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  1. Fantastic. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Cluck "]Perhaps they are just doing what NCFC are up to.....calling someone else "Chairman" in order to deflect criticism away from someone within the Boardroom who has a "squeaky clean" reputation to protect. Just a hunch............[/quote] Or maybe they haven''t got around to changing the website yet, or issuing a press release.  Aren''t there enough serious conspiracies in the world to get your teeth into ?  If I were you, I''d be far more concerned at the stifling of development of zero-point energy solutions, or whether 911 was an inside job, or whether Princess Di was really knocked off by MI5, or anything involving America, rather than who''s the top volunteer in a fans association. [:|] [/quote]
  2. Personally I think he has had a shocker of a season, cost us a few cheap goals and is poor coming forward, looks like he is losing his pace and stamina a bit to.  One more year and then cheerio in my opinion.  And he is not a captain. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"] Drury has expressed his loyalty and love of the Club and wants to sign a new contract. This is the much criticised for lack of demonstrativeness on the pitch, son of Worthy, can''t tackle captain who should be replaced according to some. But he is our quiet legend who will rack up a significant number of games to be one of our longest serving players before he retires; who lifted the Championship trophy; who gets up from and recovers from injuries like no other player at the Club; who has done sterling work as a full back compensating his reputation for the side in having Hucks in front of him leaving him exposed; who would walk into most Championship teams; who is low maintenance off the pitch as he is a sure pro and who basically just gets on and does a job for us a la Dave Stringer. Good on you, Adam; you are truly the type of Club player every side needs. May we prosper with you. [/quote]
  3. This sums up why perhaps your absence from games will save you pain.  You obviously cannot spot a decent footballing talent when you see one.  He has all the attributes and will figure strongly next season in our team.  Lets see who is right. [quote user="Cluck "] I said he''d be on loan to Rochdale next season...and I stand by it.  Too many fan''s desperate for a "hero" I''m afraid....and a club so desperate to hold on to one that they break the bank to do it. I''m pleased the lad can afford a Hummer now.......but he''s been sussed and eliminated as a threat.   [/quote]
  4. Worthington is history, and we have a new manager.  At the end of this season we all hope to see the underachievers go, and to be replaced with fresh blood.  We all hope to see the board refuse to sell Earnie. From where I am standing, at the dawn of a completely fresh team on the pitch and on the coaching side, next season is the ''last chance saloon'' for our current board.  A season of selling Earnie, no team strengthening, and a mid table or lower finish, from a team with the THIRD biggest attendance in the division confirmed, is a disgrace and I would hope lead to a change at the top of the club, by force if neccessary (the force of opinion I hasten to add, I am not advocating seeing certain posters on this board in balaclava''s holding a gun to Delia''s head and declaring a coup!).
  5.     [quote user="ricardo"] [quote user="It''s All About The 2 M''s Movement & Positioning"]Ive seen him play many times and his movement and touch reminds me of somebody like Teddy Sheringham. I think he could certainly do a job playing in the hole behind a fit Earnshaw?quote] Yep, you are dead right there. Andy Hughes would be great playing in a hole. [/quote]
  6. Why would you think it funny or amusing that people disagree?  There are many reasons why we have failed as a club, many, and debating those and trying to make sense of them is a key part of this forum, and debates with your mates in the pub.  I see no part of the current divide in the fans and the underperformance of the club as a laugh. Yes we are all watching the same team, however, some people think Brown, your reference, should be given a chance.  From where I am standing he had a chance at Sunderland and blew it because he acted like a moron, got shipped out for a fee well above what we should have payed for a fringe player at Sunderland.  In his games for his new club he has not had significant pace, killer instinct, cleverness of passing or movement, leadership qualities, strength, or indeed anything else that anyone could put their hand up and say ''he is great at....''.  He is at best an average squad player.  My fear is that people who say ''give him a chance'' either cannot, or will not see the reality of what their eyes see every single game, which leads to the situation we are in of being a nicey-nicey give everyone a ticky bun type of club. [quote user="Michael Starr"] I''m gonna do a Springer final thought... So most posts / threads these days here always seem to bring up disagreements between fans of the same team. It is quite funny how some people here rate Etuhu and others absolutely do not, or how some are firmly backing Grant, others are not. I find it also amusing that fans of the same team have such differences of opinion here over the basics such as formation, and team selection. Are we all watching the same team? Clearly, some are more influenced by media than others. How many here read an article posted on Sky Sports for example, and have their thoughts