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  1. My GUESS is that they could have 2, possibly more, levels of displeasure in the current leader. level 1 would be as is, 54. [this could remain as a yearly time frame] level 2, say 100?? [ if having got through level 1, a second batch of letters, then a new vote could be allowed] possibly level 3, 51% (choose your own %%) of tory MPs then PM sacked, instant dismissal!!
  2. I'm sorry, but he will NEVER resign. So for him to go there will need to be a rule change in the Conservative Party & they have too many noses in the trough atm
  3. I tested +ve on Wednesday, daughter tested +ve on Monday, 2 sons +ve yesterday, that's 4 out of 5 with it. Surprisingly wife is still -ve, even though she works in school with the little ones. We all feel shoite, but nothing serious atm.
  4. Sorry but I think he believes his own hype, so NO he will not appologise as I don't feel he thinks he's done wrong. Also, I don't think he has the ball s to do it, as it takes a big man to see he's wrong and appologise.
  5. I still wear a mask, it makes ME feel comfortable.
  6. Just so I understand, Are you saying that IF (yes it's a big if) we get promoted next season, the club management refuse the the promotion and stay in the Champs?? If so, what players do you think will actually want to come here???
  7. no indoor gatherings outside SW1A 2AB postcode?!
  8. For me it was bad timing. What other timing? The coach bringing them all back would have either gone to Colney or CR, it's not like the cabbage coaches where the drive 'might' drop a few people off here/there for a beer token. In either case the players & Farke could have been told there NOT at an away stadium. I guess that makes me 'thick' !!!!
  9. Is this REALLY the succession plan that Webber told us all about. or was that Bo11ox too.
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