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  1. My 2d. Truss has done the same as Boris, promised those that vote for her what they want. So to those in the Tory party, promises of tax cuts. As for the consequences, pass.
  2. What size solar/battery have you installed?
  3. Thanks, I didn't know that detail, also you missed 3-mile Island However, If trapped steam/Hydrogen can cause the top to blow off the containment vessel then a nuclear weapon could do the same. All you want is for a nuclear equipped country with a madman at the top. You can't control a madman (or woman). Yes, sorry I am playing devils advocate a bit, but at the moment I would put nothing past Putin.
  4. My understanding is that the Solar installation side was killed off to a large extent when the feed in tariff was cut, probably about 6-8years ago. When the FIT was introduced a typical 4kw system cost £20k+ so only a few could afford it. They were rewarded with a FIT of approx 45p/kw generated + ??p/kw exported on a 25year fixed contract, by 2018 this was reduced to 4.41p generated + 5.99p exported (my actual rates). The FIT system was canned in 2019. So when the prices dropped to a point where the general public could afford to buy, the rates dropped off a cliff.
  5. The problem with Fukushima was they put the emergency generators/pumps below ground. So when the Tsunami overwhelmed the defenses they were stuffed!! My fear with nuclear is the potential for escalation, if one went bang! in a big way how far would the blast wave extend? then the fallout? As was pointed out to me earlier. The UK processes nuclear waste from around the word into new usable fuel. But this can only be done a finite amount of times until there is high level waste which has to be dealt with by encasing in glass, which is in turn put into vessels and these vessels are stored in water ponds above ground at Sellafield!!! Why in ponds above ground? because not one regional council will allow underground storage in their area.
  6. Thanks for the link "EV batteries are either repurposed or recycled at the end of their lives. Retired EV batteries can be reused for storing energy in places such as factories, shopping centres or even homes, helping reduce the pollution caused by disposing of electric car batteries at the end of their life." Something I read elsewhere was that most domestic battery systems use 'used' car batteries, and they quote a charge cycle of 3000 over 10 years. Now this would be on top of anything that has happened during it's life in the car!! Personally I think EV's (& the original batteries) will last longer than 8 - 10 years. Like petrol or diesel powered cars the level of maintenance and 'care' will have a big impact of a vehicles life. here's a question: can an EV's charge/discharge history be retrieved from the car's memory?? like mileage, can it be 'forged' ?
  7. "the batteries are supposed to work 'for the life of the car'" Where did you get this from? can you post a link? I am NOT aware of any car manufacturer who guarantees the engines in their car for the life of the car. I am also NOT aware of any EV manufacturer who guarantees the batteries for the life of the car. Your perception of a vehicles life is not necessarily the same as the manufacturers! FYI I drive a 17 year old diesel car, which has the original engine and also owes me nothing. Does need a new set of tyres tho
  8. Yes it will reduce the life of the batteries in years/miles, I accept that. But if I can save say £1500/yr of my now predicted £5000 energy bill and plan to trade in the car after say 3 years, that's a saving of £4500. Will the car depreciate by an extra £4500? It's a tradeoff. Also need to factor in that I don't have to purchase the batteries/charger for the home, circa £10,000 at current prices for about 7Kw of batteries.
  9. Lithium is the current 'favored' technology, used in Tesla Power-walls etc with a charge cycle of approx 3000 I don't know factually but I think cars have a similar charge cycle life as Tesla use the same batteries in the power wall as their cars!
  10. Kia are one of the few that have embraced this very technology, as it requires the car to have a specific charge/discharge equipment. A little reading here https://www.homechargingstations.com/ev-bi-directional-charging/ How can they void the warranty, if they install the required technology? It's like fitting the wheels and voiding the warranty if you drive forwards!!??
