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  1. SteveN8458

    Corona Virus main thread

    Very good article, reflects my views on how this has been handled to a 'T'
  2. SteveN8458

    Despite everything

    I have thought deeply about it. I am a City supporter so I do not countenance a 'so called supporter' righting off the team I support in order to get attention. Until it is mathematically impossible for City to remain in the EPL, there is ALWAYS hope.
  3. SteveN8458

    Despite everything

    You are using the past to predict the future. On that basis I will go and buy the last set of Euro Millions winning number for the next draw, I'm bound to win using your logic.
  4. SteveN8458

    Despite everything

    Sorry, but I disagree. We don't need to win games by 3, 4, 5 goals to improve the goal diff', though it would help:) If we do win the required games (lets say 7) by just one goal then our goal diff would reduce by at least 7 taking us to -16 and if Watford, Wetspam and Villa lose the same number of games by the same margin the their GD will be -23, -20 and -22
  5. SteveN8458

    January window.

    Much as tho' I agree with a lot of the above. I have to ask, why strengthen the bench if they only ever get 5mins?
  6. SteveN8458

    Duncan Forbes

    A true true legend, RIP big man. A minutes applause Sunday at 78 mins?? Preceded by a rousing chorus of: 'SIX FOOT TWO, EYES OF BLUE, DUNCAN FORBES IS AFTER YOU, NA NA NANA NANA NA NA!!!!!
  7. SteveN8458

    More concessions required

    Not sure what the age barrier is, but have you been working on being miserable ? apparently I have mastered this one according to my family as they continually refer to me a 'miserable old git'!! I try and time my leaving so that I get near to the bottom of the stairs just as the whistle blows. This way I see all the match by the guys in the seats next to me thinks I'm leaving early, so I'm tagged as an early leaver, win win.
  8. SteveN8458

    Just park.com

    I too use Justpark, great for away games, concerts, etc While there is no comeback if your car gets damaged, I feel these are safer than a random carpark as you are in someones drive/garden.
  9. SteveN8458

    West Ham tickets

    For my sins I believe this to be nothing but a money grab by the club. Yes I got the tickets I wanted. However, I like most on here think the £50 just to join the queue is a rip off. Couple that with the £35 membership scam, again a money grab. This will be re-enforced when the club confirm there will be NO refunds, sorry RBF I only managed a couple of away games last year, and not much more a carra (ill health). As such the old points system did not help me, but it was fairer to those who went to a greater number of away games than this current abomination. As for having to join two membership schemes, did I say this was a money grab
  10. SteveN8458

    West Ham tickets

  11. Off to Anfield tomorrow, Any suggestions on where to eat?
  12. SteveN8458

    Liverpool tickets

    Your question was, imo, intrusive, hence my response. I gave additional details about my life as it appeared that you needed such information, hence your challenge. (was that the induction ceremony for the newbe?) However I am going now, which is all that is important to me and my youngest son who is also going.
  13. SteveN8458

    Liverpool tickets

    But only if you've paid your £50 to be in the lottery!