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  1. Before the club starts looking at how to operate the ballots, they need to know who can/wants to attend next season. If they ask all ST holders the below, rather than a few members of supporter groups, it might give a better understanding on the general mood. 1. Are you happy to attend Carrow Road during 20/21, and receive your ticket based on a ballot (households entered together)? 2. If you are not comfortable attending in 20/21, are you happy that your payment is kept (and continued payments made if paying via DD) secure your seat for 21/22? If the answer is 'no' to Q2, then they can look at refunds etc, but at least knowing the answers to the above will help work out how many fans they need to try and accommodate across the games with reduced capacity. No point making plans for ST holders to see 1 in 3 or 4, if in fact they can get away with 1 in 2 due to more people deciding not to attend.
  2. I think this is a really good point. As well as those who won't want to attend due to health reasons, there will be those that probably don't want to go until the full matchday experience is back, and also those that go for the social aspect, that won't be sitting with the same people around them that they've been used to. If the club asked the question, the initial response could be surprising, and could make the jobs of allocating games to those that wish to attend an awful lot easier for them.
  3. First thing that should probably happen is all ST holders are asked if they want to attend this season - or lets say in 2020. I've been speaking to friends who have season tickets at other clubs. Spurs and West Ham both have said they'll have ballots. West Ham seems to be automatic, and suggests it will group households together, so no risk of 1 member being successful and other missing out. Also mentions that you won't have the same people getting tickets and the same missing out, it will be done fairly. What West Ham have also done though is said, if you're not comfortable coming, you need to transfer your ST to a friend or family member, to enter the ballot. You can't simply opt out altogether from what I understand. A colleague has one at 1p5wich and their ST holders were asked to complete a survey on their views, how they travel in etc. Personally, I'd be happy to attend games, and I don't mind sitting in the same block, or close to it. My journey is by car, and I travel alone. It takes over an hour though - so if I'm allocated an early entry time for an evening game, it might be tricky with work. If everyone is wearing masks, observing social distancing etc, I'd be happy to be there though. If unsuccessful, I wouldn't choose to have a streaming pass, instead of a refund/credit. I don't really enjoy watching the games on TV, so it isn't for me. It would be worse with an iFollow stream with a single camera or similar set up too! If we were on TV though, and it was a match I really wanted to watch, I could buy a pass if I choose to, for less than the price I would have paid for my ticket.
  4. I just commented on it on an existing thread too. The offer of a live stream to those unsuccessful in the ballots is a nice idea, but I can't see everyone accepting that in lieu of a refund or credit, so wonder how that will work. When there is more than one ST holder per household, giving each person a streaming pass isn't much benefit. A family of 4 might be entitled to nearly £70-£80 in pro-rata refunds, whereas they could purchase an iFollow stream for the game for £10 I believe? With the darlings of Sky, Leeds, not in the division anymore, we might find more of our games are on Sky too, which families may have, or again, could buy a day pass for £10ish.
  5. As someone mentioned the other day in another thread, discussions were held this week about getting fans back in the stadium; https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-fan-consultation-carrow-road-return-1-6771240 The offer of a live stream to those unsuccessful in the ballots is a nice idea, but I can't see everyone accepting that in lieu of a refund or credit, so wonder how that will work. When there is more than one ST holder per household, giving each person a streaming pass isn't much benefit. A family of 4 might be entitled to nearly £70-£80 in pro-rata refunds, whereas they could purchase an iFollow stream for the game for £10 I believe? With the darlings of Sky, Leeds, not in the division anymore, we might find more of our games are on Sky too, which families may have, or again, could buy a day pass for £10ish.
  6. Hopefully be something along the lines that Wet Spam have implemented - For every match we are unable to welcome you to London Stadium in the 2020/21 season, due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, we will automatically refund the pro-rata value of the match to the pay holder’s card or account within 30 days of the fixture taking place. https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2020/july/27-july/season-ticket-renewals-open-202021-premier-league-season
  7. My cheque refund arrived this morning. If there was an option for club shop vouchers, I probably would have taken those, as the £131 will basically cover next season's home shirt and the season's programmes, so will be going back into the club. The covering letter mentions 20/21 Rebates - stating "...if any games in the upcoming 20/21 season are played behind closed doors, the club will again offer a pro-rata rebate". You'd have to assume that also applied to games that aren't played behind closed doors, but are in front of reduced capacity.
  8. I think one suggestion was toilets being closed during half-time, so you'd have to go during play. But as soon as there is a break in play for a sub or injury, you're still going to have a load of people all going at once. It's going to be a nightmare.
