. He was quite rude to us. True story.
  13. I've thought long and hard about this. All week I've been looking at Juve after they blew their chance to win the league a couple of days ago, but I see several PUPs have already selected that game. It would rather look like picking low hanging fruit. I'm therefore going to give the old Purple Picker a chance and go for a trickier one. I'll probably regret this but here goes: Malavan v Shahrdari Tabriz F.C in the Iranian League - home win. I'll know soon enough if I've failed as @TIL 1010 will be on the phone before the refs put his whistle back in his pocket. For City's game I'd put a large part of the pot on City to win. The odds will be terrific and it would be such a Norwich thing to do. Notice I wasnt confident enough to pick this as my game though! Good luck NFN and fellow Puppess Cosmic.
  14. It’s odd you should say that because I just found a horses head in my bed.
  15. Just to clarify Nutty, if it ends up with two PUPs on the same points, i.e. a tie, does that render the result null and void like in the Pools league?
  16. Just thinking the same. Try to think of the worst possible outcomes and go for it. Well done Doris though. At least you made some good picks there.
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