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  1. I don't suppose the integrity will matter when after 2 games Liverpool have won the league a few big club's players get Covid-19 and the season is suspended. Liverpool are awarded the title and we get relegated on the basis of points per game. I bet this happens.
  2. This is getting to the point where the self funding model leaves Farke without the means to carry out his job. If we keep a 27000 capacity we keep a demand and people will renew their season tickets for fear of exclusion if the ground is 32000 or more then the incentive to renew is removed. I am starting to feel we as ST holders are being taken for mugs - excluded from away tickets, taken for granted at home and having to watch a good young manager create a team on no budget whatsoever. It's like trying to plait sawdust what we are asking him to do. Watching us is becoming predictable and painful but we still do it but for how much longer can we put up with this ?
  3. Not sure how much longer Farke should get. Yes he made some brave decisions today with Aaron''s and Godfrey. But he, Webber and the board need to stop taking the supporters for granted we pay high prices and turn up in large numbers. We are sleepwalking into L1 if we are not careful. I have followed City since the early 70s and this is the worst situation since the mid 90s in my opinion. If results don''t pick up we are in trouble. Today was good in that 3 young defenders really acquitted themselves well but we should be doing better than that with the players we have.
  4. Beautiful Day -U2 from 2002 playoff season
  5. Why doesn''t the highly qualified aforementioned Ed Balls 1. Attend to matters on the pitch. Dull football equals no atmosphere 2. Do,some research into the cost of installing rail seats it is not cheap and we have higher priorities
  6. IMO I just don''t see how it could be worse than the boring,negative football we have suffered all this season. Either Lambert and/or Culverhouse would be better than Farke. Unless Farke can produce a complete change of philosophy next season we will struggle and be right back yo the misery of the Roeder era
  7. I actually think Klose would have done better up front than Oliviera or Watkins. Chris Sutton started at centre half then got pushed up front.
  8. This level,of performance is unacceptable given the resources he has had. In Oct and Nov we lost 8 in a row. We have now only won 1 in 10. Surely either Farke is not up to it or both Farke and Webber are not up to it. Cheap,options for coach or manager like Mick McCarthy or Ian Culverhouse surely could not do worse. Seriously thinking of stopping my season ticket.
  9. With the players we have Farke is seriously underachieving. No other club would tolerate his abysmal record. Why should we? Of unemployed managers both Lambert and Grayson would do better and I am sure getting Culverhouse from Kings Lynn would be within our budget.
  10. Something has to change. 1 win in 11 is unacceptable for any manager. Lambert is unemployed at present but would he work with Webber and the new set up? I just don''t see how this 1 paced sideways passing football can continue. Most other managers in this division would get far more out of our players.
  11. I ended up in the Churchman End. There were plenty of other Norwich fans there. We came away thinking that we had got away with it after only losing 1-0 . The atmosphere was quite hostile if I remember it correctly
  12. So no goals and only 2 shots on target. How much longer can this obsession with a method and slow paced ponderous football continue. Preston and Alex Neil will take us apart. This needs sorting before we are in a relegation fight.
  13. Another thought Martin O''Neill will probably be available soon, he was Lambert''s mentor and has done well for us as player and manager in the past. If we don''t get some points from the next 2 games things will start to look very poor.
  14. Never mind the number of posts. In over 40''years of watching Norwich I have never seen such an uninspiring inept performance. I am usually positive about our performances but other than Hanley today there was nothing. No pace no invention no urgency
  15. That was a totally dismal performance. If this is not sorted soon we need a change of manager. Lambert has worked the German system before, he could not do worse than this. This is like the end of Worthys reign.
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