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  1. Our quality was 5hite, buffering about 30% of the time. My son & i were laughing at how poor it was, we almost missed the penalty (un like Pkki ) We saw the foul, next thing Pukki was on his run up. Virgin 200M connection, I7 laptop 16GB ram blah blah. Next time we watch I'll use a hard wired connection to rule out the wifi, something virgin are no too good at.
  2. KIO, Do you wear a face mask? (are they allowed?) I don't mean the screen type. If you can, then get some FFP3 masks, these give the best protection (for disposable type masks). I have a few of these that I wear when I go to clients, left for a min of 3 days between uses.
  3. Maybe you should go into teaching yourself, as you clearly know it all!! No. 2 blocked.
  4. @KIO I understand your feelings, my wife works in school and is NOT looking forward to the 8th.
  5. sorry missread your post re: A sudden jolt of the organs !!!! Ohh matron
  6. Thanks Ricardo. Just heard from my daughter, she has had the same text, and she is much younger than me but with her own medical issues.
  7. Just had a text to book my vaccination. Age 62 with underlying medical condition. Norwich They seem to be cracking on here.
  8. He deserves 32M+, RIP Tom
  9. Spoke with ours week before last & they said they were NOT getting involved. No surprise really, as they only open 9-5 anyway.Patients being sick is a real PITA for them!!
  10. One of my sons if in the middle of a VERY important training course for his future employment, he's 30. He has a very specific time period to complete ALL of his exams. The clock started in 09/2018 & finishes 09/2022. The examining body, can't say but it is a gov dept, have not extended the time window as he 'can travel' to the training provider during the current lock as it would be a 'local' journey. Unfortunately the nearest 'training provider' is 100 miles EACH WAY, and the Norfolk Chief Constable said yesterday that he does not take his dog to the beach for exercise during the lockdown as it is a 10 min walk!!! Mixed messages!!!!
  11. Worrying news regarding the South African mutation. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-single-vaccine-dose-165800915.html
  12. This has been my expectation for some time, it's the only way out for Trump.
  13. I read today that they are looking at only one jab of the Pfizer as it is 91% effective. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/people-one-vaccine-dose-race-103935857.html
  14. Hope so. I would love to know what the plan is to roll out the vaccine to the masses. It's clear from recent trends that this is a BIG ticket item for getting back to some form of normality. The current rate of vaccinations is way too slow. What is the daily goal when we move to mass vaccinations, 1mill/day? 1.5m, 2m.....??? If it was 1m/day then everyone could be done by Easter 2021.
  15. NO. Just like the people in Tesco earlier in the week who just didn't know what 2mtrs were! What the trolley santiser was................... Or those who where their face mask UNDER their nose. Sorry Bill, not aimed at you, just that there are twats everywhere
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