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  1. Feels like the only time I hear Gibsons name mentioned is when he's made a big mistake.
  2. Implying we've turned a corner or something? We're just as **** as we have been all season we just played Brighton and Burnley.
  3. I enjoyed it a lot more when we were the most entertaining worst Premier league team. Now we're just the worst.
  4. He's unbelievably crap and a waste of money that's why
  5. We just got torn to shreds by a Leeds team that have been routinely battered and lost 6 in a row. Anyone with delusions of us staying up this season need their head checking.
  6. We've just recently been completely outclassed by two teams on gigantic losing streaks. Clown needs to go
  7. All I know is if McLean and Gilmour start I'm not even going to bother watching the game.
  8. I looked back and I believe we have that single 2-1 win against Southampton where they both played
  9. Didn't hear his name mentioned once all game, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  10. Can't even have a game when Gilmour isn't on the pitch without the bloody commentators going on about him
  11. But I thought Adam Idah needed to go on loan to League One club?
  12. Tzolis, Sargent, Dowell and others having a huge chance to prove themselves and utterly failing again.
  13. Player literally facing Pukki, ignoring the ball, two arms on the chest. Even if Pukki goes down easy how can he get away with doing that!
  14. Three subs...Dean Smith must be seriously pissed off with that first half.
  15. I think Kabak should consider being a midfielder instead
  16. Spot on. It's all about expectations and we were being given the expectation that he's the Scottish Messi or something when we've seen nothing of the sort.
  17. We've drawn the second half because Palace were just chilling and waiting for the game to be over
  18. There it is, praising Gilmour again for absolutely no reason
  19. He has to be injured or feeling unwell, there is absolutely no way thats a tactical change.
  20. Ginny off hahahaha If hes not injured thats a ****ing shocking decision
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