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  1. Being a relative newcomer to these pages I really am struggling to believe the level of negativity in some of the posts . Following a fantastic promotion season we have lost one key player . The new recruits look to have real potential . The two loan to full transfers have run smoothly - both quality players . By the way did somebody close the transfer deadline when I wasn't looking ! As for Ajer everything I have seen and read indicates to me that City have dodged the bullet .
  2. OK so he knocked off a few good plays
  3. Couldn't disagree more with everything written .
  4. Sorry given enough time sure I could think of plenty of reasons why any club sponsor might be socially unacceptable ... Or acceptable depending upon your own point of view . Latest City sponsor not my first round draft pick but I promise you the world will not end
  5. Need to take two steps back here . Without Man City and Chelsea players this was a B team . Not Southgate's fault ... less than useless for him as preparation for the tournament. Grealish had won me over . Seems to have grown up over the last year or so . A joy to watch now . Mings ?? Just don't get it . With luck Gibbo will be pushing for a place this season . Gareth clearly has a lot of time for him . Also loved the way Mings couldn't even avoid falling over Grealish lying down behind the England wall
  6. Would bite their hands off . Much harder to replace Skipp than Aaron's . Similar transfer values also .
  7. No Gibson . Give your head a shake .
  8. It won't be as easy to open up prem defences as we have in the Championship . Think for the additional minimal spend Hugill would be good to have on the bench . Cantwell and Buendia will be targeted by opposing teams - Emi in particular will be singled out and have to learn to count to 10 . Stop them and you will stop the team . Hugill would be valuable to add physical presence when needed . If the right ball is delivered in the air has always shown he can be dangerous . Can cause trouble in defences with physical presence . Agreed not a number 1 but a valuable guy to have on the bench . Would not be intimidated and seems to have a positive affect on the changing room .
  9. Gibson influence sadly lacking at the back as well as bringing the ball constructively forward .
  10. Already bored rigid with never ending meaningless Eurocrap . This plan should be chapter 1 in the Bumper Book Of **** Ideas .
  11. Guy who went to my school wrote this a million years ago
  12. The Boro will sort Watford out ... No problem
  13. Have you had a recent sensitivity by-pass ? Glass half empty moment . Be positive . Premier league luck - do you really think we would be where we are now if it hadn't been for Gibson . We were lucky to find someone of this class for the fee . He will be back fit and ready for the prem . Keep the faith . We are committed to fulfilling the transfer fee agreed . Why even debate this . My glass half full .
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