dramatically changed as a result? Even though you''re going by third party opinion? If we all listened to just one media stream, would we all think alike? Of course, most opinions here are direct spews from 3rd party, and one or two posters are certainly enjoying pink''un celeb status with consistant negativity, potentially this being a self gratifying thing on the ego front? So, why do we currently have such extremes for postings in the forums right now? Is it a case of "glass half full" or "half empty"? I personally sit in the "half full" category, and while most of us share extreme thoughts about the current situation, why can''t we just get behind our fantastic club together as a unit, and really encourage those that are struggle, as well as celebrate those that are doing great. Especially with the squad age being as low as it is! Give the likes of Brown a chance, we''re talking about humans here who have moved away from family, normality and in some cases there is a settling in period required. I honestly believe Etuhu is a good player, but he''s also confidence driven, therefore its in our best interest to encourage him, i think u''ll find it''ll boost his performances dramatically! [/quote]
  7. I think one important point to remember is that when he was bought for £325,000 it was potentially NOT a big chunk of the transfer budget.  I believe he was snapped up as a short-term ifx for the imminent departure of Earnshaw, which never happened due to his injury. You say he should only be criticised if he does not perform...his position is...someone tell me again....oh yeah he is a striker...who should score...GOALS! [quote user="nutty nigel"] All this is so wrong yet so typical of what happens on this board. Chris Brown hasn''t had a proper chance yet so we are all flying a kite to in predicting what the future holds for him at this club. Do we back the managers judgement in spending £325,000 of a limited transfer budget on this guy or do we write him off in the way some posters are doing here. Wiz - How can you possibly already say he will go down as Grants worst signing ever? I have no idea whether Brown will prove to be a good signing or not and I have seen just about every game he has played. What I have seen is a player who gives 100% and looks as though he wants to be here. I may be wrong but I believe supporters should welcome new players to the club and give them a fair chance. But if he lets the club down or doesn''t perform then criticism on here would be fair. I''m afraid it''s scapegoat time again. People are waking up to the fact that Etuhu is not the waste of space they said he was so turn their attentions to someone else.   [/quote]
  8. If this was the true crowd figure, then it certainly makes me feel even more sick about the whole little Norwich mentality around the club. [quote user="AJ"]add on the Blackburn''s Edgeword park faithful and you get a grand total of..... 16,035 shocking! [/quote]
  9. Despite the venom being spat by the board puff-adders, I have to say, Roy Keane got rid of him and is now pushing for promotion - if he was any good at all, Keane would have kept him.  On the evidence I have seen of him, he extremely limited as a player and does not have a single attribute that will make him a certain starter in any game. [quote user="Konstantin Pobedonostsev"] It''s funny that despite losing 3-0 to a poor team and playing a 16 and 19 year old upfront I have heard nobody lament Brown''s absence. In fact ever since he got injuried - few people seem to ''care''. Is this an indicator that his absence is not missed? Would we rather see Martin and Renton upfront and Brown benched (or knackered)? For me it has nothing to do with him not scoring for us yet - or feeling that he must be given time to settle in - or that he is more of a ''holding man'' ... I honestly believe that he is not good enough (even for how we are playing at the moment at times).   [/quote]
  10. I am still unhappy about our freebie approach at the minute, but it is about NUMBERS right now.  Lets see what Grant gets to spend in the summer, and then we can shout and scream.  For me Fotheringham can pass well, tackle and move, and is better than Carl robinson, on that benchmark I reckon he is worth a punt for a year.    
  11. I personally expect a Director, unless ill, to make every game.  They run the club and have a duty to put other affairs aside for one day a week. Oh, and to the person who said they do not get piad, Doncaster does it for free does he..? [quote user="ob1"] You can''t expect everyone to attend every game. Director or not. Will you lot grow up... please!? [/quote]
  12. Spot on. [quote user="blahblahblah"]I think that Primus never wanted to move away from his family, he just used Worthingtons'' interest  to get more money from Portsmouth. The talk at the time was that Primus was on 5k a week when we wanted him, and Portsmouth doubled that to keep his attention.  The people that knocked Primus when we were interested were wrong about him though, he''s still playing alongside Sol Campbell after all.[/quote]
  13. Yes they damn well should be there!  They are paid to manage our club from the top and show leadership, holidays and family stuff should not clash with matchdays.  LEADING BY EXAMPLE.  Something that does not happen on and off the pitch. [quote user="sheded"]Who gives a sh*t if the directors attend a match or not ?  what matters is that the players attend !!   and there are times when you wonder where the hell they are .....   [:''(][/quote]
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