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  1. Haven't seen anything official on this, is it normal to not? I saw Borja post on Facebook saying he's going to miss Sam.
  2. Defensively Dimi is so much better than McCallum, but I do think this is a shame if true. McCallum is decent moving forward, his first touch is also brilliant. His aerial presence is awesome, which is an area we really struggle in. His work rate when you compare him to Stacey is miles off though. Overall a shame he's moving on.
  3. Footballs a brutal industry isn't it, best of luck to Wagner, I think he deserves some credit. Albeit yesterday was a pretty rubbish end to his tenure.
  4. Imagine benching Sainz... unbelievable Jeff Good to see Barnes has earned a song
  5. 😂😂 when there's genuinely no other options on the bench and you have to be seen to be doing something
  6. Agreed - based on Rowes output last week - I'd much rather Sainz give 120% for 70 minutes hero or bust. He's such a pest it's beautiful to watch & he would for sure do the Leeds fans heads in.
  7. Considering the season & roller coaster we've been on, I have no idea why there's any negativity on this forum after todays result at home to Leeds. Remember October / November? Regardless of results on Thursday, imagine if that level of performance continued. Quite nice to be able to say Sargent had a **** game & it was right to take Rowe off for Fass in comparison. I enjoyed today, Nunez MOTM for me. On to Thursday.
  8. Lads, do the tickets go onto our season tickets? I can’t remember how it works & can’t see it on my emails!?
  9. I’m feeling good, suns shining which helps! I’m getting to Norwich early for a Bills breakfast so I’m actually going rogue today & not going to the normal £5 carpark. I’m going to get someone’s free space before they arrive, which I’m quite excited about. I’m going 1-0, Sainz goal, Gunn MOTM.
  10. I’ve got 3 seats - let me know what qualities you would bring to the journey, I love stories about where you free park in Norwich. If this sounds like you, or you give me a free decent parking space the seat is yours!
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