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  1. Realistic and very sensible post for me, Essjayess.
  2. The issue for me is that we are now committed to a specific strategy which frankly precludes so many of the potential Managers that might be there in the future. We cannot panic after 10 matches and change unless we change the entire structure again. That seems totally unrealistic. I''m frankly OK with giving it another full season but then I''ve been round the block so many times over 60 odd years another turn or two is ever likely.
  3. Interesting to see the opening positions taken by the Bookies - they seem to see us around 6th or 7th whereas our neighbours are seen at the other end of the table - https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/championship/next-season-relegation
  4. Now Villa are going to have to cut back hard - Austerity Villa next season.
  5. So lets follow the example of Barnsley with their several billions worth of ownership. That did them shedloads of good didn''t it?
  6. Has to be said he has a good record in the Champs - 2nd, 8th and 7th. Maybe we''re a bit too hasty to want rid? Anyway we''re committed to the new structure now, so abandon it and we''re completely shafted.
  7. In hindsight not unhappy about this result and performance as we have seen today that lightweight players and a possession system is not going to work in the Championship. Therefore there should be no complacency by Webber and Co this Summer. If the remnants of this squad after Summer trading is not considerably improved then 2018/19 is a bleak prospect.
  8. When asked if he wants to sell the Club, where did I hear this or similar before - “But I have to be honest with you, I’m not too sure why, but I haven’t seen too many Chinese or Russian oligarchs racing up the A12 in the last few years.”
  9. There''s me thinking this thread was about the 2-1 win at Old Trafford in 1967, goals from Don Heath and Gordon Bolland. What a great day out that was.
  10. komakino - if that is the case then why on earth appoint a Manager in the Summer then let him walk just 6 months later with the Team in a good position just needing that one more player in the Managers opinion. No, I think you''ve got that wrong mate.
  11. Good points, well made Badger. There are some short memories on here about the Chase era - just ask Martin O''Neil what it was like and why he couldn''t wait to get away.
  12. As I see it the major difference between the two clubs is that despite the odd few, we are mainly all behind the team with a great deal of togetherness; whereas they are an angry Club with anger between their long suffering fans and the Management. Lets never go along that route!
  13. Bet Lincoln woke up this morning and said "Oh, no, the sun is shining and I so wanted it to be a dull, miserable Day!!"
  14. Almost a nailed on certainty these days that the Play Off winners come straight back down - is it 4 years on the spin now with no. 5 looking like Huddersfield.
  15. Odd thing that he thinks he has more chances of first team football at Rangers than here. Shows the growing gap between English and Scottish football.
  16. That''s a valid POV and until we find out from watching him play, at this stage it depends whether you are a glass half full or a glass half empty person. Nevertheless at any level a player who can score or assist with 17 in 15 has to be worth a go. I''m looking forward to seeing him play.
  17. If we were buying a League 1 striker with a total of 17 goals plus assists in 15 games, I suspect we would have to pay much more than the reported £1M.
  18. Come on you peeps who were so negative this week, just a quick well done to the team will do for now.
  19. What I laughed at was that this extra £2M over 3 & a half years is for transfers, so that gives a huge spend of £575,000 per season. Wow that''s going to buy a whole lot of talented footballers!
  20. Not forgetting that no other Prem Club showed any interest so anything around £12M as reported, represents the best deal available. And now we wait on the rest of the Window to see where we are squad wise by then. That will be the time to take stock and make our judgements I feel.
  21. This is the best post I''ve seen on here so I wanted to repost it. Well said Duncan Edwards. Speaks up for us oldies who have seen it all before ----- " Woods Watson Bruce Phelan Drinkell Gordon Townsend Sherwood Fleck Newsome Eadie Fox Sutton O’Neill Bellamy Ashton Brady Fer Murphy Redmond Johnson Howson Olsson Marshall Green Earnshaw Linighan And then we released Iwan, Malky and didn’t let Hucks say cheerio.... We sold Kevin Reeves, Fashanu....Martin bloody Peters..... We’ve always survived. Pritchard is a lovely player and deserves to be playing at a higher standard than we find ourselves. Like so many that have gone before and a shedload still to come. Disappointing? Yup. But to read some of the crud on here and social media you’d think that the whole Norwich City fanbase had set out looking for the edge of the flat earth and then found it before they could paddle backwards"
  22. For me the biggest positive in this deal is the Club appears to have done the deal with some 3 weeks to go in the window, therefore time for us to see what the Plan is going forward. If this had happened on the last day all this lashing of tongues would and may still be well deserved but lets wait and see. Good players have left us in the past and for a lot less money. I put Alex in the "good little''un" bracket. If we resist the moves for Maddison in this window, he can become the real deal as our No. 10. I reserve my right to tongue lash until February 1st or whenever this window closes.
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