  11. Our rise is estimated to be: Current £2750 after Oct 1st: £5090, Ohh Duck (85% increase) here https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/what-are-the-price-cap-unit-rates-/#tool
  12. As above, with the capacity you have in the car you could be almost 100% off-grid, especially if you shop at Lidl/Aldi
  13. if you are buying an electric car, you will probably be getting one with a battery capacity of 45Kw or higher. Typically solar batteries are itro £1200 for a 2.4Kw batt'. Now you can't take your solar batteries to Lidl/Aldi and plug that in a charger for free like you can your car!!!
  14. Just one comment on this, if you are considering an Electric car then you can use the batteries in the car to power the house, Just need a suitable charger. As for the rest CM, I'm in exactly the same position as you, but only for 4 years so our FIT is lower
  15. Yea, sorry Today's is currently 20.2kwh, background covered from 06:40 to 18:40, peak instantaneous 3433.1w. 3600w is quite common from 11:00 to about 15:00, I think the best daily total is around 26/27Kwh. Wife & daughter just back from 3 days in London, 3 load of washing today, all free Jan: 166.9Kwh Feb: 209.8Kwh March: 412.1Kwh April: 505.3Kwh May : 482.8Kwh June : 553.3Kwh July : 512.1Kwh August : 464.5Kwh (to date) HTH
  16. Hi Bb, Located in NR6 (Hellesdon) Roof is orientated SS(and a little East ) roof slope is near enough 45deg. System is 13x300w with a 3600w inverter, so the output is capped at 3.6kw (instantaneous). each panel is 1650mm x 990mm which is about the same size as the early 250w panels (I think) Daily Production numbers: 21/08: 20.3kw 22/08: 12.5kw 23/08: 13.9kw 24/08: 11.7kw 25/08: 4.5kw 26/08: 18.8kw 27/08: 13.3kw As for usage, the best I can give you is 5500Kw/yr (from a 2020 bill). To be honest, it has taken my wife a few years to get to grips with using the washing machine during the day rather than over night. PM me if you want any more info. I have, only recently, added a small meter c/w CT which is Bi-directional. this helps my wife see what power is actually available. So as far as she is concerned anything +ve is available for use FREE. If it is -ve, then can something be turned off. (I believe new systems have this feature, but ours was installed in 2018 and it was not available then )
  17. YF. I might be wrong, but isn't the store actually old mining tunnels out under the sea? That link was interesting, any similar for the solar cells? I need more edumification
  18. Oh and give everyone a tax cut is really going to help those who are on minimum wage. Yea that will help a lot of folk. How much do you need to earn for a 5% (chosen at random TVB) cut to make up for the £1500 (approximation TVB) quid rise in energy bills ? That sure will win a lot of voters over. It made me laugh today (sorry I know it was wrong) but they were saying on the TV that those who could not afford the latest rise in energy costs would be put on 'pre-payment' meters. like that will help them put money in the meter. Like, if they can't afford the bill, where does the money come from to put cash on the pre-payment card/key whatever???
  19. Just for TVB: All that waste from nuclear plants has to go somewhere, but where "Explanation: Half life is just the time it takes for half of a radioactive substance to decay (turn into something new). Since this is a first order process, the time it takes for this to happen is independent of the starting concentration. Different radioactive elements have different half lives, so you can't say it is generically some specific time. Rather, you need to know which radioactive elements you have to help you determine how long it will take your "waste" to decay. Nuclear waste is stuff like radioactive daughter nuclei from a fission reaction, leftover U235, U238, Plutonium, various other nuclei. If you only have daughter nuclei, most of their times required to decay are much shorter (still long time) compared to Uranium and plutonium. The amount doesn't matter. If you have 100kg of C-14, it will take approximately 5200 years for half of it to decay, so that you'll still have 50kg of radioactive C-14. If you started out with 100g of C-14, it would take 5200 years for half of its to decay. So for waste, you have to isolate it and let it decay for a certain amount of time (when I used P-32 in the lab, I think 5 half lives was the standard). So if you have to wait 5 half lives, for some of this material (daughter products), that'll be close to 250 years before the sample has decayed to sufficiently low levels. If you have to wait 5 half lives for Uranium and Plutonium, you'll be waiting hundreds of thousands of years." Yes lets build more of these plants, lets have more of this leftover stuff. I assume that you would be happy for this to be put under your house as you are not a 'nimby'
  20. Yea, and now we are in the position where private enterprise is making so much money the we are going to be dependent on the state to help out. What goes round comes around!!!
