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Found 2 results

  1. Just realised after bringing the Faroe Islands up in the Adshead sale thread (a bit off topic), I wasn't sure if I'd seen a thread for this, so thought why not start a thread in the Non-Football section instead! What trips have you done / are you going to do? Which countries have you all visited / do you want to visit? I'll be off to Finland and Ă…land again in a couple of weeks, then to Warsaw in early September for probably my favourite half-marathon (Polmaraton Praski), Vilnius the week after that, then up in Inverness at the start of October, and a long weekend in Dresden at the end of the same month. Will not travel for a bit after that, just wondering whether to aim at Malta in late February or just restart with Prague at the start of April. Most off-beat place I've been is Greenland, although Svalbard will push it close.
  2. Similar to the travel thread, but @kick it off's excellent shots of a recent Istanbul visit merit a separate thread for good / favourite photos, I think. I'll chuck a few of mine in to start things off: July 2022 - shot of the Archipelago Sea. Think I was an hour away from the Finnish port of Turku at this point, heading west. Have been before, but in autumn. Suspected it would be gorgeous in summer, and this was a pretty typical shot. This was June 2022, from the village of Gjogv in the Faroe Islands. Stood on a small footbridge, saw this view towards the next island (Eysturoy), and the cloud was high enough to pull it off. If you've never been to the Faroes, expect a LOT of low cloud and/or fog/mist. October 2016, Russell Glacier, Greenland. As I quipped, the most beautiful ice cube I've ever seen. We were able, on a day trip, to walk right up to the glacier. Dresden, October 2018. In the Zwinger pleasure palace here. Had specifically booked the then Westin Hotel (it's now ran by a Dutch chain called Bilderberg) as the location on the northern bank of the Elbe had the famous Canaletto view of Dresden's old city (on the southern bank). Unfortunately, there were a few cranes up. I don't think Canaletto had those to paint. So this was probably my favourite shot from that trip. Last, but not least, probably the favourite shot I ever hit - just south of Tromso in June 2015 in a helicopter. Unfortunately the helicopter tour company seemed to have been a victim of the pandemic, and even more unfortunately, there were no such trips available on Svalbard.
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