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  1. I wonder what Ian MacMillan, the Barnsley poet thinks about it ? I will have to take a peep at his Twitter feed
  2. Its Rubbish,they didn''t show any of the goals last night
  3. Perhaps it time to bring on Jerome, but who take off, Josh ?
  4. Always good when we are winning and Ipswich loosin, Long may it last
  5. Best sign him now then, will take a few games to get up to steam but he could do a job for sure, but aint gonna happen
  6. Now done deal http://readnorwich.com/2017/08/30/confirmed-hanley-signs-for-norwich/
  7. This thread seems to have gone a little off topic, but some interesting points
  8. Ipswich are on the slide , 2 defeats in a week, That''s the only good thing on a very bad day
  9. As Mark Clemmit has just very eloquently pointed out on BBC''s Final Score - which you can watch via the play icon at the top of this page - Norwich have had a whopping 70.7% possession but still find themselves 4-0 down. It''s not how much ball you have, it''s how you use it!
  10. At least he KNOWS how to fire up a team, and knows the GERMAN way if that''s what out board want
  11. If you were Josh, Nelson or Madison what would you do if another club came in for you before end of window. I know how I would feel
  12. We won''t even have a relegation fight, RELEGATION SURRENDER
  13. I never bother looking at the table until after 6 games (except when we get off to good start )
  14. Wait til Saturday at win less Villa, along come Norwich.
  15. Now, working, not a clear interface but finally got it, Am I thick or is it not user friendly
  16. No Lord Nelson but he is cert to start on Sunday, having birthday off tonight
  17. Wow, at last we have a manager / coach who takes cup comps seriously, tonight''s line up is destined to win
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