  21. From memory: The system here used to be that the companies extracting the gas from the wells were contracted to sell the gas to British Gas (a nationalised company at the time) hence the price you & I paid was fixed (in principle). Then one government decided to sell off British gas as it felt the 'private' sector could do a better job and instantly lost control of the price we pay. The gate was open and the horse named 'control' bolted only to be captured by those now making money at our expense.
  22. Where have I stated that? If you can show me where I posted such a load of trip maybe I won't blame you for my grandchildren poverty. (i'm not sure I actually said that either) Oh and while I'm posting, today my solar system has produced 15Kw of power (as of 14:24) Do you remember your statement: "Don't know if you've ever done a calculator to estimate your potential energy bill saving with a 4kw system but it will barely scratch the surface of our domestic energy needs" My background load is a shade over 250w, the rest is exported (at 5p/kw). How does 5p/kw stack up against nuclear? That unused power could be used for heating/cooking/hotwater, all effectively free, that is why I feel that these should be installed on every home. Pretty they are not. Yes they are limited to daylight hours. Go ask one of the millions of families who are struggling to choose between heating the house or buying food?? Oh I know wait 30 years for a new nuclear power plant to be built and come on line for the utility companies to still charge them the stupid prices we are seeing. I'm sure I know what their choice will be, do you? Then read-up about 'Chernobyl' and 'Three Mile Island' Now add Putin into the mix and what his forces are currently doing at Zaporizhzhia then you might get a understanding on why I dislike nuclear power. Just look here for a glimpse into the safety of these plants https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nuclear_power_accidents_by_country
  23. We must not forget that there are 650 families dependent on the BIG trough of government !
  24. Hmm. So 'dishing out' contract to china for Solar panels is different to 'dishing out' contracts to Chine for nuclear power stations!! As for solar not scratching the surface, well I don't have to calculate, I just look at the meter and even today ALL of our useage has been covered by the solar panels. (note: we don't have any batteries as when we get the electric car we can use the batteries in that) our last elec bill was under £50/month. Rolls Royce here is their 'plan' Design submitted for assessment in 2021 Manufacturing facilities being built by 2025 First SMR goes live early 2030s Not fixed then!! could even be argued as 'hypothetical' as nothing has been built or tested!!! Nothing I have suggested is not available today, can be installed in a matter of a few months and would have a direct impact on every home it is installed at. The government were happy to throw money at solar when they contracted (25years) to pay 45p per unit to those that could afford to install solar when it first became available. When the costs came down to a price that most could afford it dropped to 5p a unit Your proposal to rely on nuclear fision leaves a BIG problem for our children.... for thousands of years, something you think is a good idea? I guess that's not 'in the real world' And just for the record, NO I do not approve/like/condone blah blah, ANY nuclear power station. My 'ideal' would be renewable only.
  25. Where in my post did I say "producing in the UK over China" I didn't. Where in my post did I suggest "migrate hundreds of thousands of farm hands" I didn't. What I was posting was a way that a 'pro-active' government could help thousands upon thousand of families reduce their electricity bills. But that would reduce the need for 'Increasing the amount of nuclear energy' Just a quick minor question, but where are these new nuclear power stations going to be built and who's technology will be used? (French & Chinese I believe) Then, how quickly could just one of the 'new' power stations be designed/permission granted/and finally come on line? A single solar panel system could be designed and installed in a matter of weeks (yes component supply WILL be an issue). So that household is helped then, not in say 30 years + as for Sizewell C
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