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  1. We have got a lot tho..a very big pot.. Admittedly it''s pretty empty in terms of available cash but we still have it..
  2. Would be a fantastic signing even if just on loan, but does this mean we are no longer interested in Ben Marshall?
  3. Define ageing.. I''m not sure we have pursued any ageing continental powders assuming by ageing you mean past it. Apart from the fact every player is ageing we do need some players at their peak of 27 or 28. I appreciate we need young players to coach but that is kinda the philosophy we have had since Webber appointed farke anyway
  4. Loan with option to buy would be good business but as others have said wages could be an issue.. If we are going this route Ross McCormack on loan? Villa desperate to get some of his wages off their wage bill. Think he played a lone striker role when doing well at Fulham. Obviously a risky loan but if he can get back into shape and hungry for goals not pies or pounds....may suit our play better but ideally we need a fast mobile striker who can hold up play and score wld be uselful
  5. Pity. When his original transfer seemed to fall through I thought we had quacked it.
  6. What do ppl think we actually need now after Murphy n maddison have gone. Looking at the squad now we still have what I think is a good competitive side Matthews Pinto Hanley klose lewis Tettey Vrancic godfrey trybull Buendia Oliveira I think a gk tho Matthews may be fine A right back/wingback tho maybe this Ben marshall we are supposedly after can play there Possibly another creative midfielder And 1 definitely or maybe 2 strikers Obviously there may be more sales but right now, to me at least, we actually look better than I thought Strong bench too McGovern husband Zimmerman raggett stieperman Hernandez wildschutt srbeny with Cantrell Thompson and 1 or 2 other under 23s. With 2 or 3 good additions we could be quite good
  7. I''m going for away to Wigan.. .....tho..be nice to be home.
  8. I don''t think we have announced incoming of £35m.(approx) Everyone else seems to say it''s that and it probably is but we don''t announce incoming fees.they are undisclosed. It''s not the club''s fault ppl will guesstimate. Speaking of madders tho, and 1 for the conspiracy theorists, how come he''s spoke about Leicester on Twitter but no thanks or byes to the club or fans here...boooooooo lol...seriously. I''m sure he will say something soon and we might get to say bye when the eng under 21s play here..unless he''s in full squad by then
  9. Presumably if they are losing players before reaching the first team then Ajax deem they are not yet good enough for the first team so they aren''t necessarily losing a future star Or perhaps they are not giving the youth players long enough contracts to keep them. I think our model can work but need a good combination of coaching expertise and luck.
  10. We will not be pushing for promotion at all imho. The best we can hope for is noticeable improvement on last season,which isn''t necessary a bad thing. I hope im wrong and obviously until we have signed the 4 or 5 players we really need it''s impossible to predict accurately but I''m not holding my breath.. Really hope it''s alot better than I expect tho as I bought my daughter her first season ticket for the coming season
  11. With a loan back til January.. .if only Carlsberg did our transfers
  12. I''m pretty sure he knew what be was going to be faced with when he signed.
  13. Now.......waiting for their next fan survey asking fans what we think of there reporting.
  14. We must have loads of installments due from all the sales over the last 2 seasons
  15. Ambition....strong desire for success, achievement, power, or wealth Risk...Act in such a way as to bring about the possibility of (an unpleasant or unwelcome event) Reckless...adjective heedless of danger or the consequences of one''s actions; rash or impetuous.
  16. Not sure how much truth is in this but assuming we did sell godfrey I would be far angrier and upset than when we sell maddison. I appreciate we have to sell maddison and unless we are promoted any time soon will continue to have to sell but I don''t think anyone invested in to our youth set up to just sell players as soon as a couple of million is offered. But I don''t believe Webber would even consider selling him unless the offer is too good to turn down ie £8-10m
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