  9. I commented elsewhere about what I've been told West Ham are doing, which is an auto-enrolled ballot, with refund straight away if unsuccessful. Spurs mention ballots on their ST renewal pages too. https://forum.pinkun.com/index.php?/topic/138654-back-in-stadiums-by-autumn/&do=findComment&comment=2376086
  10. Further to the news that that it's likely stadiums won't be at full capacity at all next season (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53556072) I was asking a West Ham supporting colleague what their plans are for season ticket holders. He told me that they are automatically being put into a ballot each game, and if they don't get tickets, are refunded straight away. Alternatively, if not comfortable attending, then you transfer your season ticket to a friend or family member for some or all of the season. An 1p5wich season ticket holder I work with said they got a survey yesterday about next season - so they can start to prepare plans. Easier to accommodate 9k ST holders in a 30k stadium though! I'd be happy to attend as soon as I can get back in the stadium, but possible entry slots of 2-3 hours before kick off would be tricky for the midweek games (of which there are bound to be plenty!).
  11. With one of the solutions being suggested to get people into the stadium safely being that gates open 3 hours early, and fans being given a timeslot to enter the stadium at, it will make midweek kick offs even trickier. I'm over an hours drive from Norwich, but if I finish work on time, I can get to a midweek game on time. That will be different if I need to enter the stadium at 4.45 or 5.45 though. It would even effect people working office hours that live in the City. This latest report seems to suggest possibly no full stadiums at all next season; https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53556072 Hopefully we get some confirmation soon from the club what the procedures will be.
  12. After zero Tues/Weds games at Carrow Road in the league this season, sounds like we could have an awful lot coming up to make up for it! If season ticket holders get to attend 1 in 3 or 4 games based on a ballot (with the reduced capacity), I'm hoping I manage to get some Saturday games!
  13. I'm subscribed and have really enjoyed the content. I have a small interest in MLS, MLB, NHL and NFL, so that all helps. I do find myself looking at it religiously for a few weeks though, then not checking it for a while, then going back over everything I missed. It's been good partaking in the matchday discussions too, something I can't usually do on final whistle as driving home from the game normally. I went to turn my auto renewal off during the break in football, and was offered a free 90 day extension - to be fair, that was the same times as they were offering new readers free 90 day trials, so might not be on there anymore. You could try cancelling (it still gives you access until your renewal date anyway), and see if it offers you some incentive to stay? Alternatively, I've seen the US account reply to tweets about cheapest ways to renew, and they've openly said that you could just buy yourself the 12 month gift subscription and apply it to your own account - £39.99 in the UK.
  14. Daily Mail reporting today about plans for next season; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8518815/Government-allow-fans-Premier-League-games-season-partial-stadium-openings.html Apparently clubs looking for fan feedback about; How to fairly distribute tickets if, as expected, capacities are reduced Whether fans would be happy to disclose their health details How they would travel to games and if they would feel safe taking public transport to matches Whether season-ticket holders would be satisfied with not sitting in their normal seats Interesting to see that other teams already refer to a ballot for season ticket holders to obtain tickets if capacity is reduced; https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2020/july/update-202021-season-ticket-renewals/
  15. Freesat have added Pick in HD now, on channel 147. SD still available on 144.
  16. Not needed for the next batch of games either. Just announced that 2 are on BT and 1 is on Pick.
  17. According to The Athletic, we were one of 4 clubs who voted against the 5 subs, but we did vote for the increased matchday squad size.
  18. Not received the letter in today's post - anyone had theirs yet? With no post on Saturdays anymore, it should come tomorrow (if we're supposed to have the details before the refunds open on 1st June). I think they said it would be emailed too - not sure why they'd post and email, if you have an email on your account. Seems like a waste of postage and paper expense sending to 22k ST holders and the thousands of members.
  19. Nice to see them acting early, before waiting for the inevitable announcement about the season not being finished in front of fans, or at all. Fair play. It also reads as though members will also receive a pro-rata refund based on matches remaining too, as well as the refund on their casual ticket purchase. Also a good move by the club if that is the case, after the initial debacle members faced and continued throughout the season. Well played!
  20. I think Sheff Utd's game prior to playing us has been moved to the Thursday by Amazon, so they can't play Thursday then Saturday.
  21. Delayed until 12noon by the sounds of it. https://twitter.com/mjshrimper/status/1184524644906389504 4 kick off times on Boxing Day apparently.
  22. So these are well overdue now - supposed to be announced last Friday. Interesting to see the responses from various supporter groups here; http://www.fsf.org.uk/latest-news/view/fan-anger-at-premier-leagues-latest-tv-fixture-delay This guy seems to think our fixture against Sheff Utd would be moved to Sunday; We won't know for sure until they finally get announced, but the issue is apparently Amazon wanting to stagger their dates across Tues/Weds/Thurs, which impacts the weekend matches. Plus Amazon apparently want various kick off times throughout Boxing Day, which I guess then clubs have to sort with Police and local authorities.
  23. Worrying thing is that it looks like this guy is a parent himself from his other posts!
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