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  1. The Engineer

    Parking at wigan

    I parked on Beresford Street last time, looks like closest on-street parking and about a 5-10min amble over the bridge and around to the away end :)
  2. The Engineer

    Norwich City vs Bristol City Match Thread

    Anyone found a stream?
  3. The Engineer

    Song for Marco

    True, I mean we are already going above our stations remembering the Buendia lines - 2 songs with non-repetitive lyrics will definitely be too hard for most football fans to cope with!
  4. The Engineer

    Song for Marco

    I liked the "Rhythm is a dancer, Stipermann's the answer" one. Why not just use that?
  5. Well, a bit of avoidance as he knew he was on for a booking, and obviously to make Aarons look worse. Regardless, even if Rudd got straight up to his feet Aarons should've gone...
  6. Rhino1, I think you need to get a grip. A frustrated Rudd conceding his clean sheet in the 93rd minute punched the ball into the stand and rightfully got booked for that. In response Aarons full force pushed him in the chest and probably should've seen red for it. Okay Rudd laid on the floor for a couple minutes (more likely trying to avoid the ref's attention), again any player would do the same. And yes he also took his time over goal kicks etc throughout the game - something Krul also does very well when we are winning. After the final whistle, Rudd held up his hands to the away support and clapped them.
  7. The Engineer

    Best "ordinary" games you've been to...

    Surely deserves a bump, right? Unbelievable!
  8. The Engineer

    Best "ordinary" games you've been to...

    I did crossbar challenge at the Leicester 4-3 game so remember that one well! Other particularly memorable "ordinary" games - going to stick with away games as they tend to incite the passion that little bit more... 4-3 L at St. Mary's 2005 2-1 W and then 3-3 in North London 2012 2-1 W Ewood Park 2015 4-3 L St. James' Park 2017 And one home game that may be seen as controversial is the 1-6 L to Man City in 2012, I just remember Man City being on a completely different level, and remembering thinking we didn't actually play that badly! An utter master class.
  9. The Engineer

    For those who wanted Farke OUT

    Must admit, after watching the Leeds game and the way the players seemed to completely abort and lose faith in the game plan after the first goal, I was very much teetering towards "if he goes I won't be unhappy". I will also admit that at the beginning of last season I predicted it wouldn't be until after Christmas this season until we see Farke's style coming off! Mainly due it still took Pep well over a year to get it right at Man City with the talent at his disposal! Though the reason for my feelings after the Leeds game were because I felt as though we were going backwards... Here's a question, has there ever been a time when ourselves and Ipswich have been at polar ends of the table simultaneously?! Loving it!
  10. The Engineer

    Wigan match thread

    Anyone know of a radio stream? Cheers :)
  11. The Engineer


    Sky Sports score centre for me. Not sure of the benefit of using another app like Flashscore unless I wanted multiple sports?
  12. The Engineer


    For me it seems as though the plan since last summer was always for Remi to come in as no. 1 this year. I seem to remember Webber saying something along the lines of the reason we''ve bought Angus in on loan is because we don''t any of our own that are quite ready for the Championship yet, but perhaps next season (2018/19) we would - and hence Matthews loans to Plymouth, as opposed to being no. 2.

    Whilst I didn''t watch any of Plymouth''s games last season, reports are that Matthews had a very successful loan. Also from what I understand, during pre-season he has been less than convincing so far but perhaps could just be a simple dip in form. One thing I do know though, McGovern is not good enough and should not be starting and we have a sorry state of affairs in the GK department if that becomes the case!
  13. The Engineer

    Prediction time

    I''m thinking we''re definitely going to see progress on last season with the style of play clicking more - heck it took Pep well over a year with the quality he had at his disposal! So I''d imagine we''ll finally see Farke''s style becoming more successful after Christmas for a late surge into the play-offs! (There''s always one!) Though head says 8th.
  14. The Engineer

    University Tenancy Rip-Off

    One way one of my flatmates got out without paying the full amount was to simply not pay, and the lettings company just kept the deposit - and there was a lot of hassle with this if I remember, and probably technically not legal to just not pay anyway! (Seeming as the tenancy term will be set out in the contract that will have been signed).