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  1. Not sure i agree modern football is awful but the gap between the top few clubs and everyone else is huge and get bigger every year. Grealish probably earns as much in a week as our first eleven added together.
  2. Day's like today and last week make me wonder whether i can be bothered with Premier League football. Sad i know but its nowhere near a level playing field anymore. And to think a few big clubs like these thought they could pull the rug away from most of the rest of the PL clubs.
  3. Only three teams have won their first two games in the Premier League: Coventry and Norwich in 1992-93, and Huddersfield in 2017-18.
  4. Glad to see he is carrying on the sterling work started by Agent Lambert
  5. No one wins the League today and no one gets relegated.
  6. I would say 75% of the PL clubs are effectively yo yo clubs. How many if the current PL would we say definitely won’t be relegated in the next 3 years? Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd? Whilst the likes of Arsenal, Spurs, Leicester, Everton are unlikely to go down you could not say it definitely wouldn’t happen based on the last few years. One bad injury, a manager losing the plot.....covid ripping thru the club.
  7. It does show how much stronger the squad will be this season, bar centre backs. OPs post has no place for Cantwell, Rashica, Pukki, Tzolis but still a strong team.
  8. Allegedly we have made a substantial bid for Armstrong in the last day or so.
  9. Twice losing FA cup semi finals in a short space of time. The Fulham 6-0 defeat. and I’ve I don’t think anyone has mentioned the gutting disappointment of City qualifying for Europe for the first time with the Milk Cup win and then being denied the opportunity by a hooligan section of Liverpool fans.
  10. If we don’t let players move in to bigger clubs and money once we have improved them then eventually the gravy train stops. Lots of youngsters see how we have developed Maddison, Lewis, Ben and Emi and see that as a possibility for them too. Hopefully if we manage to stay up next year then the club can start to establish itself longer term as a PL club though that will eventually come to an end for 75-80% of PL clubs at some point and they end up back in the Championship.
  11. Todd is more likely to go to Leicester if they sell Maddison to Arsenal. I believe the sticking point with his Arsenal move is that Leicester will have to pay us 15% of any transfer fee.
  12. Totally agree with this. we need Todd next season, he will be a vital player to what we do. Anyone who doubts his ability have no idea what they are on about.
  13. Sounds like Villa might be struggling to hold on to their keeper too. https://www.90min.com/posts/exclusive-aston-villa-news-offer-emi-martinez-new-contract-transfer-interest
  14. Barcelona are desperately trying to sell anyone they can to fund the new contract for Messi. That to me seems like no way to run a club. Messi is getting on and past his best so why invest the whole future of the club in one player? I suspect the bubble has already started to deflate and maybe players are finding it harder to get paid the silly money they once could, Villa excepted. Wolves and Everton owners have invested very large sums of money in recent years to get into that top 4 clubs and neither have won anyhthing and both now appear to be on a decline. Villa ia a disaster waiting to happen.
  15. Generally the only investment anyone makes in any football club is to feed their own ego.... or to prevent it from going bust. The is no financial gain from investing in a football club.
  16. At least 1p5wich should be ok for the non-vaccinated. "And he confirms that by the end of September the government plans "to make full vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather".
  17. Looks a certainty. "And he confirms that by the end of September the government plans "to make full vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather".
  18. I heard that a fee was agreed for Ajer some time ago...and when we sold Emi, Celtic suddenly changed the asking price considerably.
  19. Unless Boris is going to dig up the UK and move it to Asia then we ARE still in Europe and always will be. If the UK doesn't use a system that satisfies EU regs, then Brits will not be going to EU countries, simple. The whole World needs to be using the same system, not one that fills the pockets of Tory funders. Its a wolrd problem and always will be. The inventors of the Astrazeneca vaccine said thsi week, their estimate is that it will be a decade before covid is no more a problem than flu.
  20. If this Government and its MPs had spent more time making considered decisions, than decisions that lined their own pockets whilst letting the Countrymen they supposedly represent die in overcrowded hospitals ....................... If this Government and its MPs had spent time condemning racists and their comments then maybe Britain would be a better place to live..... Just shows how incredibly stupid this current crop of MPs really are.
  21. I was thinking more in terms of entertaining football. That criticism is entirely at his door.
  22. What a quite appalling post on this weekend of all weekends. not much doubt on how your mind works.
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